Nicole Richie will only date men that are circumcised.

Lindsay's angry e-mail about nude pics.

Danity Kane is breaking up? Noooooooo! Um....o.k.

Evangeline Lilly has no use for fame.

Meg Ryan and Matthew Perry are dating. Sitcom writers salivate.

P Diddy searches for personal assistant on My Space.

$220 Million prenup for Brad & Angelina?

ER star Goran Visnjic admits affair, will take paternity test.

Links that had a moment as lead singer of Genesis.

Carol out....Witch on top of Big Brother.

Kelly Clarkson attacks label as "My December" slips to #3.

Bush says there is "Cause for optimism". Wha?????

Dennis Leary says to stick the carbon footprint up his ass.

Jessica Simpson says "My Boobs are Real".

Links still rolling with the changes.

Orlando Bloom has a new lady?

Kevin Spacey to return as Lex Luthor. Didn't he retire???

Danielle Llyod has trouble walking after living the 50 Cent experience.

Charlotte Church's man insists all is well, nothing to see here, move along.......

Eva Longoria banned from accepting Tony Parker's semen.

Fergie puts stripper pole in home.

Madonna doesn't practice what she preaches.

Charlie Sheen proposes to future ex wife.

Links that still marvel at the late "Mechanic" Paul Young's powerful voice.

Julie Chen weighs 49 pounds and needs a sandwich.

Alyssa Milano dazzles baseball players at All-Star game function.

Kelly Clarkson is called an idiot as she can't grasp global warming.

Nicole Richie couldn't go cold turkey off of heroin in rehab.

Alec Baldwin pleads with the public not to see his "new" movie.

Pregnant Charlotte Church kicks cheating fiance out of house.

Victoria Beckham's lookalike is a knockout!

Katie Couric says that trying new things was a mistake.

Links that know that even legends can put out a bad album with an even worse cover.

Britney's new beau calls her a practicing alcoholic.

Kelly Clarkson plays to non-paying enthusiastic crowds.

Lindsay Lohan is sober. But still a cheap slut.

Pregnancy rumor mill.

Hayden's countdown has begun....

Romney is miserable and rotten.

Tori Spelling has come to terms with small inheritance.....Or has she?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is begging for votes.

Wrestler Johnny Angel says that Kevin Sullivan may have murdered Chris Benoit and family.

Lionel Richie defends his daughter Nicole's behavior.