They should cast me as Captain America.

I volunteer to be saved by this new "Hero"!

Can he make them smaller?

Sox fans taunt Stray-Rod.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is "Timeless".

New book bashes Hillary.

The end is near.

Links not wearing an alcohol monitoring device.

Solo sister.

Keeley enjoys Dirty Dancing.

Is the boss away?

A-Rod, you got some 'splaining to do!

Everyone loves Billy.

Damnit Chloe, I'm a cartoon!

Links that can't dance.

Lindsay should learn from Lost.

The Worst Wing hits it out of the park!

The race starts when Fred says it does.

Billie's divorce is complete.

Tom Brady taking hits off the field. Here is one vote of support.

Survivors of rock continue to thrill fans around the globe.

They almost dug him up, but then they threw him back in.

Links cooler than a monkey playing guitar!


Hey Paula!

Still "Lost"?

Rudy says "I know nothing!".

Good looking women with swords. Its gotta be good!

Moustache free links.

Can President Logan save Lindsay Lohan?

Darth Cheney

Fans drive Ozzy batty and out of his home.

Satan leads in Iowa and has big expectations.

I have seen the worst movie of the millenium.

Vote or die.

Dumb Daryl was so dumb....

Hope and Prayers.

Lindsay Lohan Lush Links.