Lindsay Lohan Lush Links.

Here are what my friends and cohorts are saying and reporting about Lindsay Lohan's DUI arrest with a little extra lesbian & cocaine thrown in!

Update: Cocaine found during Lindsay Lohan Investigation! Celebritypuke
Curbing her partying ways, Literally! dlisted
Lindsay Lohan busted for DUI-Cocaine found in car. Hollywood Grind
Exclusive Video of Lindsay Lohan's DUI. Splash
More details on the Lindsay Lohan DUI: Lesbian lovers spat and COCAINE!!. The Evil Beet

A public apology.

I posted in the past about the dubious pick of Nickelback being chosen to pay tribute to ZZ Top at this year's VH1's Rock Honors. After watching the show, I have to admit that I was wrong. Nickelback did a great job covering "Sharped Dressed Man". I was equally wrong about Gretchen Wilson paying tribute to Heart. Her performance of "Barracuda" with Alice In Chains was blistering!! She's got an amazing voice. Am I going to go out and buy a Gretchen or Nickelback CD? Not yet, but they have my respect. You can view all the performances at VH1's website.