Saturday, June 09, 2007

Buy your way into a Will Ferrell movie for a good cause.

Will Ferrell is awesome. There I said it. The guy makes me laugh in every movie that he makes. Now it seems that he's actually a good guy off the screen also. Will is promoting a friend's golf tournament that benefits cancer victims. has exclusive interviews with Will on the course. The site also has info about an auction in which the winner gets to appear in a future Will Ferrell masterpiece......

Bush meets with Pope. Hilarity ensues.

President Bush met with The Pope today at the Vatican. Bush presented the Pope with a large walking stick. From the look of it, the two jesters made 10 minutes of phallic jokes in reference to the stick. The Holy Father caught Bush off guard when he asked him how his meeting with Russia's Putin went. Bush didn't have an immediate response. I'm just grateful that Bush didn't embarrass the nation by asking to wear the Pope's "beanie".....CNN

Morrissey news that surprisingly isn't uplifting.

Morrissey aka "Mr. Sunshine" has decided that he wants to be buried in Hollywood Forever cemetery....I'm not surprised that Morrissey is thinking about death. Whenever I listen to his music for an extended period of time, I feel like dying also......Exposay

I worried all night about Paris.

I'm sure you were just like me last night. I didn't sleep a wink worrying about Paris Hilton in jail. Oh the injustice! The horror!....The evil fun!
Here's what my friends are saying around the net:
A collection of the best Paris videos. TMZ
A weeping Paris. Seriously? OMF! WTF!
Is Paris mental? Splash
The TV station that Paris is reportedly watching in her cell: EWTN

Friday, June 08, 2007

No raise for Mr. Big.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent stars are being asked to work next season without a raise. Since the show's first run episodes are being moved to USA network, the network is crying poor mouth. There's a 5pm deadline today for Chris Noth, Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe to accept the offer. Oh the drama!....CNN

3 more years for Beckham.

David Beckham says he wants to play in the Euro 2008 finals and the 2010 World Cup. Good for him. It's good to have goals. What are my goals for the year 2010? Being married to Jennifer Love Hewitt and owning the Boston Red Sox. I know, not too lofty......Sun

For Geno's consideration.

Annie Barrett at EW isn't too thrilled with "The L Word"'s For Your Consideration ad which features the quote "No longer 'a show about lesbians,' this series has evolved into a show about people." Regardless of the ads, the show should garner some Emmys. I honestly started watching the show at its inception, because I wanted to see hot women jumping on each other. 4 Seasons later, I'm invested in all the characters and their great story lines. I look forward to season 5......And yes, I still like watching the hot babes...sue me for being honest!

Scooter and Paris play by different rules.

Cartoon by John Sherffius.
Full image at MSNBC

Links that do not answer Hoff's calls.

Paris and cupcakes! Celebrity Puke
Somebody stop Paula Abdul from adopting a child! Celebrity Smack
Isiah fired from Greys. dlisted
Comic Book picks for the week. Chris' Invincible Super-Blog!
Mila Kunis is still very cute. Hollywood Tuna
Scott Foley marries. ICYDK
Ana Beatriz makes me feel funny inside. NewsToob
Katherine McPhee hotness. Right Celebrity
Cameron and Justin try to play nice. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Paris gets to appear by phone??????? TMZ
Kate Winslet is great! We Love Celebs!
Joss Stone with purple hair talks about Paris. Splash
Jefferson assets get frozen after he freezes illegal cash. MSNBC
Bill Bradley is still awesome. Bill Bradley

George Michael banned from driving. Unfortunately, not banned from singing.

George Michael avoided a prison sentence and was banned from driving for two years by a judge today. He also was given 100 hours of community service. I'm curious as to what kind of community service Georgie will have to do. I hope he has to pick up trash on the side of the highway as opposed to shooting anti-drug PSAs for TV....SUN

Bush hides in hotel room to avoid G8 talks and Bono.

President George W. Bush has been stricken with a stomach ailment that has made him cut back on his G8 summit activities. I tend to think that he heard that Bono is still looking for him with his glasses off.....CNN

Evan Rachel Wood'd ex is devastated

Jamie Bell, Evan Rachel Wood's ex-boyfriend was devastated to learn that Evan is now dating Marilyn Manson. He says that he's still in love with her. I think we all know where Jamie is coming from. It always stings when you break up with someone. But when they run into the arms of Marilyn Manson and then have sex with him (for real) in a music video, that would tend to sting just a bit....

Stray Rod gets dumped by Boys & Girls Club & drops F bomb.

The Boys and Girls Club of America has dumped Alex Rodriguez's TV ad. The ad is cute and has Alex with kids in a nice light. But now that Alex has all the stripper controversy around him, he was promptly dumped by the family friendly organization....In other Stray Rod news, he dropped the F bomb on a photographer in Chicago who was taking pictures of him and his family. Sometimes fame blows.....
Ny Daily News
Picture from SI

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Breaking News! A pissed of Bono takes his glasses off at G8.

I've seen a lot of things, I never thought I'd ever see. I've seen the Red Sox win the World Series. I've seen George W. Bush get elected twice. I've seen ASIA live 25 years after the release of their first album. And now....I've seen Bono take his glasses off in an exclusive CNN interview.

Enrique goes to McDonalds and ends up defending size of his manhood.

I don't go to McDonald's that much. But when I do, I never get asked about the size of my manhood. Enrique Iglesias got snapped at a McDonald's by a Sun reporter who asked him to clarify his comments about his small package. Iglesias said he was just kidding before....

I vote for full contact golf.

There's a bit of interesting trash talking going on in women's golf. The Nation's top female golfer Anna Sorenstam is talking smack against 17 year old phenom Michelle Wie.....The problem is that THIS...IS....GOLF! In football, you can tackle a rival or spike a ball in the end zone. In baseball, you can throw a 95 mph fastball inside at a smash talker. In basketball you can slam dunk and scream over some dude's head. In golf?.....You can pump your fist and wave to the crowd?....I dunno....Yahoo

Prince William spends $1,700 on booze at supermarket.

Prince William filled four trolleys with alcohol at a supermarket and walked away spending $1,700. Excessive? For me or you, yes. But the dude is a 24 year old Prince. I bet he has one or two friends to share it with.....Esposay

Links brought to tears by Jericho's return!

Jericho lives! Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Michael Madsen and....a monkey. Agent Bedhead
Cindy Crawford still has it. Celebrity Dirty Laundry
Steve Martin's troubled childhood. Celebrity Smack
Bob Barker says goodbye. dlisted
Gisele is all woman. Hollywood Tuna
Flash Gordon!! Just Jared
Kate Bosworth looking good! The Evil Beet
T.R. will return to Greys. We Love Celebs!
Bush prepares for Putin. MSNBC
Justice ends next week. DC Comics

Man sues Energy drink makers over long lasting erection.

Christopher Woods (Real name) got more than he bargained for when he drank a Boost Plus energy drink. He alleges that the morning after drinking the beverage he woke up with an erection that wouldn't go away. He later underwent surgery. No word on how sales of the drink are doing.....ap

Paris is a "Free Bird".

TMZ reports that Paris Hilton is free. Millions around the globe respond by playing Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird"......

Bono wants to change the world. I want to change his smoking habit.

U2 front man Bono co-edited the July issue of Vanity Fair. The issue focuses on the problem of AIDS in Africa. Bono is to be commended for all the great work that he does around the globe. He's a good dude & U2 always rocks....But if I see the guy smoking anymore, it will drive me nuts. Why must he continue to destroy his voice? ABC

Luke Wilson screams at the elderly in front of Lance Armstrong.

While directing the film "The Wendell Baker Story", Luke Wilson lost his temper with 79 year old Harry Dean Stanton and 77 year old Seymour Cassell. When the two elderly actors forgot their lines, Wilson launched into a expletive laced tirade at the two. He then turned around and saw that Lance Armstrong was visiting the set. He says he was embarrassed that Lance witnessed it. I say he should be embarrassed no matter what famous star happened to be there...Starpulse

McCain and Rudy hate Iowa.

John McCain and Rudy Giuliani are not going to take part in the Iowa straw poll in August. Mitt "I am evil" Romney has already declared a victory for his campaign. God help us all......CNN

Paris to be released today?

Rumors are flying that Paris Hilton's jail stint will end today. Reporters are swarming the jail waiting to get a shot of Paris leaving. If she is released today after a few days, her tell all book about prison life will be a pamphlet.....but it would probably have a $29.95 price tag......

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The greatest rock guitarist you never heard of!

Brandon Richie is a talented, unsigned guitarist who can rock the house! Check Brandon's stellar tracks at soundclick
Drop him a line and let him know how you like the tunes. And if you're a big time record exec, sign him for a boatload of cash and give me 5%!!!

Jim Carrey goes gay for prison drama.

Jim Carrey is set to star in "I Love You Phillip Morris". Carrey will play a man sent to prison who falls in love with his cellmate. No word on who the cellmate will be........

Just say no to Kelly Ripa wristbands.

The premier Kelly Ripa website "Our Daily Ripa" is having a contest to win "Our Daily Ripa Wristbands"....I love Kelly Ripa and the site is cool, (although creepily comprehensive), but if I ever start wearing one of those bracelets, punch me in the groin.

Links not involved in a cold war.

Jennifer Aniston has a new man. Allie
Mel Gibson isn't sober. celebitchy
Oceans 13 madness! Celebrity Puke
Brooke Hogan is frightening. Celebrity Smack
Elisha Cuthbert hotness! Hollywood Tuna
Sarah Michelle Gellar walks in Soho. ICYDK
Megan Fox in GQ. NewsToob
Liv & Kate smooch. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Charlotte church is very preggers! The Evil Beet
Jessica is single..again...I think...We Love Celebs!
Victoria the Superfriend! Yeeeah!
McCain stands alone. CNN

Paris and family run out on Mr. Chow bill right before jail.

Ahhhhhhh this is good stuff. 24 hours before entering jail, Paris and her family dined at the Mr. Chow restaurant. When the bill came, Paris and her entire family announced that they didn't have their credit cards with them. Kathy Hilton promised to call the restaurant with her credit card details, but Mr. Chow's is still waiting. I say throw Kathy in the pokey with Paris! There's no excuse for that crap....Sun

Michelle Marsh Marketing Madness.

Do you feel the need to express your admiration for Michelle Marsh? There's no better way than a Michelle Marsh T-shirt or bookmark. I'm not exactly sure where you could wear a t-shirt like that. To work? No. On a date? Bwahahaha! To church? Ahhh, no. Dinner with Grandma? Naaaa. How about the bookmark? You could really impress the ladies at the library when you mark your page in your book with a lovely Marsh bookmark. Michelle's products are available through her official website.

God hits Rudy Giuliani with lightning.

The Republicans had another debate last night. The highlight for me was when Rudy Giuliani was questioned about his abortion stance and the criticism that a Catholic Bishop dished out on his views. While Rudy answered, lightning stuck outside cutting Rudy's audio. Rudy joked about it and Johnny McCain promptly walked away from Rudy. CNN has video. You gotta love God's sense of humor. The almighty cracks me up!

Drew shapes up.

Drew Barrymore has lost 15 pounds since breaking up with her Strokes boyfriend in January. She swears that she won't get down to size zero. She wanted to feel good about herself & she feels great now. Good for Drew! She's always been a cutie and seems like a decent lady. If you've never seen "My Date with Drew", check it out. You'll get a new appreciation for how cool she is.....

Man jumps on Popemobile.

Some looney jumped on the Popemobile this morning and was grabbed by a bunch of security guards. The Pope didn't seemed to be aware of the chaos around him. ABC has video.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I had to go to Canada to find a Paris supporter.

Yoni Goldstein of the National Post screams that Paris Hilton has been wronged....He says we should cut her some slack & let her go free. His piece is actually somewhat funny & I see the point he's making, but I say screw having pity on Paris.....

Aerosmith deny breakup rumors.

An intern at Rolling Stone is in trouble. According to The Boston Globe, the Stone intern wrote a caption to an item on Rolling Stone's website that implied that Aerosmith had broken up....The band's management denies this and the intern is probably cleaning toilets as we speak......

Zooey will follow the yellow brick road.

Sci-Fi channel will be airing "Tin Man" in December. It's a wild take on "The Wizard of Oz" that stars Zooey Deschanel, Richard Cummings among others. Sci-Fi's website has interviews with the two on the exciting project.....I wonder how the flying monkeys will look......

Links not afraid to kiss for a laugh.

Kate and Owen break up. Allie
Paris prison update. celebitchy
Britney's new fashion statement. Celebrity Puke
Retro celeb couple photos. Celebrity Smack
Molly kicks ass with coins. Chris' Invincible Super Blog!
Naked News clips. Because I love being informed. Right Celebrity
Adrianne Curry pole dances. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Gay bar appeals to George & Brad to save it. Splash
Matt Damon wears a Red Sox shirt in New York. Ya Matt! TMZ
Christina goes hula for hubby. We Love Celebs!
Scooter gets sentenced today. MSNBC

Fired Producer sues NBC for a million dollars.

Marsha Bartel has sued NBC for one million dollars for allegedly firing her for complaints she made against "To Catch a Predator" on Dateline NBC. Marsha says that the show went "too far"...After reading ABC's take on the story and Marsha's allegations. I tend to side with NBC. Having pity for potential child molesters isn't in me. These monsters get embarrassed by being on TV and having cops arrest them & mock them? Too bad. link

Hillary has Faith Faith Faith. Edwards sins every day.

The three Democratic front runners for President talked about faith last night. Hillary was very candid about dealing with Bill's infidelity. Johnny Edwards admitted that he's a sinner. Obama talked about good versus evil.....My spiritual advisor Sister Mary JJ told me that the one thing she believes in that Edwards sins every day. "That boy just ain't right. I had kids like him smiling and smirking at me when I taught grade school. They were the hardest to break."....Ummmm. o.k.......CNN

Ask Keeley the questions burning in your soul.

Keeley Hazell's official webpage is offering subscribers to her website a unique opportunity to ask Keeley the questions that they are dying to ask. I have submitted the following questions:
1. Who would win in a fight, The Hulk or The Thing?
2. Will Al Gore run for President?
3. Why are gas prices at an all time high?
4. Are Peter and Nathan really dead on "Heroes"?

"While most of us will not be lucky enough in our lives to even speak to Keeley on the internet, let alone meet her face-to-face, Team Keeley are giving all Subscribers the opportunity to post as many of their most burning questions in Keeley's personal forum (From Keeley to You).

All questions are read by Keeley, and each month she will pick her favourite top ten of which she will then answer in a special 'question and answer' feature on her blog page. So come on people don't be shy, start practising your questions now, because if you're the lucky Subscriber to win-a-date with Keeley you certainly will not want to be tongue-tied!"

Foreigner to release new CD with familiar material.

Foreigner is getting ready to release a new CD at the end of this year or early next year. The band is said to be recording new versions of some of their older hits including a stripped down version of 1987's "Say You Will".....Please. Say you won't do that. I love Foreigner. Their music was fabulous in the 70's, 80's and 90's. "Jukebox Hero", "Feels Like The First Time", "Urgent' etc. are true classics. To go into the studio and rerecord these classics without lead singer Lou Gramm is a crime. The current lineup includes founder Mick Jones, Jason Bonham on drums and Kelly Hanson on vocals. Billboard

Monday, June 04, 2007

Richard Simmons prays for Paris

I have seen the best video ever. Splash has a video of Richard Simmons saying a prayer for Paris Hilton. He encourages her to do exercise in prison. BWAHAHAHA!!
On Richard's official website, his daily message includes the following: "There is a beautiful world out there and you deserve to be a part of it. I know you are blessed with some nice and supportive people in your life. Seek their support as you rebuild your own self-confidence." ..God Bless Richard, he's not talking to Paris there, but it sure seems like it.....

Will Kate be hot in a parka?

Kate Beckinsale is currently filming "Whiteout", a movie based on the Greg Rucka comic book. Kate is stunning and a great actor. But as I looked over issue 1 of the comic series, I noticed that there's a small problem. Kate's character is in Antarctica, wearing tons of layers. Now I know, I'm being a silly man & I'm going to see the movie anyway, but couldn't she have taken the part of a US Marshall in Hawaii instead of Antarctica? I'm just saying.....


Last night's "Sopranos" episode gave viewers what a lot have been craving. Blood. Lots of it. Who will survive next week's final episode? Will AJ get over his depression or hide in the closet and suck his thumb? Will Uncle Junior learn to control his bladder? Discuss these questions and others at the HBO Sopranos site.

I have a moment with Leo Dicaprio.

Leo Dicaprio is filming "Revolutionary Road" in New York these days with old pal Kate Winslet. I took these shots this morning on a dreary day in the city when they were filming. I was able to see Leo through a window and get his attention by banging on it & screaming "Leo!!! Dude!!!! It's me, Geno!!!!"....For some reason, the police didn't appreciate my moment with Leo...If you prefer clear pictures of Leo on the set, go to my friends at Splash

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