Saturday, June 02, 2007

They should cast me as Captain America.

Marvel comics has a great "Be In A Marvel Movie" promotion. The grand prize winner wins a trip for 2 to LA and a walk on role in an upcoming Marvel movie. Fantastic 4 number 3 with Jessica Alba? Elektra 2 with Jennifer Garner?....Oh the possibilities are endless.......To enter go to the Marvel website.

I volunteer to be saved by this new "Hero"!

Dania Ramirez will be appearing as a new cast member on "Heroes" next season. She will play a character named Maya. Ramirez is currently seen on "The Sopranos" and has appeared in "X-Men-The Last Stand" and many of my daydreams....

Can he make them smaller?

Hey kids! Do you want to see a magic show and make dad happy? Take him to see Hans Klok in Vegas. He's got a partner called Pam Anderson who will be appearing with him.

Pammy says:
"I love magic! I love doing things out of the ordinary and of course I'm always up for an adventure, as this will definitely be one" said Anderson, the former "Baywatch" star. "I knew that one day my dream of being a Vegas showgirl would come true — even better a magician's assistant. It's every girl's fantasy. I'm thrilled!"

"Pamela Anderson is the kind of international superstar that transcends entertainment," said Klok. "Audiences are going to be amazed when they see what she can do in our show."

What she can do? Hmmmmmmm. Can she make her assets bigger or smaller at will? Oh ya, she's done that....without magic.....
Hans Klok website.
Pictures of Press conference at Exposay

Sox fans taunt Stray-Rod.

The Yankees defeated the Red Sox last night at Fenway Park. There were several hit batters and a near brawl. But the highlight of the game was the Sox fans wearing blond masks and waving dollar bills at Alex Rodriguez! A fun time had by all. Except for Stray-Rod. The sexy Inside Track has the full story.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Jennifer Love Hewitt is "Timeless".

Jennifer Love Hewitt has signed with Stone America Licensing to develop a clothing line. The "Timeless" line will then expand into jewelry, health & Beauty, Accessories, and most likely world domination. If the lovely Love has her way, we will all become Love zombies buying underwear, toothpaste, denture cream and puppies all with the "Timeless" stamp of approval......God she's pretty.... If every post I make is about Ms. Hewitt & "Timeless" from now on, you know they've got me & I'm an official Love Zombie...
Press Release Stone America

New book bashes Hillary.

Carl Bernstein has written a new book on Hillary Clinton titled "A Woman In Charge". He discussed the book on the Today show this morning with Matt Laurer. Phillipe Reins, Hillary's spokesperson had a great response. “Is it possible to be quoted yawning? This is an author’s agenda to take an old story and rehash for cash.”
To buy the book, go to
Or, if you are a Hillary supporter as I am, go to Hillary's official website and spend the book money on her.

The end is near.

The producers of Sci-Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica have confirmed that next season will be the shows last hurrah. The 4th season will consist of 22 episodes and will debut in early 2008. Now we'll have to go somewhere else for our fix of aliens, spaceships and great looking women.....

Links not wearing an alcohol monitoring device.

Tracy Morgan faces his demons. Starpulse
Paris Hilton reads! Celebrity Puke
Scary Spice and Baby Scary Spice. Celebrity Smack
The sad state of Tammy Faye. dlisted
Jessica Biel taking out the trash! IDLYITW
Classic Elisha Cuthbert. Meow!!! ICYDK
Fabiani is fabulous! Newstoob
Pamela Anderson talks about her breasts. Right Celebrity
Hayden & Rumor pal around. The Hollywood Gossip
Keira and Sienna play wheel barrel...oh my.....We Love Celebs!
Diane Sawyer talks to Mr. TB. ABC
The role religion is playing in the Presidential race. CNN

Solo sister.

Ann Wilson of Heart will release her first solo CD ever on 9/11. Her sister Nancy will however make an appearance on the CD along with Elton John, Wynonna and others. Full information at Heart's official website.

Keeley enjoys Dirty Dancing.

Keeley Hazell went to see "Dirty Dancing" the other night with fellow babe Nicola T and funnyman David Williams. Why didn't I get invited???? Perhaps its because musicals give me the hives.......Or perhaps its because David is threatened by my stunning good looks and charm....Ya, that's it......
The Sun (Pictures NSFW)

Is the boss away?

Are you bored at work? Want to help aliens probe Mulder from the X-Files? Want to bowl with the Pope using Nuns as pins? Want to see President Bush be "Super"? Check out Dermot's collection of great "stuff" at idelworm

A-Rod, you got some 'splaining to do!

A-Rod hit the streets of Boston yesterday with his wife Cynthia just days after being rocked by photos taken of him with a blond bombshell outside a strip club. It doesn't take a genius to see the stress in the eyes of Mr. & Mrs. Rodriguez. You can just imagine the "talks" the two have had....The ever-sexy Inside Track gals at The Boston Herald have the full story and all the dirt!

Everyone loves Billy.

The Billy Graham library was dedicated yesterday. Former Presidents Bush, Clinton and Carter were on hand to pay tribute. It's great to see Graham paid tribute to while he is alive. His dedication to helping the poor, the sick and the lonely is admirable. Thumbs up to Billy!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Damnit Chloe, I'm a cartoon!

"24" fans can enjoy short animated adventures titled "Day Zero" that follow a younger Jack Bauer. The flicks also feature Nina before she was outed as a rogue agent and was killed by Mr. Bauer.....Ahhh. the bad girls. Nothin' like 'em.....
Watch at Day Zero
Story at Superheroflix

Links that can't dance.

David Hyde Pierce announces he is gay. celebitchy
Alyson Hannigan makes weird faces. Celebrity Puke
A-Rod's infidelity is old news to Celebrity Smack
Batman wrestles a lion and a crocodile. Chris' Invincible super blog!
Harry Potter Theme Park....J.K. is now Trump rich. dlisted
Kate Middleton isn't broken up about the Prince. Just Jared
Emily Scott seems like a nice girl....Newstoob
John Kerry says Lindsay Lohan will be President. Pretty Boring
Elmo loves Bush. Right Celebrity
Kelly Clarkson's new album online. The Evil Beet
John Krasinski for the ladies. We Love Celebs!
Is Fred Thompson the new Ronald Reagan? CNN

Lindsay should learn from Lost.

Lindsay Lohan's father reports that his daughter is addicted to OxyContin. Oh boy. Oxy is one terribly addictive drug that can have awful consequences. Just ask "Future Jack" from "Lost'. Jack was a respected doctor who turned to stealing, falsifying prescriptions and contemplating suicide after becoming hooked on Oxy......Who says that TV doesn't teach our kids lessons in life?
Future Jack photo taken from Thighs Wide Shut

The Worst Wing hits it out of the park!

Dermot O'Connor has a great website titled Idleworm
Check it out for serious issues with a comic twist. His current "Worst Wing" is priceless!

The race starts when Fred says it does.

Cartoon by Gary Varvel.

Billie's divorce is complete.

Former "Dr. Who" hottie Billie Piper was granted a divorce today from Chris Evans. Piper was 18 when she married the 35 year old Evans in 2001. She is currently dating actor Laurence Fox. A fox dating a fox? Now that's appropriate.

Tom Brady taking hits off the field. Here is one vote of support.

Tom Brady is starting to get criticized for having a child out of wedlock with ex Bridgette Moynahan. Kevin Thompson, who is running for Congress said on his blog:
"Many millions of small, adoring fans look up to Brady, only to find him chasing models, fathering children out of wedlock and unashamedly engaging in an immoral lifestyle." ..........
Ummmmm. Let me just point out that we don't know the whole Bridgette/Brady back story. We do know that Brady has been up front on being the father and has talked about is excitement at his impending fatherhood. Brady isn't perfect, but I would choose him as a role model any day over other sports figures who are cheating on their wife, taking steroids, getting arrested, taking drugs or arranging dog fights for money. Give Tom a break. He's a good dude who does a tremendous amount of charity work for the community and has brought tons of joy to sports fans. He's a single guy who likes good looking women? Good for him.
To watch video of WHDH's story, go to their website.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Survivors of rock continue to thrill fans around the globe.

Rock legends ASIA have released the cover art for their upcoming "Fantasia: Live in Tokyo" release. In addition, the band's new biography "Heat of The Moment" will be released next month. "Finally! The entire Asia story from their record-breaking debut in 1982, the real reasons behind their breakup in 1983 and the heart-warming story of their reunion 25 years later. The book has been made with the full cooperation of the band and management, including new and exclusive interview material. "

For full information on the CD/DVD, biography and current tour schedule, visit or any of the band members individual sites: John Wetton(King Crimson, UK) Geoff Downes(Buggles, Yes) Steve Howe (Yes, GTR) Carl Palmer (Emerson Lake & Palmer)

Don't miss the 4 legends live! I saw them last year and was blown away!

They almost dug him up, but then they threw him back in.

TV Guide reports this week that the "24" producers considered raising Carlos Bernard ("Tony") back from the dead in the final episode this season. But, they decided that it would be too difficult to explain, so Tony remains dead. For now.....I think......

Links cooler than a monkey playing guitar!

Ben & Jen are friends with Jen's ex, Scott Foley. celebitchy
Paris Hilton paints a bear! Celebrity Puke
Eva Padberg. Enough said. Celebslam
Reese & Jake are still on. dlisted
Petra Nemcova wears short skirts. Derek Hail
Lindsay's boyfriend, hookers & cocaine. ICYDK
Eric Bana is hulkishly excited about his low budget movie. Just Jared
Will Ferrell and his 2 year old landlord! Right Celebrity
Paris is nervous. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
More pictures of Lindsay in rehab. The Evil Beet
Jessica Simpson's boobs do Cannes. Yeeeah!
Fred Thompson is testing the waters. Rudy & Mitt weep! MSNBC
Comics on the Internet are cool. But I miss the smell. Marvel


The Sun reports that Charlotte Church has spent a fortune for open heart surgery for Benny, her dog.
“The bill was so expensive, much more than I have ever paid on health care for me, or any member of my family .".....I won't make fun of her, I love dogs. It's good to see a celeb that takes good care of their pet. Unlike Paris Hilton, whose pets all commit suicide...It's true man. I saw it on South Park......

Hey Paula!

American Idol fans won't have to wait too long to get their Paula Abdul fix. "Hey Paula" will debut on Bravo this summer. A reality show starring Paul Abdul? What can we expect? Slurred words? 17 little dogs running around? Wild parties? I'm not sure. But until then I will be listening to Paula's newly released greatest hits CD non-stop........really.....o.k., not really.

Still "Lost"?

It's been a while since the "Lost" finale and its still a very hot topic on the web! The finale blew me away & I enjoyed it much more than the "24" & "Heroes" finales. EW has a great article by Doc Jensen in which he shares his theories along with the viewer theories about Jack's father, the mysterious casket, and the "Planet of The Apes" connection.......Damn them apes!!!!!......The all holy companion of Sister Mary JJ, Brother Greg is convinced that Michael was in the casket. I tend to agree.

Rudy says "I know nothing!".

Rudy Giuliani had a tough day yesterday as he was confronted by family members of 9/11 victims. Sabrina Rivera asked Rudy why she let her relative die in the twin towers when he knew that they would implode. Rudy did his best Shultz impression and said that he knew nothing.....I'm not a fan of Rudy, but I think he did a good job of uniting the country in our time of need. To see video of the confrontation, go to wcbstv

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Good looking women with swords. Its gotta be good!

The movie "DOA" is finally getting wide release on June 22. I saw the full trailer yesterday & it looks like a lotta fun. Holly Valance, Jaime Presley & company are in fine form. There's a great Dutch website for the movie with all sorts of extras. Including a free puppy!!....o.k., no puppy, but good nonetheless....

Moustache free links.

Cameron and Biel at the same awards ceremony?? Bricks and Stones
Jennifer and Courtney hang during the holiday. Celebrity Puke
Ask Road Rage Venom. Chris' Invincible Super Blog
Jessica & John back together....or not? dlisted
Heather Locklear + bikini=still hot. Derek Hail
Misha wants to be just like Lindsay. Hollywood Grind
Mr. Ashley Judd drove faster than everyone else. ICYDK
Maggie Gyllenhaal gives the finger. Just Jared
None of my picks won Miss Universe. Right Celebrity
Sheryl Crow and her child are precious. Splash
Mr. Belding and Fez. The Evil Beet
Lindsay Lohan's car pieces on eBay!! LOL! Rad Report
Hugh Laurie needs hair. We Love Celebs!
Are Gore or Bloomberg running? Newsweek
Obama changes strategy. ABC

Can President Logan save Lindsay Lohan?

Everyone knows that Lindsay Lohan is a troubled young woman these days. The DUI, Cocaine, and rehab problems are very troubling for Lindsay. Yet, there may be hope on the horizon. Lindsay's new movie "I Know Who Killed me" features Gregory Itzen (President Logan on "24".) as a co-star.....Now I understand that the Logan character is fictional, but I am convinced that Logan could fix Lohan's problems quickly. After all, he dealt with his wife Martha through many similar problems....Lindsay, please call Gregory Itzen and have him council you in his "President Logan" character. It will fix everything. No need to thank me.......

Darth Cheney

Cartoon by Rob Rogers.

Fans drive Ozzy batty and out of his home.

The Sun is reporting that Ozzy Osbourne is selling his Los Angeles home. The number of fans gawking at the Osbourne home has driven Ozzy over the edge and he has had enough. That's the price of fame I guess....Ozzy rocked the VH1 Rock honors recently proving that the voice is still there & his band is still fierce!

Satan leads in Iowa and has big expectations.

Beelzebub aka Mitt Romney has become the clear front runner in Iowa. Excuse me while I try not to vomit thinking about 8 years of Bush being followed by 4 years of Romney....Boston Globe

I have seen the worst movie of the millenium.

I thought I would be clever this weekend. Instead of following the crowds to see the third Shrek or the third Pirates movie, I would see the positively reviewed "Bug". Simply put, I made a horrible error in judgement. "Bug" is awful. I cannot understand how the critics are drooling over and praising this pile of crap. During many of the dramatic scenes, I and other patrons were laughing hysterically. Probably not what the director was shooting for. It took everything I had not to walk out of the movie. I kept waiting for the movie to give me something. It didn't. Even Ashley Judd stripping down to nothing left me yawning...Now that's when you know a movie is tanking!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Vote or die.

Spike TV has a great "Guys Choice" awards show that airs next month. Some important questions need to be answered. Who is the biggest ass kicker, King Leonidas or Jack Bauer? Who is the hottest Jessica? Biel or Alba? To vote, go to Spike TV's website. And if you don't vote for Keeley Hazell as sexiest import, there's something wrong with you!

Dumb Daryl was so dumb....

Charles Nelson Reilly passed away yesterday. He will always be remembered by me for his numerous appearances on "The Match Game". His dry sense of humor kicked ass! Ride easy my friend.....CNN

Hope and Prayers.

Cartoon by Bob Englehart

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Lush Links.

Here are what my friends and cohorts are saying and reporting about Lindsay Lohan's DUI arrest with a little extra lesbian & cocaine thrown in!

Update: Cocaine found during Lindsay Lohan Investigation! Celebritypuke
Curbing her partying ways, Literally! dlisted
Lindsay Lohan busted for DUI-Cocaine found in car. Hollywood Grind
Exclusive Video of Lindsay Lohan's DUI. Splash
More details on the Lindsay Lohan DUI: Lesbian lovers spat and COCAINE!!. The Evil Beet

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