Saturday, June 23, 2007

Poker anyone?

Geno's World is now an affiliate of a great poker site. If you're a poker pro or beginner, click on the link, sign up & have fun!

Britney Spears to join Cyndi Lauper concert on June 30th

Britney Spears appearance at at upcoming Cyndi Lauper "True Colors" concert tour on June 30th is being called a surprise....Ummmm. O.k. Surprise? I'm curious as to if she has fans out there that really still want her to perform. Or is this just becoming a circus act?.... People

Stunning and blazing hot interview of Isaiah Washington by Keith Boykin

Keith Boykin has an exclusive and explosive interview with fired Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington. This is some hot, crazy stuff!

"I know Patrick Dempsey has supported me by stating that if there is anyone that needs to be fired it is T.R. Knight."..............
"This is something that T.R. Knight has been trying to do and using the incident of the so-called F-word that was targeted at him, which is a flat out lie, to blackmail the writers into doing his bidding, and it's not working. The producers are not happy about it, and quite frankly, they all think that something has gone awfully awry with the stability of T.R. Knight. And I can freely say this now because I am no longer a Disney employee and I am no longer gagged. But everyone there, including the producers, all the way up to Touchstone, are very disappointed in the behavior of T.R. Knight."
"And let me be clear Keith. All of this I'm saying to you has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he's gay. He came out October 19 as purely a tactical move to do exactly what it did, get public opinion in an outrage to lead them to believe that he is being picked on because he is gay. He could care less about the gay community." Full interview at

No Doubt performed 3 songs together last night at Gwen Stefani's concert encore!

Last night the audience at the Gwen Stefani concert got an extra special treat. For her encore, Gwen was joined by her No Doubt bandmates for a 3 song set that put the crowd into a delirious frenzy! The band performed "Just a Girl", It's My Life" and "Spiderwebs". And oh ya, the Gwen concert was solid also!...OC

Kelly Clarkson "My December" reviews start pouring in.

Never say that I don't report all sides! More reviews are being printed about Kelly Clarkson's "My December" CD and they are mostly positive. How will this affect sales?

Entertainment Weekly gives it a B+ saying "Recent management changes and her canceled tour have furthered the assumption that December must be a train wreck. It's not. There's real artistry blossoming on this, the boldest and best effort ever by an Idol star. " Full review at EW

Preston Jones from the Canadian paper Chronicle Herald writes "It’s hard to tell what effect this rabidly anticipated disc will have on her career. The build-up has been nothing sort of astonishing, as the blogs, newspapers, magazines and TV shows have pounced on every fresh development.....My December is a nakedly personal album, one that will stand as one of 2007’s most riveting mainstream releases. Full review at NSN

Stay tuned!........

Samuel L. Jackson is the ultimate Nick Fury!

Samuel L. Jackson reportedly shot his first scenes as Nick Fury for the upcoming Iron Man film on Thursday. In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Fury is a Samuel lookalike. Great casting! Exposay

Romney camp reeling over accusations against aide.

Jay Garrity the director of operations for the Mitt Romney campaign took a leave of absence yesterday. He took the leave because he is being investigated for identifying himself as a state trooper. He is also accused of telling New York Times reporter he had run his license plate, and was fined in 2004 for having illegal police equipment in his car. Garrity's attorney denies the charges. If this guy had so many accusations against him in the past, why did Romney still have him in his camp & have him at his side day to day? CNN

Smashing pumpkins to release 4 different versions of new CD. Fans not pleased.

The Smashing Pumpkins are set to release a new CD on July 17. Pumpkins fans have been buzzing about the reunion and have been anticipating it greatly. Now comes word that there will be four different versions of the CD. Great marketing or a PR disaster?......The standard album will come with 12 tracks, but three other versions will be released to American stores, each with a different bonus track. Fans buying Zeitgeist at Best Buy will get extra song Death From Above, those buying the CD in Target will get title track Zeitgeist, while an online purchase at iTunes contains Stellar - upsetting followers who will have to pick up all three versions to own all the songs.Starpulse

Friday, June 22, 2007

Kelly Clarkson says she's selfish and doesn't want babies. Will she survive clash with record company?

I give Kelly Clarkson credit for being honest and knowing what's best for her.
From Now :
'People tell me when you are 35 you will change your mind, but I don't think so,' she tells the Daily Mail. 'You have to be selfish in this career. I already give so much of my time, I don't know what's left to eke out. 'I would not be a good mother and a lot of people don't realise that until after they have kids.' The pain of childbirth also worries Kelly. 'People say giving birth is a miracle, but I think it sounds horrible,' she admits.

Meanwhile Greg Kot from the Chicago Tribune has an interesting article comparing Kelly to the Dixie Chicks. He also reviews Kelly's "My December" CD: "It's a smartly accomplished pop album, nothing more, nothing less, and it shows Clarkson is going to be around a bit longer than the 15 minutes allotted to even the most celebrated "Idols" contestants.Like the Dixie Chicks, she's probably going to take a hit at the box office. But like her fellow Texans, she's starting to earn something she once lacked: credibility.The key question then becomes: If sales dive, will Clarkson still insist on taking the high road? Or will she even have that choice? " Read the full article at The Chicago Tribune

Steve Perry says he's not going to "Journey" back.

Ah damn.......

From Fan Asylum :

June 21, 2007
Hello everyone. This is Steve Perry. As you are aware I have yet to launch my own web site and Fan Asylum is still the only credible site for official statements from me. Once again they have kindly allowed me to post this statement. It has been brought to my attention that there is a rumor circulating that I am reuniting with Journey. I want to go on record as saying that I have no such plans whatsoever to do that. What you have heard is only a rumor. I’m truly sorry for any disappointment this rumor may be causing.
I also would like to say that your faithfulness continues to warm my heart.
Thank you so very much,
Steve Perry

Tony Bennett gets married at 80. Good for him!

Tony Bennett tied the knot with a long time love at age 80!! Can you guess which one? :) People

Sports Roundup: Tejada streak in jeopardy.

Baltimore Oriole iron man Miguel Tejada's streak may come to an end because of a broken wrist. ESPN

Vince Young is angry at Pacman....I wouldn't want Vince mad at me. SI

Michelle Wie takes a break from the Men's circuit. Taipei Times

Scary Spice says DNA proves that Eddie Murphy is Papa Spice.

The DNA tests are in and Mel B says that the tests prove once and for all that Eddie Murphy is the father of her baby. Gosh, I hope Eddie can afford the child support payments.....
Eddie Murphy is the father of "Scary Spice" Melanie Brown's 2-month-old daughter, Brown's rep confirms to PEOPLE. The results of the DNA test, which Murphy took on June 11, were received by Brown on Thursday afternoon, says rep Liza Anderson. "He's the baby's father, it's official," says a source close to Brown. "The baby is undoubtedly, 110 percent his." People

Is John Krasinski from the Office the new Fletch?

I would be very skeptical of the idea of a new Fletch movie. But the idea that John Krasinski from "The Office" as the lead character is a very appealing idea. The guy is loved by all & if anyone should be the new "Fletch", it's Johnny boy!

The Office star John Krasinki is the hot favorite to play Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher in a new adaptation of Gregory McDonald's series of novels. A number of actors have been considered as successors to Chevy Chase - who played Fletch in two 1980s films - including Jason Lee, Ryan Reynolds and most recently Joshua Jackson.
But Krasinki admits he is in the running for the role. He tells MTV News, "My name was tossed around a little bit for the role, and it's something that (I might consider). I have no idea (if they'll cast me). I've been shooting a movie down in North Carolina, so I've kind of lost touch with who (else) is in the running. I read the script, and it is hilarious. It's just one of those things that is so terrifying, to step up and be in a role that was done so perfectly. I mean, Chevy Chase not only created that role, but he did it pretty damn well. So (playing that character) is a scary situation. I don't know what's going on with it right now, but I am sure whoever does it will be fantastic. You just have to have some guts to do that."-StarPulse

Links that make even Dick Cheney smile!

2 Duffs are better than 1! Celebrity Puke
Who is the famous heroin addict? Celbrity Smack
Elisha Cuthbert at Planet Hollywood. Hollywood Tuna
Keri Russell takes her baby for a walk. Just Jared
Eva Longoria sparkles in silver swimsuit. NewsToob
Do Not Mess With The Hoff! Notorious News
Penelope Cruz and John Mayer are a new couple. Right Celebrity
Who looks older Meg or Madonna? Seriously? OMG! WTF!
I remember Christine Lakin. Do you? The Evil Beet
Are Jordin and Blake from American Idol an item? TMZ
Quote of the day....Paris Hilton. We Love Celebs!
Cheney health problems. ABC
Third party candidates! MSNBC

Fire Cubed has been launched!

A hot new blog "Fire Cubed" launched today by yours truly. The vain and one trick pony blog will focus on hot women and hot women only.

Fire Cubed

Tourists flock to Italy to peek at George Clooney.

Why are tourists flocking to a secluded area in Italy? Why are 3 parking areas are going to be built into the neighborhood? Tourists may be visiting to see the voice of Budweiser himself, George Clooney.... "Clooney has turned civic protester in an attempt to stop a €12 million (£8 million) council development that he says will ruin the peace and beauty of Lake Como – not to mention that of his lakeside villa. However, Clooney, who spends three to four months a year at Lake Como, said he feared that the tourist influx, for which the parking facilities were needed, had followed him there. “I don’t want my presence to disturb the lives of the people who live here,” he told Corriere della Sera. “But we will all suffer from these building projects.”" Times

Beyonce hotter in a hot tub.

The Sun is posting pictures of Beyonce in a hot tub. Great right? Except Jay-Z is around as usual. What a mood killer...It's gotta be weird getting photographed while you are hangin' in a hot tub....

Kelly Clarkson in meltdown mode before release of "My December"?

I read an interesting story from the National Ledger about Kelly Clarkson and her impending "My December" CD release next week. It paints a bleak picture, but then I read the source of the story is the National Enquirer....You can be the judge of whether to believe the story. "
Kelly is having am emotional meltdown as she watches her personal life and music career crumble. The report says Kelly suffers from constant crying jags and has packed on thirty-two pounds trying to soothe her loneliness with food, a report from David Perel's National Enquirer claims in this week's issue." Link

Paris Hilton's car reposessed.

You have got to wonder what is behind the fact that Paris Hilton's car has been repossessed. Did she not have someone ready to pay her bills while she's in the can? Or is Mommy trying to teach her a lesson?....Paris Hilton's car has been repossessed after she failed to make the last two payments, it has been reported. The hotel heiress, who is serving a 45-day jail sentence for driving with a suspended license, will be shocked to learn that her Mercedes - allegedly worth a staggering $500,000 - has been towed away. Exposay

Rockin' Obama ringtones?

The Daily Show did a bit on the Barak Obama website offering Barak Obama ring tones for download. I listened to them & I gotta say....they're kinda goofy. Judge for yourself at Barak's website.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Smith's World

Cartoon by Mike Smith

Gisele crushes James Blunt's crush.

Singer James Blunt has confessed to having a crush on super model Gisele. Unfortunately, when told about the crush, Gisele responded "Who is that? No I'm sorry, I have no idea who you're talking about." Ouch! Maybe she just didn't want to make boyfriend Tom Brady jealous...Starpulse

Kelly Clarkson rep denies report.

Looks like Kelly Clarkson fans won't be able to see Kelly on the American Idol tour this summer. Her camp & the pr rep for the tour are denying reports from Geno's World and Rolling Stone. It sounds to me like lower level workers threw the idea around & it was scraped before it reached the top. Read between the lines and decide for yourself.
From Access Hollywood:
ANOTHER 'MOMENT LIKE THIS' FOR KELLY?:A report posted on the music industry Web site GENO'S WORLD claims that Kelly Clarkson has been offered a "special cameo" appearance on this summer's "American Idol" tour. The report says that Kelly's response to the offer is "still up in the air," but Clarkson's rep tells Access Hollywood that the report is "not true." Furthermore, a Publicist for the "Idol" tour tells Access that this is the first she has heard of this, and that she has no idea where it is coming from. The "Idol" tour rumor comes on the heels of Kelly's announcement last week that her own summer tour has been canceled, with plans to embark on another tour in the future in a more “intimate concert environment.” While the "American Idol" tour may not be considered "intimate," Clarkson herself recently told Access that she does not wish to distance herself from the show that initially made her a star. "Everybody always thinks I try and separate myself [from "Idol"], she said. "I'm not at all -- I love very much where I came from."

Sports Roundup: Sosa hits HR #600 without a corked bat or steroids...I think.

Should Sammy Sosa be cheered for hitting HR #600? Sosa has been caught in the past cheating with a corked bat & is often rumored to be using steroids. ESPN

Kevin McHale says he is not shopping Kevin Garnett.....So, expect Garnett to be traded any moment. SI

Torry Holt hopes to come back strong for the Rams after surgery. Rams

Jason Wahler thinks he's just like Lindsay Lohan.

Jason Wahler of "Laguna Beach" says that he's a new man. He hopes that his drinking days and arrest woes are behind him.
He told PEOPLE in their new issue, "I relate to Lindsay [Lohan]. because she's the same age as I am. I'm only 20. And to say that I can't drink ever again - even on my 21st birthday - is hard. But I don't care, as long as I'm healthy and happy" Exposay......................I tend to doubt the guy. But maybe it's just that I was always jealous his relationship with Lauren.....

Links that dream to be Lost with Evangeline Lilly.

Paris writes a letter to her fans. Celebrity Puke
Wes Craven sues Pauly Shore. Celebrity Smack
Jessica Biel GQ pictures are amazing! Egotastic
Rachel Bilson is refreshingly cute. Hollywood Tuna
Matt Damon & Jennifer Garner paddle boarding. Just Jared
Gisele is #1! NewsToob
Nicole Richie can't drive. Notorious News
Kelly Rowan is engaged to a billionaire. Right Celebrity
Peter Petrelli cut his hair! Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Jessica Simpson hits the gym. Splash
Kelly Clarkson gets locked out of her car. TMZ
The Christina Aguilera pregnancy debate continues. We Love Celebs!
Hillary Clinton's aides regroup. MSNBC
Will Bloomberg run? Time

Keeley Hazell urges you to turn off.....your lights.

Keeley Hazell known for turning millions of men and women on, is changing her tune. She now wants you to turn off.....your lights:

Our Page 3 beauty is backing a mass one-hour switch-off tonight in a gesture to help beat global warming.
Keeley, 20, said: “If we work together we can massively reduce climate change. It takes very little effort to be green.”...........................SUN

Where's Al Gore? I'm sure he'd love to have Keeley standing next to him in his lectures about global warming. Gore/Keeley 2008?......

Bush to offer Blair a special envoy position to the Middle East. Is this a good idea?

President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have spoken with outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair about becoming a special envoy to the Middle East, in a role similar to, but more substantial than the position formally held by James Wolfensohn, the former president of the World Bank.......I'm not sure if this is such a good idea. Blair is a personable and intelligent fellow, but his popularity has spiraled downward due to his allegiance with Bush. Who would be better? How about Rosie? She's being considered for everything else.....


Kelly Clarkson camp silent about American Idol tour.

Amid reports that Kelly Clarkson has been offered an opportunity to appear on the upcoming American Idol Tour, Kelly and her people have not responded about whether Kelly has accepted the offer.

Idol Tour Invites Kelly Back: NY Post

Clarkson returns to American Idol: Boston Herald

In other Kelly Clarkson news, the singer's confession about her battles with bulimia have received quite a bit of coverage: Kelly Clarkson Battles Bulimia: Hollyscoop

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rolling Stone reports on Kelly Clarkson/American Idol tour.

Rolling Stone has posted on the reports of Kelly Clarkson being offered a spot on the American Idol tour. The article doesn't say whether Kelly has accepted or rejected the offer. Stay tuned.

Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen sued for $1 million for allegedly falsifying scenes of reality series.

Just as I start to become a big fan of Fox's "Hell's Kitchen", this story hits about Ramsay's show "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares".
Former restaurant manager Martin Hyde has filed a $1 million lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in New York against the star, whose abusive behavior he cites for quitting his job.
Hyde, who was formerly employed at Dillions, an Indian-American restaurant in Manhattan, alleges the chef was also responsible for staging incidents on the TV series, which sees the chef makeover struggling eateries in one week.
Hyde alleges Ramsay falsely claimed fresh meat was spoiled, defective items of furniture were used to imply Dillon's interior was shoddy, and actors were employed to pose as customers at the end of the makeover, in a bid to make the restaurant look busy..........Ramsay denies all the allegations. And yes, I'll still watch Hell's Kitchen....Starpulse

Sports roundup: Kevin Garnett trade rumors.

Sources say Kevin Garnett is being shopped around, with the Suns and Celtics being the top two candidates. ESPN
Curt Schilling's shoulder is a concern for Red Sox fans. Boston Globe
Seahawks cheerleader auditions. I hang my head in shame. I am shallow. Seahawks

Links getting the treatment from Keeley Hazell

Val Kilmer does video games. Celebrity Puke
Ted Nugent is a funny dude! Celebrity Smack
Tyra Banks sex tape? I won't watch....really....Derek Hail
More Maria Menounous. Egotastic
Jessica Biel is still stalking Justin. NewsToob
Hugh Hefner wants Paris to pose for Playboy. Right Celebrity
Tom Cruise is evil. But his kid is cute! Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Chachi is 45 and single! TMZ
Hillary, Bill, Journey and the Sopranos!! Woohoo! (Click on video)Hillary
Scooter doesn't want to go to jail. ABC
Jimmy Carter is still fighting. Time

Journey redesigns website amid Steve Perry rumors.

Journey's official website is undergoing a major face lift. This has fans like myself buzzing about the return of Steve Perry to the band. The great Melodic Rock website throws cold water on our heads: "There are a few wild rumors floating around that recent actions by Journey, including the removal of singer Jeff Scott Soto and pending website redesign is due to Steve Perry possibly returning to the fold. There is absolutely no truth to this whatsoever. I even went as far to ask Journey Management if they would go on record to shut this one down. Their comment: "Categorically denied. Not a chance." "............Geno still hopes and believes!!

Jack Osbourne had sex with Paris Hilton?

It seems that Paris Hilton can count Jack Osbourne as one of her many conquests. I'm not sure who I feel worse for...Paris or Jack. I hope Jack used protection!!! And I pray that there's no sex tape floating around!!!His Mom spilled the beans along with details about how the pair have sold their home to Christina Aguilera.

OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE have revealed that son JACK once bedded jailbird PARIS HILTON.
The pair outed Jack’s secret when I caught up with them in Ozzy’s dressing room before last night’s triumphant Wembley Arena gig.
And I’d imagine the air (or should that be heir) will be bluer than normal when Jack hears his parents have blabbed about the time he, er, checked into the Hilton.
Ozzy said: “Paris was always hanging around our house. I’m not sure if she was a friend of KELLY or AMY — which one was it, Sharon?”
Sharon looked a bit sheepish and stumbled over her words as she replied: “She was Jack’s, erm, friend.” Ozzy’s jaw dropped and he exclaimed: “He didn’t shag her, did he? Well done, my son!” SUN

Bloomberg tells Republicans "Don't call me. I'll call you."

Mayor Bloomberg has ditched the Republican party and declared himself an independent. Of course, everyone assumes that this means Mikey is going to run for the oval office. I have to think that if he makes the Presidential race a three party race, Hillary Clinton will be thrilled. Mikey will take votes away from Rudy or Mitt & hand the race over to Hillary. Go Mikey!! CNN

Kelly Clarkson's career is in jeopardy.

My earlier post on Kelly Clarkson received some heated responses from some Clarkson fans. I can understand that Kelly has some passionate fans who are 100% behind the singer. But, let's face facts. Fighting with your label & mogul Clive Davis isn't smart. Not having your record company behind your new release is bordering on stupidity. Her tour is cancelled and her single has been a disappointment. Clarkson has had a tough month & her career is in jeopardy. Due to some courageous, yet career threatening choices, Kelly's future looks bleak.

Here's just a small sample of what everyone is buzzing about:

Kelly Clarkson's rough patch continues. Rolling Stone

Kelly's sales are a little idle. "Never Again," the first single from the "My December" CD due out next Tuesday, has made barely a ripple on local radio compared to her previous hits. "We're disappointed," says Tom Poleman, program director of WHTZ (100.3 FM). "She's been a core artist for us with her last several records. She's been a big part of the revitalization of top 40.
"We're still playing 'Never Again,' but the listeners don't seem very excited about it. It's done okay, not great."
"We played it for a while and finally dropped it," says Tom Cuddy, vice president of WPLJ (95.5 FM). "Listener response just wasn't there." NY Daily News

Count Your Blessings: Kelly Newsflash, Kelly: Corporate America made you. Corporate America fostered you. Millions of Americans who play into the hands of Corporate America molded you into a star. I don't see indie-rock, singing/songwriting wannabes being pumped out of the well-oiled American Idol machine anytime soon, so stop being so emo already. You're talented, and yes, may be able to successfully reinvent yourself. But for all of our sakes, stop being such a brat. Stater Online

Kelly Clarkson's industry suicide: Looks like Kelly Clarkson has committed music industry hari-kari by biting the hand that fed her. Kelly, after two successful CD's has become the all knowing, all-powerful OZ. From being a waitress to best selling music artist has transformed her into a music business expert. The Spoof

Kelly Clarkson's Album hits internet early: Clarkson, however, is not a very experienced lyricist. So the pain she is trying to convey on "My December" is often not very effectively rendered. Unlike confessional songwriters like Carly Simon or even Alanis Morissette, Clarkson doesn't have a grasp of metaphor. She is more of an in-your-face songwriter. She also doesn't know when to stop beating a dead horse..... It's clear she's mad, bitter and resentful. But a lot of it seems like high school whining. Isn't art supposed to be about something more than this? Fox

Poor Ticket sales cause Kelly Clarkson to cancel arena tour: But the first single from "My December," the angry rock song "Never Again," was not a huge hit, and while it peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard chart, it quickly fell from the top 10 and is now at No. 17 Ny News

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dennis Kucinich tries to raise 50 million dollars. Can he raise $5?

Yes kids, it's time to check in on every one's favorite Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich. Dennis is trying to raise 50 million dollars. He asks one million supporters to donate $50 each....It's good to have lofty goals. But I think Denny should worry about raising enough money for lunch. Never mind the 50 million bucks, can you afford a large sub at Subway?...Dennis Kucinich official site.

Sports Roundup: Sox/Yanks talk.

Sean McAdam examines the AL East race. Boston fans are still waking up from 1978 dreams screaming "Yaz popped out!!!!" ESPN

Pacman Jones nonsense continues. SI

Tiger Woods announces the birth of his daughter. The kid can probably swing a club already....Tiger Woods

Links hotter than Jennifer Connelly.

White Stripes fans are dedicated! Celebrity Puke
Obama girl does Maxim. Celebrity Smack
John Travolta says drugs are to blame for VT shooting. dlisted
Maria Menunous and her fabulous cleavage. HollywoodTuna
Danielle Llyod looks fabulous to me! NewsToob
Keri Russell has a boy. Right Celebrity
Suri gets same haircut as mommy Katie. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Ashlee Simpson goes shopping. Splash
Rosie wants to be Bob Barker. TMZ
Fergie at TRL. We Love Celebs!
Bill will campaign with Hillary in Iowa. MSNBC
Obama blames staff for screw up....again. ABC

Now magazine calls Danielle Lloyd "chunky".

Yikes. It's not easy being under the celebrity microscope sometimes. Hottie Danielle Llyod has her busty body insured for 500,ooo pounds. Unfortunately, that opens her up to a bit of scrutiny, if she eats a pizza and puts on a few pounds. Now magazine writes "Oh dear, what's happened to Dani's bod?"....Ah, the madness.....

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