Avril fights back.

Ron Wood borrowed 250,000 pounds from Mick & Keith in 2004.

Fergie to sing about Candie's clothing?

Jessica Alba is a bit attractive.

Bass God John Wetton to be DJ for a day on Sirius.

Hayden loves Journey and bikinis.

Will Leo play Hef?

ER doc Goran Visnijic is faced with a paternity suit.

Nathan Fillion talks about Drive, Firefly, Waitress and Lost.

Baby Spice is frugal and discreet.

James Hetfield questioned at airport.

Links who still don't know what Sussudio means.

Gonorrhea and Daddy issues invade Big Brother house.

J-lo not allowed to tour alone.

The Clintons meet the Romneys. Sounds like a sitcom for the Fall....

More Nick & Vanessa pictures surface.

Sister Christian found Mister Right.

Scary Spice is a sex maniac.

Kelly Clarkson thanks her fans.

Prison Break star insists he likes the ladies.

Links raking in the dough for a movie reunion.

Michael Jai White joins Dark Knight cast.

Miley Cyrus is #1. Kelly Clarkson is #2.

Katharine McPhee takes some clothes off to sell CDs

Win big on the 4th!

Matchbox 20 hits studio. Studio doesn't hit back.

Brad Pitt is the new "Bullitt"

Christina Aguilera pregnancy confirmed. The baby's looks still not confirmed.

Gay Doctor Who star John Barrowman may have sex with a woman.

Topanga loses 25 pounds and goes bikini shopping.

Hey Paula! Nobody is watching.

Mischa Barton is looking for a mature Mr. Right.

Is Sienna Miller "Making The Band" with P Diddy?

Will Jack Bauer be taking orders from a female President?

Links that form a long lasting power trio.

Nicolas Cage & son create "Voodoo Child"