Saturday, August 04, 2007

Justin Timberlake goes ring shopping for Jessica Biel.

It's good to see these crazy kids are happy together......
Justin Timberlake has been spotted out ring shopping for his girlfriend Jessica Biel.
The popstar was seen browsing for a promise ring in Santa Monica, although sources say the news shouldn’t alert fans to impending nuptials.
They tell Life & Style magazine, “Justin isn't ready to propose, but he wants to make a commitment to her.
"Justin says Jess is his dream girl. He wants to give her a symbol of his affection and love."
Timberlake reportedly split with his last girlfriend Cameron Diaz after the actress became frustrated at his refusal to commit.

Trump is in full PR mode for Celebrity Apprentice.

"Celebrity Apprentice" seems like a horrible idea to me. I enjoyed the regular format. Involving celebrities seems......desperate. I realize this is the only way Trump could revive the show, but I don't approve....
Access Hollywood:
“Everybody has been calling me and driving me crazy because they want to be on the show,” he said. “We'll be announcing who we've chosen maybe over the next three or four weeks.”

Friday, August 03, 2007

Ving Rhames' dog kills worker.

Tough story.
A caretaker working for Ving Rhames was mauled to death by the actor’s dogs at his home in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles.
According to the Los Angeles Times, the man was attacked by at least two dogs believed to belong to the Mission Impossible star, who is currently out of the country filming a movie on location.
The man, who has not been identified, was in his early 40s and had worked for Rhames for two years, according to Los Angeles Police Sergeant Lee Sands.
Police said they believed that the dogs belonged to the actor.
The victim's body was found at 7:15 Friday morning, covered in bite marks, lying in the front yard of Rhames' home on the 12900 block of San Vicente Boulevard. The residence has a "Beware of Dog" sign on the front gate.
Animal control officers have taken all four of the actor’s dogs into custody, including two bull mastiffs believed to be responsible for the attacks, police told the Times.

Keeley Hazell is "Simpsonized".

I can see it now. Mr. Burns' new romantic interest will be Keeley Hazell. Smithers will go into a jealous rage......
It has been reported that Keeley Hazell attended the London premiere of the Simpson Movie along with her Simpsonized version of herself.
Could this be the start something new for Keeley we all know that movies are the way to go.
Do you think does she resembles her character apart from the yellow skin?

Links that get their minds blown by the Flower Kings.

The Flower Kings rock! Flower Kings
Lindsay Lohan discusses underwear. celebitchy
Scout Willis with Bruce. dlisted
The many faces of Evangeline Lilly. Fire Cubed
Hayden Panettiere's countdown reaches 17. Hayden's Countdown
Elton John hates the Internet. Holy Candy
Steve Zaun may make Jennifer Aniston's next movie watchable. Just Jared
Jimmy Kimmel's take on Matt Damon's new movie. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Mena Suvari is a bald idiot. Yeeah!
Obama takes heat for Pakistan remarks. MSNBC
Mitt Romney makes a waitress cry. Mitt Romney Is The Devil

Jessica Simpson hires a professional matchmaker.

This just can't be true. But if it is.......bwahahahahahahahahaha! A great looking, rich and famous woman in her 20s needs a matchmaker? Oh boy.....
Since splitting from Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson has dated a string of musicians and actors — John Mayer, Adam Levine, Dane Cook — but hasn’t had luck finding true romance. Though Jess’ rep denies it, a friend says the star is turning to a professional matchmaker to get the job done right!
Jess, 27, “is done being set up by family and friends, and she’s through with LA’s club scene,” the friend says. “She wants to meet a confident entrepreneur who won’t use their relationship to fuel his ego.”

Flav tries again. Wooohooooo!

God bless Flavor Flav! Flavor of Love 3 is casting and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait. If you want to get in on the madness, go to the casting website.

Jessica Biel has mad soccer skills.

Do not challenge Jessica Biel to a soccer match. She'd kick your ass...
We all know she's scoring with Justin, but did you know that Jessica Biel is also an ace on the football field?
If you ever wondered how the actress honed that fabulous body, you need look no further than her footie-playing past.
She talks next month's (Sept 07) Empire magazine through one particularly memorable goal: “My team mates were like, ‘Noooo, don’t give her the ball!’ And my then boyfriend was there — I mean he never came — and I came running up the right side and hit it, I mean hit it perfectly — pwoh!”
“It was an awesome, awesome goal,” she adds.
And as for the boyfriend?
“...that boyfriend ended up being a total idiot anyway. Ugh, I wasted my big goal on you…”

Fan takes ring off of Tim McGraw's finger at concert.

I've been to my share of concerts. I'm proud to say that I've never grabbed a performers crotch or taken jewelry off their person. Both have happened to Tim McGraw in a short time span....
The crowd at Tim McGraw's concert in Louisiana last Saturday really couldn't keep their hands off the country singer. This time, they grabbed his jewelry. In a second video from the Cajundome show now circulating online, McGraw is seen moving along a row of fans during the show, reaching out to touch them, when one of them pulls a ring off his left hand. Realizing it's gone, McGraw stops and questions a woman in the front row, while another woman nearby waves her arm, apparently trying to get his attention, possibly holding the ring. McGraw motions to security to help him as the video cuts out. It's unclear from the video whether the woman grabbed the ring accidentally or not. But a source tells PEOPLE that the ring was eventually returned to the country star. The incident wasn't the only uncomfortable close encounter for McGraw that evening. At the same show, another fan grabbed him in the crotch, prompting wife Faith Hill, who is touring with her husband, to give the fan a piece of her mind. "Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend," Hill said. Hill's comments were also captured on camera, and the clip hit YouTube briefly on Monday before being taken down.

Live TV makes betrayal harder to live with.

Have you ever poured your heart out to someone & have them immediately stab you in the back? It happened to Nick last night on Big Brother in front of a live TV audience. His "love" in the house Danielle voted him out of the house. Minutes earlier, Nick had given a heartfelt, cute speech about how he had genuine feelings for Danielle and she was the highlight of his stay in the BB house. Ahhh. Love Stinks........

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mitt Romney is the Devil.

I have taken it upon myself to show the world that Mitt Romney is indeed the Devil. The newest blog sensation Mitt Romney Is The Devil debuted today.

Alyssa Milano + Milo Ventimiglia = hot movie.

Have you ever argued with your significant other about which movie to go see? "Pathology" which opens in November may be a film that's got great eye candy for everyone to enjoy....
IGN spoke with Heroes actor Milo Ventimiglia this weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con, where he gave us the lowdown on his next movie, the MGM psychological thriller Pathology..........
Ventimiglia also believes Alyssa Milano's character, Gwen, serves as Ted's moral compass and conscience in the film. "Her character keeps Ted Gray grounded in what his life really is. He's separated from her in this film. They're in different cities," he explained. "Deep down inside he's got this killer instinct and it comes out when he's with this group of other pathologists who have this murderous sway over him. Alyssa Milano's character kind of represents what is good, what is whole, what is real and what is the heart of Ted. I always tried to keep that in mind. When he needs to reel everything back in, when he needs to get back to the man that he is, Alyssa's character helps him out."

Julianna Margulies got someone to have sexual intercourse with her.

Julianna Marguiles is pregnant. She always gave me the willies. Imagining having sex with her gives me the chills. The bad kind....
Access Hollywood:
Former “ER” star Julianna Margulies is reportedly pregnant.
A source confirmed to TV Guide that Margulies, the lucky lady who used to lock lips with George Clooney on the popular NBC medical drama, is due this winter.
Margulies, who turned 41 in June, is engaged to boyfriend Keith Lieberthal, the magazine reports.
Despite sporting an engagement ring, she recently failed to address the issue when asked by reporters. “It’s better for people to believe who I’m in love with on screen,” she said.
The actress, who completed a run as Christopher’s lover on HBO’s “The Sopranos” will star in Fox’s legal drama “Canterbury’s Law,” this fall.

Links that have followed Steve Hackett from Genesis to Revelation.

Steve Hackett is a guitar God. Steve Hackett
Has Jessica Biel dumped Justin for her ex? celebitchy
Jessica Simpson's new movie will go straight to DVD. celebrific
Britney Spears' cousin Alli Sims launches music career. Celebrity Puke
Hey, it's Helen Hunt! Celebrity Smack
Mary Kate Olsen at Weeds premiere. Celebrity Warship
Heidi Montag showers outdoors. Celebslam
Peta hates Elizabeth Hasselback. dlisted
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes want to pose nude. Derek Hail
Scarlet Johansson Louie Vuitton ads. Egotastic
18 days until Hayden Panettiere turns 18. Hayden's Countdown
John Travolta sans wig. Hollywood Grind
Anna Farris plays a Playboy Bunny. Hollywood Tuna
Bobby Brown is still looking over his shoulder. Holy Candy
Petra Nemcova is a tease. IDLYITW
Kristen Cavallari on the beach. Jordan is Your Homeboy
Anderson Cooper/Jay Leno/Gray Hair/Premature Ejaculation/Heidi Klum video clip. just jared
Britney Spears wears short shorts. NewsToob
Shanna Moekler talks weight issues. Pop on the pop
Dean Cain to guest star on "Smallville". Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Tara Reid upset over beer shortage. The Bastardly
Mitt Romney lies and makes promises he won't keep. MSNBC
Fred Thompson's fundraising isn't blowing people away. CNN

Jennifer Love Hewitt says "Ghost Whisperer" is like a banana split.

Jennifer Love Hewitt compares her "Ghost Whisperer" show to a Banana Split. She hopes the show makes people "feel like yummy". That's exactly what I feel like when I think of Hewitt. Love also says she would love to sing on the show. Mary J Blige guested on the show in the past. Maybe she could return and they could do a duet. Or maybe Love could have me guest star & we could sing my "Jennifer Love Hewitt makes me feel yummy like a banana split" song to her.............or maybe not.
NY Post:
I think as a show, we try really hard to, not to just make a TV program. I know I try to really put my heart and soul into every word I say on that show and send as much sort of goodness and light as I can through my performance to people. So that hopefully, whether they're scared or they laugh, or whatever their reaction is, that they feel like they're on a different level when they're done watching it. And they feel good and fulfilled like a really good snack. You know? Where you feel like yummy, and you're like, ""I'm so glad I ate that. That was awesome"…Probably a banana split is what I'm thinking right about now...........
On Melinda singing: Question: I would love too. They've thrown around a couple of ideas of maybe meeting a musical ghost or two and somehow figuring out how to do that.

Hayden Panettiere does FHM.

She's still 17, but apparently Mom & Dad signed off on her posing for a Men's mag.
Remember to check out Hayden's Countdown for a second by second countdown to Hayden's 18th birthday. We pray that Hayden will not be the next Paris, Lindsay or Nicole. Please God. Can she remain America's sweetheart?
Photo from

Rachel Stevens is a marketing dream.

Rachel Stevens has signed on to do more ads for Focus Dailies contact lenses. Genius! I don't wear contact lenses, but even I bought 2 cases of the stuff.
OT:Following the success of a print advertising campaign featuring pop-star Rachel Stevens earlier in the year, contact lens giant CIBA Vision has launched a second national campaign featuring the singer this month.

Of course, who can forget, Rachel's HOT HOT HOT video for testicular cancer awareness: link

The Hoff's Opera singing drives Sharon Osbourne mad.

I can't understand this story. The Hoff can do no wrong in my eyes. If he's singing opera, it must be glorious!.....I kid! I kid!
Star Pulse:
Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne is finding it difficult to work with David Hasselhoff on U.S. TV talent search America's Got Talent - because he sings opera constantly. The pair are judges on the show and Osbourne can't stand the fact she has a dressing room next to the Baywatch star.
She says, "He's an amazingly crazy individual. He's very complex. We get along really well, but his dressing room is right next to mine and he sings opera all the time. It's a pain when he sings all the time. I'm like, 'David, stop it!'"

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get into massive fight over politics. Geno will mediate.

Angelina Jolie reportedly threw wine at Brad Pitt over a heated political argument. Angelina is a John Edwards Supporter and Brad is a Barack Obama supporter. I have the solution for the two. No need to fight. Hold hands, love each other and visit
I hate it when those two fight......
Brad Pitt and Angelina are rumoured to be on the verge of ending their two-and-a-half year relationship after a heated row - in which Angelina threw a glass of wine in Brad’s face.
According to a US sources the pair - who were holidaying in France at the time - are so close to ending their relationship; they have already discussed a custody deal.
'They aren't making each other happy” a friend told In Style magazine “But they want to put on a show of togetherness for the children
“Their romance has fallen apart. They've turned into two people staying together for the sake of their kids.”
According to the source - the row erupted over politics. Brad supports Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama and Angelina supports his rival John Edwards.
“Angie was cursing at home and ended up throwing a glass of wine in his face. Brad was absolutely disgusted by her behavior.”
“They’ve turned into two people staying together for the sake of their kids. Brad has just had enough of doing what Angie wants to do.”

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Jennnifer Garner's Broadway roles may put pregnancy speculation to rest.

There are reports of Cutie Mom Jennifer Garner going to Broadway. This may quell the 346,912 reported rumors of Jen being pregnant!
Jennifer Garner might possibly star in a Broadway revival of Cyrano de Bergerac beginning this October. Jennifer is reportedly in talks to play Roxane for a 10-week run. Kevin Kline is also in talks to play the title role.

Jenny McCarthy is the new hot pick to play Jenna Jameson.

Scarlett Johansson has denied rumors of her playing porn star Jenna Jameson in a bio film. Sources are telling "Geno's World" that Jim Carey's girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy is the new name being thrown around Hollywood circles for the role....

Did J-Lo get a breast job?

J-Lo was sporting some impressive cleavage last night. Did Master Marc order her to get her chest worked on?
Daily Mail:
She's known for her curvaceous derriere, but Jennifer Lopez's bold plunging neckline helped keep all eyes to her front as she sashayed down the red carpet in Los Angeles last night.
The star arrived in a glamorous full-length white gown to promote her new movie El Cantante, but it was her seemingly increased bust line that really got onlookers talking. While her enhanced look could just be fashion smoke and mirrors, the 38-year-old has said previously she wouldn't rule out the possibility of plastic surgery.
She told Tatler last year: "I don't really see myself having any. But I'm not at that point yet, so I don't know."
The Jenny From The Block singer was joined at the event by husband Marc Anthony, who also co-stars in the film based on Puerto Rican salsa dancer Hector Lavoe.
The pair are set to continue their team effort as they prepare to tour together in the US later this year.

Links that are "Hot Blooded"

Lou Gramm is still rocking. Lou Gramm
I did not make either Vanity Fair's best or worst dressed. celebitchy
Courtney Love goes shopping. Celebrity Puke
Entourage star tuns Paris Hilton down. Celebrity Smack
Rosie O'Donnell turn $2 million to appear on The Apprentice. dlisted
Jamie Lynn Sigler makes me miss the Sopranos. Fire Cubed
The clock is at 19 for Hayden Panettiere. Hayden's Countdown
Scarlett Johansson will NOT be playing Jenna Jameson. IDLYITW
Backstreet Boys are back. Just Jared
Hillary Swank and her man celebrate her birthday. News Toob
Angelina Jolie going to rehab? popbytes
Jodie Sweetin from "Full House: tramping it up. Pretty Boring
Jason Lee and Underdog. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Katie Holmes & Suri are adorable. Splash
Elizabeth Berekley in a bikini and hooker shoes. The Bastardly
Hayden Panettiere on the beach. The Superficial
Jessica Alba is cold in a drug store. TMZ
Bill Clinton as First Gentleman? ABC
Rumsfeld talks about Pat Tillman's death. MSNBC

Lauren Graham and Ali Larter admit to skinny-dipping.

God bless them!! And God bless me for not posting a Ted Danson picture. We don't need that mental image......
Sometimes taking it all off and diving in nude comes with a price. Just ask “Heroes” star Ali Larter!
“There was a magical evening in (the) Hawaiian sea ... turtles floating around. It was one of those things where my dress went off, I went in, my boyfriend went after me and a jellyfish got me,” Larter confessed.
Yes, that’s right! Ali’s risqué swim, sent her to the ER!
“I was in the hospital for like 10 hours. I grew up in Jersey so I’m used to it, but this was a lethal, horrible jellyfish and if I could get it, I would destroy it now,” she stated.
Lauren Graham also took the sexy plunge as a Virginia teenager and confessed she broke the law to do it.
“We would go pool hopping which is like incredibly dangerous and you know, illegal,” she explained. “The process of jumping over people's fences and seeing how many pools you can break into in one night (was our thing) ... Part of our family tradition is to go skinny-dipping in the middle of the night.”

Dick Cheney will not learn, won't change.

Dick Cheney just will not get it. Shame on him. And shame on him for attacking our next President, Hillary Clinton!

Gwen Stefani is too hot for Malaysia.

Gwen Stefani's outfits seem to be a bit too much for Malaysia to handle. In a bizarre coincidence, I wore the pictured Gwen Stefani outfit to work today. I think it's a bit too much for my co-workers to handle....
Star Pulse:
The Malaysian leg of Gwen Stefani's tour has been thrown into doubt after a Muslim student mounted a campaign to have the star banned from performing in the country.
The Sweet Escape hit maker was due to play her first ever gig in capital city Kuala Lumpur later this month, but faces opposition from locals who insist the star's behavior and dress is too inappropriate for the province.
Mohamad Hilmi Ramli, of the National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students, says, "Her video clips promoting the event are too obscene. We want the organizers to cancel the concert, failing which we will ask the authorities to intervene."
Ramli also singled out Malaysian mobile phone company Maxis Communications for advertising the former No Doubt singer's performances.

Gary Coleman arrested for beating his car up.

Hey look kids! Gary Coleman is in the news!
Entertainment Wise:
Former child star Gary Coleman was cited for disorderly conduct yesterday, after a heated argument with his girlfriend.According to Captain Cliff Argyle, two witnesses saw Coleman arguing with his girlfriend in the car. The pair claim that the argument became heated and Coleman began hitting the steering wheel. "Mr. Coleman was very excited and loud. ... At one point he exited his vehicle, waving his arms, yelling and screaming," Argyle told Ninemsn "Vehicles were unable to exit the parking lot because of Mr. Coleman's actions."If found guilty Coleman could face up to three-months in jail and a fine of US $750. “What the city attorney proceeds with, I don't know" Argyle said "It could end up being an infraction" similar to a traffic violation.”

Evil Dr. Will invades E! series.

I'm a huge Big Brother fan & was a big fan of evil Dr. Will Kirby. His lying antics & humor were fantastic to watch. Now fans of Will can see the evil Doctor perform plastic surgery on E! Television's "Dr. 90210" series. To get all the information about Will's practice and his addition to the E! family, check out his website.

Britney Spears has parental skills of a rock. (A dumb rock.)

We all can clearly see that Britney Spears isn't the most stable person or the brightest bulb around. But reports of her trying to get her son's teeth whitened take the cake....
Britney Spears has publicly battled with her mother and ex-husband Kevin Federline (their divorce became final on July 30), but the latest crisis in the singer’s life involves her children, Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden, 11 months.
Sources tell Us Weekly that Spears’ friends and family have become concerned about the pop star’s mothering skills.
Case in point: The tooth fairy may be making early visits to 22-month-old Sean. “He’s having dental problems because Britney just shoves a bottle of juice in his mouth all the time to stop him from crying,” a family insider tells Us.
Another source says that, in April, Spears “asked an L.A. dentist if he would whiten her kid’s teeth!” The dentist refused.
Those close to the singer aren’t surprised that Spears’ lifestyle is wreaking havoc on her children’s teeth.
A Spears pal says the star “feeds them total crap like Doritos and soda,” and a source who has spent a great deal of time with Spears around the children says Sean’s mom has given him chewing gum, a known choking hazard for toddlers.
And when it comes to bedtime, forget soothing lullabies. "She fed Sean ice cream before bed because the cold would make him sleepy,” says the source who logged time in the singer’s home.
For more on Sean and Jayden’s chaotic home life, check out the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands this week.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Zooey Deschanel doesn't want to take her clothes off & be in a gossip column.

I've got a huge celebrity crush on Zooey Deschanel. Not only is she cute, but she's very stable & smart....sigh....
Zooey Deschanel is following Evan Rachel Wood and Mischa Barton's example by snubbing the Hollywood party scene. The star insists late nights and heavy drinking are unprofessional and unwise when carving a career in Tinseltown.
She says, "It's not that I never go out, but it would interfere with sleep, and I don't want bags under my eyes when I'm working. I never went off and got tattoos and earrings in that stereotypical way of rebelling against your parents. I never felt the need. When someone goes through a marked rebellion, they've been repressing for years. I don't hold back that much.
"I hope I don't end up in a gossip column: I plan on keeping all of my clothes fully on."

Rosie O'Donnell takes a shot at Paula Abdul.

I actually agree with Rosie on this one. "Hey Paula" shows a glimpse into the life of Paula Abdul. It's not pretty. (But I love to watch!!!)
After a period of relative silence, Rosie O'Donnell has come out with her blog blazing – this time focusing on Paula Abdul. Writing in her customary haiku style on her Web site, the formidable former co-host of The View posted a lengthy message in apparent reference to Abdul's Bravo reality show Hey, Paula. O'Donnell writes, in part:
right now
paula abdul
would yell action
and the result would be
what we all see
there r timesu r so broken
pain filledlove less
so needy for love ...
hey paula
we cringe at r selves thru u

(This haiku crap gets on my nerves.......)

Links that are feeling stronger every day.

Chicago still sounds great! Chicago
"Winnie Cooper" writes a book. celebitchy
Kimberly Stewart takes P Diddy's car on a joyride. Celebrity Smack
Kirsten Dunst's partying is making her neighbors pissed. dlisted
Cindy Crawford sunbathes topless. Derek Hail
Disturbing Britney Spears. Egotastic
Hayden Panettiere's Countdown reaches 20. Hayden's Countdown
Lucy Pinder + Cash= hot. Hollywood Tuna
Hayden Panettiere.......uhhhh.....just look......Holy Candy
Reporter's butt kicked at comic convention. Jossip
Claire Danes at the Stardust premiere. NewsToob
Dina Lohan is angry with Trump. Pop on the pop
Paris Hilton poses with Jackie Chan. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Chelsea Clinton is ready for another parent's Presidential run. MSNBC
Fred Thompson's campaign experiences bumps. CNN

Star Jones talks about her surgery. Do we care?

Star Jones was an irritating, heavy woman. Now she's an irritating, unattractive thin woman. She's talking now about her weight loss surgery. She kept it "secret" for a while. Kind of like her husband keeping his preferences "secret"....
"Everything about me was already so public (mostly my own doing — talk about dumb!), so of course everyone wanted to know what I had done," she writes. "I was also terrified someone would have a tragic result after emulating me without making an informed decision with her doctor."
"But the complete truth is, I was scared of what people might think of me," she continues. "I was afraid to be vulnerable, and ashamed at not being able to get myself under control without this procedure."

Sienna Miller, Jessica Biel.....and Geno have love for dogs.

Sienna Miller and Jessica Biel filmed "A Woman Of No Importance" together. The pair became fast friends when they learned they shared a love of dogs. Ummmmm. Me too! The three of us should have dog play dates together. Jessica? Sienna? Have your people call my people.....
Times of India:
Sienna Miller and Jessica Biel's love for dogs have made them good friends and they can't help gushing about their pets. It seems that Sienna Miller and Jessica Biel’s mutual love for dogs is making them quite compatible. The actresses are set to star together on the big screen adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s play, A Woman Of No Importance , alongside Sean Bean. And, sources claim that the two struck an instant rapport on the sets of the movie. Jessica, famously linked to an animal charity, talked continuously about her pooch, while Sienna gushed about her pet dogs Porgy and Bess. “Jessica was telling Sienna about the animal charities she is involved with and asking whether Sienna wanted to get in touch with them,” a tabloid quoted a source, as saying.

Gwyneth begs fans not to take pictures of her shoes.

Quite a number of stars have weird demands. This one is innocent and a bit funny....
Gwyneth Paltrow begged fans not to photograph her feet at a comic convention.
The Oscar-winning actress - who is recovering from knee surgery - appeared at the Comic-Con in San Diego on Sunday to promote her new movie 'Iron Man' teetering on huge silver stiletto heels.
Gwyneth pleaded with the crowd not to snap her shoes so she wouldn't get into trouble with her physiotherapist.
She said: "Don't show my non-orthopedic shoes. I got off the crutches two weeks ago and the cane yesterday and I've been doing a lot of physical therapy and I'm seriously not supposed to be in these shoes, but that's OK."

Guest movie review from Mr. Watch.

My pal Mr. Watch is a tough critic. He rarely likes anything. Keep that it mind for his guest review of "Rescue Dawn". A dramatic true life story of a man's courage in the face of impossible odds starring renowned actor Christian Bale. Take it away Mr. Watch:

"It Sucked".

Ummm. Thanks.

Scarlett Johansson to play porn star Jenna Jameson?

I have my doubts about this. But I'll report it anyway. In any case, I would never see my beloved Scarlett in a role like this. Nope. Won't do it. You can't make me....O.k., if you insist..........
Daily Express:
In a move sure to delight her many male admirers but likely to bemuse many of her female fans, Oscar-nominated Scarlett Johansson, 22, right, is to play the world’s biggest porn star Jenna Jameson in a movie about the X-rated icon’s wild life.
The Universal Pictures film is based on Jenna’s bestselling autobiography How To Make Love Like A Porn Star, which followed the 33-year-old from ballet dancer to stripper to film “actress” and multi-millionairess businesswoman.Jenna is one of the film’s producers and explains: “I tapped up Scarlett for the part and I’m very excited about the film.“It was my decision not to play the role because I’ve lived that life already and anyone can play themself.”Instead, Jameson is in talks to make her mainstream film acting debut playing a superheroine in a movie spin-off from a new comic book she has written.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Tom Brady says he feels young as he approaches 30.

Tom Brady says he's feeling good as his 30th birthday approaches later this week. God. I hope so. 30 isn't ancient. But I understand that after all the hits he's taken in the NFL, 30 can seem quite old.......and painful!
''I still feel like I'm 22,'' Brady said after a Patriots training camp practice Sunday. ''I don't know if that's good or bad.''
Brady's former girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, 36, is expecting their child this summer. They split up late last year after a three-year relationship, and Brady has been dating Gisele Bundchen.
Asked if becoming a father would make this season different from his first seven in the NFL, Brady said, ''I don't know. I haven't had a child yet. I'll tell you when it happens.''

Tommy Shaw speaks.

Melodic Rock has a great in depth interview with the legendary Tommy Shaw. Check it out!

Brittany Snow sheds good girl image for her next role.

Brittany Snow is well known for her "Nice girl" roles. The talented actress will go a different route for her next role....
Hairspray actress Brittany Snow has been a bad, bad girl. In the upcoming drama Black Water Transit, Snow breaks out of her wholesome box to play the role of a troubled prostitute. “Basically, I have sex with everybody in the movie. I wear nothing the entire time,” Snow, 21, reveals in the August issue of Vegas Magazine, on newsstands August 1st.
For more revelations about the rising star (like, how she partied for 3 days straight to celebrate her 21st birthday!), check out excerpts from the interview below:
On dealing with the critical world of Hollywood:I'm a messed-up actress. I should be strong and have this thick skin, but I'm a really sensitive girl.
On hitting the Sin City scene on her 21st birthday:We were up for probably three days straight—without any drugs—but lots of alcohol and lots of coffee.
On being taken seriously for her craft, not her lifestyle:I'm really excited to show people that I am an actual actress, not just wanting to be a celebrity and go to this party and that party.

Links that do not want to rule the world.

Jessica Simpson to go country. celebitchy
Melanie Griffith out & about. Celebrity Puke
Jor Pesci to wed Angie Everhart. Really? Celebrity Smack
Lindsay Lohan's movie bombed. Celebslam
Rob Schneider gives it back to Mama Lohan. dlisted
Britney Spears films her new video & looks.....bad. Egotastic
Vida Guerra seems like a sweet person. Fire Cubed
Hayden Panettiere's countdown reaches 21. Hayden's Countdown
Jennifer Love Hewitt at Comic Con. TunaFlix
Faith Hill defends her husband's balls. Holy Candy
Obama on the cover of Vibe. Just Jared
Evangeline Lilly looking sexy. NewsToob
Christy Turlington in V magazine. popbytes
Jessica Biel smiles next to Justin. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Stevie Jewel interview.

I had the pleasure of interviewing 17 year old rising star, Stevie Jewel today. Stevie sounds grounded, intelligent and focused. I have a feeling you'll be hearing quite a bit of her in the near future! To learn more about Stevie, go to her website or myspace page.

Geno:First off, I was curious as to where you got the name Stevie.

Stevie: It's actually from my Dad's name Steven. I got the girl version.

Geno: It does have a nice rocker feel to it like Stevie Nicks! Who are your biggest influences?

Stevie: Christina Aguilera is definitely one of my biggest influences along with Aretha Franklin.

Geno: Now I know you have your new single "Seal The Deal" which I really enjoy. I read that you are working on your new CD. Is there a expected release date?

Stevie: I'm hoping for the very end of August or early September. (The release will be an ep or maxi single format.)

Geno: Now are you writing any of the tracks?

Stevie: I'm actually writing on most of them.

Geno: Great! What do draw from, personal experiences?

Stevie: Definitely, most of my music is personal experience based. Because I think that makes it more relatable for the audience.

Geno: I also read on your site that your parents said that you were born to perform. How long have you been singing?

Stevie: I've been singing for as long as I van remember. But, I've been trained to be a performer since I was about 5.

Geno: I know you talked about your influences are, what are you listening to these days? What's on your iPod?

Stevie: On my iPod I listen to a lot of punk rock, Sum 41, Blink 182, a real wide variety. I also have Renee Olstead (a jazz singer), Josh Groban, a crazy variety!

Geno: Now I know that you are relatively young. You are 16?

Stevie: Actually I just had my Birthday on Thursday. I just turned 17!

Geno: That's great! Now you're a student?

Stevie: I'm actually graduating early, but yes I would be a Senior this year.

Geno: Great. I was going to ask how you were balancing the music career and your school work.

Stevie: It's definitely hard, but I enjoy both of them. I love to learn. I think school is very important for people to maintain an education throughout their lives. Whether that be through a career you want or continuing your education.... But also balancing my career on top of that is definitely hard work.

Geno: Now in your free time, when you aren't performing or going to school, what do you like to do?

Stevie: A lot of my friends are performers, so we spend a lot of time just singing in the car! But I hang out with my friends a lot. I like going to the movies.... I really love to sing so in my spare time, I do that too.

Geno: Speaking of movies, do you have favorite movies or stars?

Stevie: Definitely! I love Kate Hudson and Brittany Snow. I'm really excited for Nikki Blonski, the star of "Hairspray". She just had a huge break and that's really exciting for her. Some of my favorite movies are "John Tucker Must Die", "Mean Girls" and "Legally Blond".

Geno: Now as you're going to be a big star yourself, if you could meet anybody famous who would it be?

Stevie: Definitely Christina Aguilera or Barbra Streisand. (Barbara) has had an amazing career spanning Broadway, Radio and Television and film. It's just phenomenal! I would love to talk to her about her experiences.

Geno: Is there anything else that we haven't touched on that you'd like to get across to people out there?

Stevie: My fans are my biggest support! I love to sing & I hope they love to hear it. Because that's part of the reason why I do it.

Geno: In addition to your website, is there a good way for people to keep track of your career and buy your tracks?

Stevie: My Myspace page is definitely a good way.

Geno: Well Stevie it's been really nice talking with you!

Stevie: Thank you! Nice to talk to you too!

New Couple alert! Jude Law and Cameron Diaz.

This seems like a match made in heaven. Or at least one born on the big screen....
Jude Law has flown to the US to be with alleged new love Cameron Diaz. The British actor, who played Cameron's lover in festive comedy 'The Holiday', is set to spend a romantic week with the stunning actress.
A source is quoted as saying: "Jude is going to take her on a series of romantic dates this week."
"They had a lot of fun while making 'The Holiday' and this is the key to their relationship."
Cameron, 34, previously admitted she "fell in love" with the 'Cold Mountain' star, also 34, after working with him last year.
She said: "Jude is charismatic, fun, open and charming. It is very easy to fall in love with him."
Cameron - whose ex-boyfriend is pop heartthrob Justin Timberlake and was recently romantically linked to wealthy environmentalist David de Rothschild - is reportedly reluctant to rush into another serious relationship.
Jude, who previously dated Sienna Miller and was married to actress-and-designer Sadie Frost, is also said to be keen to take things slowly.
The source added: "They have both suffered heartache in the past and don't want to jump into anything too serious too quickly."

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