Exclusive: Evan Rachel Wood's PR people mum on Wood/Marilyn Manson pregnancy rumors.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's says her breasts have a career of their own.

Yardbirds reunion too good to be true.

Chick fight! Madonna vs. Morrisey!!!

Sex and The City Movie has no Mr. Big....yet.

Lindsay Lohan ran around rehab naked?

Links that get by with a little help from their friends.

Special delivery?

Sting brings his own chef to restaurant.

Jennifer Aniston will never be Rachel Green again.

I won't be back.

Joe is going, going, gonorrhea from Big Brother.

Britney to shoot "Get Back" video.

Dave Chappelle is seen by a CNN reporter at the White House. Chappelle in 2008?

Links that wonder if President Logan is still alive.

Crikey! They stole my movie!

Tom Scholz is not Michael Vick.

Hayden Panettiere to sing with stars this weekend.

Kelly Clarkson's "My December" sinking fast & called a dud.

Tori Spelling pimps out her 5 month old son.

Paula Abdul has a new man. He must be insane.

Links that are warriors.

Wasn't Dabney Coleman actually famous?

I have the answer to US magazine's question.

Mel B marrying her boyfriend because “Stephen’s got a much bigger c**k as well!”

Donkey!!!! 2 more movies!!!

Lindsay Lohan is "ecstatic".

Hootie has staff infection.

The Nine returns!!

Ashlee Simpson is not pregnant...she just has gas...

Rosie O'Donnell nude pictures are ruining my life and giving me nightmares!!!

Christina Aguilera springs to Britney's defense.

Lance Bass picks up guys on planes.

Michael Vick indicted by Feds for dog fighting.

Links that go high enough.

Michael Bolton to record duet album with Nicolette Sheridan. Bwahahahahahahaha!

Gisele makes more than A-Rod.

The Police argue about future CD plans.

Fergie's Mom asks her about her stripper pole.

Pregnancy rumor mill part 2.

Th Kucinich love story. Where's the mind control????