Cameron Diaz will be supoenaed for divorce trial.

"Veronica Mars" star to become a vampire.

Jessica Simpson loses 20 pounds. The singer is still stupid.

Penelope Cruz panics on flight & leaves plane.

3.2 million viewers waste time watching Paris on Larry King.

Elizabeth Hurley wants twins. Obviously she's insane.

Pam Anderson wears red Baywatch swimsuit for special occasions with boyfriends.

Links with two working wings.

New Roxy Music in 2008?

Will Victoria Beckham turn into Spider Woman?

Big Brother 8 is full of babes.

Bruce Willis thinks Maggie Q is perfection.

Paula Abdul says she's been treated like dog s**t.

Doom and gloom engulf Kelly Clarkson's "My December" even though sales are adequate. Reports surface over her former manager's $15 million request.

Newsweek talks to Steve Perry.

Links that lost the instruction book.

All is right with the world. The Spice Girls are back.

Mitt Romney abuses dog by strapping it in carrier to top of car for 12 hour ride. The man is a monster.

Jack Osbourne sued for "Armed & Famous" police raid.

Start an office pool for when John Stamos enters rehab.

Kim Cattrall feels up Lindsay Lohan...errrrr....feels for Lindsay Lohan.

Playing poker makes you live longer!!

Barry Bond's ex mistress has stories of Bonds' steroid use. She also wants to show off her naked body. What a country!

Bono loves Blair.

Rosie O'Donnell to have more sex with men on camera.

Links that enjoy saying LeeLee over and over again.

Draft Al Gore for your fantasy football team...or President.

Kelly Clarkson unveils new website. Kelly gets slammed by Time and wows the New York Post with live perfomance.

Behind the scenes of Hayden Penettiere's photo shoot.

Obama uses the Netflix strategy.

Joss Stone rolls her eyes at sex with producer stories.