Prince Harry likes barmaids with cowboy hats.

A thank you to my ASIA buddy "AC" for pointing this story out about Prince Harry and a barmaid. A Prince and a big busted barmaid with a cowboy hat. Good times!...Cnews

Cheney to become Cyborg. No word on Teen Titan invitation.

Dick Cheney is set to have his heart regulator device replaced later this year. I will skip the jokes about whether he actually has a heart. (Hit drum cymbal sound here) I will instead speculate whether he has enough non-human parts in his body now to make him a credible super hero candidate. Maybe the Justice Society would be a good fit. They have some members who are advanced in age. Cheney is probably a bit too old to join the Teen Titans. And after all, they already have Cyborg who leads them.......CNN

Knocked Up doesn't suck.

I'm a little behind, but let me add my voice to the chorus of hoorays for "Knocked Up". The movie is funny, real and a good time....The only disturbing part is when I searched "Knocked Up" for an image of the movie, I was flooded with pornographic images in my search results. I guess there's a huge market for pregnant women/porno sites. Who knew?.......