Amanda Bynes says she's no Paris or Lindsay.

Russell Crowe will make an appearance in "The Dark Knight".

It's a's a's Betty Thomas!!!

Matt Damon's 1 year old daughter uses Vulcan nerve pinch on him.

Mandy Moore blogs from the road.

Network Television baffles me.

Blake Lewis signs record deal.

Jennifer Aniston goes surfing.

Britney Spears' sons break her dog's leg...allegedly.

Links that would give Richard Lewis a kidney.

Jamie Foxx defends Michael Vick.

HBO actor pulled over for suspicion of DUI.

Is the Justice League movie going to be like this?

Audition for an appearance in Jlo's new video.

Dokken enlists former Journey singer for backup vocals on new CD.

Venus Williams starts a fashion label.

Thieves steal $13,000 handbag from Kirsten Dunst. Where was Spiderman?

Fox releases 17 minutes of "Prison Break" season premiere. Almost as long as Nicole Richie spent in prison....

Nicole Scherzinger insists that The Pussycat Dolls will keep purring.

Hayden Panettiere's new CD is a marketing dream.

New hopefuls for "America's Next Top Model".

Lacey Chabert's "Hot Years" too hot for broadcast.

Big Brother 8 secrets revealed!

Alyssa Milano in.....lettuce and asparagus?

Does anyone want to see Richard Gere's ass?

New Stevie Jewel pics!

Links that realize they are a lucky man.

Question for new Geno's World visitors.

Danielle Llyod wins game show....with her brains.

Dave Navarro directs porn film.

Justin Timberlake to ruin Mike Myers movie.

Dannii Minogue buys the rights to her lesbian pictures.

Courtney Thorne Smith says her novel is not based on herself.

Stevie Jewel to shoot video in New York.

Michael Anthony takes the high road.

"Dirty Sexy Money" suspends production before premiere.

Chris Martin was manhandled by a security guard trying to see wife Gwyneth Paltrow's movie.

EXCLUSIVE: Hayden Panettiere is sent tons of porn after requesting it on Letterman.

Ali Larter's dancing is a reason to see her next movie.

High School Musical cast playing hardball with studio.

David Duchovny has read the X-Files 2 movie script.

Tom Cruise may get sued for being inhuman.

Links that have seen all good people.

Jaime Pressly ate cabbage soup to lose her baby weight.