Saturday, May 26, 2007

Jewel, Krista and Bill Cowher???

ABC's "Fast Cars & Superstars" debuts on June 7. The cast includes Jewel, Krista Allen and.....Bill Cowher..... In any case, you gotta realize that there were probably weeks of meetings and a billion dollars spent to come up with the fabulous series title. I'll bet anything that the title eventually came from some executive's 8 year old son. TV Guide has a great collection of pictures from the track.... Wait a minute. John Elway? William Shatner?..... I have to admit that I'm going to watch. That 8 year old kid is a genius!!!!

Greg Grunberg takes on Kirstie Alley.

Greg Grunberg from "Heroes" has become a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Greg has dropped a ton of weight & looks great! I have to give kudos to Weight Watchers. Having a spokesperson as likable and famous a s Greg is genius. Jenny Craig relies on Kirstie Alley, who I feel is as popular and likable as poison ivy...Read Greg's interview at the Weight Watchers website.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Bush was never on the roids....

Cartoon by JD Crowe

Fiction Post number 1

Could you come up with a better fake story for this photo? If you have any ideas, let 'em fly!!!................

" HBO has lined up a few heavyweights for its new project "Stew, Stu and Stewie" It stars Steve Schrippa (The Sopranos), Jimmy Fallon (SNL) and The Edge (U2). The 1/2 hour weekly sitcom will revolve around a nightclub that the three Stews own and operate. The club "A Musical Journey" is located in Hawaii and caters to a high-end clientele that enjoys watching the celebrity boxing matches in the club. Each episode will feature an original song written and performed by The Edge. The first episode features the long awaited "Spanish Eyes 2/ The revenge of the Edge"......
Photo from HBO (The real reason the three came together was for a benefit. Good for them!)

Links that shock Lino.

Lino shaves head. Lino At Large
Kurt Cobain ad causes ruckus. Allie
Gossip Girl TV show. Celebrity Puke
Mischa & Victoria cat fight! CelebSmack
Rosie/Elizabeth fight indirectly causes firing. dlisted
Heidi Klum names her breasts. Derek Hail
Lindsay's stripper movie. IDLYITW
Prison Break action figures. Just Jared
Lots O' good stuff on 1 page! StarDirt
Hayden's other cheerleader role. The Evil Beet
A tribute to Jack's fake beard on Lost. Thighs Wide Shut
Come Sail Away with Britney. We Love Celebs
Wu tells Bush and others that China should be eating US beef. CNN
Clinton & Obama vote No on Iraq bill. MSNBC

Checking in with Keeley.

I recently renewed my subscription to Keeley Hazell's official website. The site offers exclusive pictures, Keeley's blog, a Keeley forum and access to Keeley's store. Did I mention the pictures????? In any case, Keeley is back from a photo shoot in Thailand and is meeting me for lunch tomorrow. We plan on a light lunch followed by some minature golf.....really!

Party with Dennis and his hot wife.

Dennis Kucinich wants you to throw a party for him. On June 3, Dennis would like his supporters to organize debate parties to raise money for his Presidential campaign....I give Dennis credit. The guy obviously knows how to party. Look at his wife! I can just picture all the hot babes at a Kucinich rally. It'll look just like the second picture. Right?....... :)

The formula for picking the potential Miss Universe winner is complex.

The Miss Universe Pageant will be held Monday. The pageant will be televised on NBC. I have done hours upon hours of research and have decided that there are 4 frontrunners. Miss USA, Miss Ukraine, Miss El Salvador and Miss Estonia. No need to thank me for my extensive research, I do it for the love of blogging....

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jericho fans send CBS thousands of pounds of nuts!

As previously, reported, CBS cancelled the excellent show "Jericho". A great website Jericho Lives has organized a fantastic campaign to bring to show back. The group has sent thousands of pounds of nuts to CBS. (The season finale of "Jericho" involved Skeet Ulrich using his grandfather's classic "Nuts" response in response to the enemy's threats.) Good for this band of rebels with great taste in TV! Nuts!!!

Depp not done with Pirates?

File this story under the "Maybe file". Johnny Depp has told The Sun that he's open to doing a fourth and fifth Pirates movie if the proper elements were in place..... Hmmmm. I'm undecided about how I feel about that. Let me take a peek at number 3 and decide if we need more Capn' Jack.....More Keira? Yes please......

Links that will make a cheerleader fall in love with you!

Somebody won American Idol. celebitchy
Jessica Simpson opens up to her fans. Celebrity Puke
Nichole Richie in rehab. Hey it's not jail! Celebrity Smack
Gemma Atkinson and her two friends. Celebslam
Britney looks ready to join Gunz & Roses. dlisted
Jessica Alba needs a spanking. Derek Hail
Kelly Ripa and a mechanical bull. Weeeeeeeee! IDLYITW
Colin Farrell grows a beard. Just Jared
Caprice is kinda pretty. Newstoob
Hayden video me...personally...really...Ninjadude
Spenser proposes to Heidi. Genius! The Evil Beet
Kylie and Sharon Stone boogie. Right Celebrity
Mary Jane Watson figure or too hot? The Rad Report
Order the Mary Jane figure at The Comic Stop Tell Dave, Geno sent you!!
President Bush speaks. MSNBC
McCain & Romney's War of words. Time

Damnit Jack, what did you do????

The hardest working woman on TV, Kim Raver is pregnant. The TV veteran of NBC's "Third Watch", ABC's "The Nine", Fox's "24" and the upcoming "Lipstick Jungle" on NBC has her hands full! How will the pregnancy be worked into "Lipstick"? Will Audrey ever make a return on "24"? Will she name the child Geno? These questions haunt me.....

Grandpa scares the hell out of me!

Dick Cheney's daughter had a son yesterday morning. Grandpa Dick posed with his Grandson Samuel. Dick's daughter, Mary will be raising the child with her lesbian partner, Heather. Ole' Dickey has 1007 faults, but he's made one right move.. Showing support for his daughter and Grandson shows the man has a least a tiny amount of human emotion and love.....Or am I just being naive???

Desperate Debra.

Debra Messing is starring in "The Starter Wife" on The USA Network. It revolves around a dumped Debra tyring to cope after a divorce. Debra is cute and I loved the first seasons of "Will and Grace", but I'm not so sure about this one. Maybe it's because I'm a bit bitter. I auditioned for the role of waiter number 4 and didn't get the part. Damn the line "Refill your water Miss?"!! I just couldn't get it right....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ASIA hits studio!

The original members of the supergroup ASIA have entered the studio to start work on their first studio album together in 24 years!!! The band reunited for a successful tour last year and are gearing up for more dates. With their legacy and music being used in movies such as "The 40 Year Old Virgin", "The Matador", TV shows as "South Park" and "Cold Case", the band is hotter than ever! Check out the band's official website for all things ASIA. Sing "Heat of The Moment", "Only Time Will Tell" or any of the other hits from the'll make you feel great!

Links not going to jail for driving violations or tax evasion.

Halle Berry takes Mom shopping. Celebrity Puke
American Idol poll. Celebrity Smack
Lisa Left Eye's final moments. Celebslam
Squirrel Girl vs. Dr. Doom....Ya, I said that. Chris' Invincible Super Blog
Rosie & Elizabeth make each other cry. dlisted
Jessica Alba + Ice cream= Winning marketing strategy. Tunaflix
David Duchovney has no pants. Just Jared
Classic Kate Beckinsale. NewsToob
Kristen Cavallari will get fat. Ninjadude
Karolina Kurkova is quite hot. Right Celebrity
Rosario Dawson is stunning at Cannes. Splash
Kelly Pickler has a fake rack and a convict father. The Evil Beet
The Runaways get a movie. The Rad Report
24 season summery that borders on genius! Thighs Wide Shut
Madam supports Hillary. ABC News
Jason Giambi is still taking drugs. Dude, just say no! MSNBC

Rob and Big are back!....and Meaty!

I must confess....I love the "Rob & Big" show on MTV!! The two dudes and their antics always make me laugh. Season Two premieres tonight and I couldn't be happier. Their dog Meaty learned to skateboard last season. This season, Meaty gets some company as the pair gets a mini pony to keep him company. To learn more about the boys, go to their website. There's also a great interview at TV Guide. I smell Emmy.......

Signs pointing to Thompson bringing "Law & Order" to race.

Republicans rejoice! It looks like you may have a decent candidate to choose for President. CNN is reporting that Fred Thompson is all but a lock to enter the Presidential race this summer. The former Senator and "Law & Order" star has still not made an official announcement, but all the signs are there.....(As a Democrat, Freddy being in the race makes me nervous......Go Hillary!)

Give me fifty pushups!

"Army Wives" premieres on Lifetime on June 3. The show marks the return to regular Television series for Catherine Bell (Jag) and Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue). I watched a 7 minute preview & I fell asleep. But I have to admit that it looks like a decent show and obviously I am not the target audience. To watch the premiere now, click here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shocking twists on "24"!!!

O.k.....not really. The 2 hour finale last night was o.k.. Have I seen better from the show? Yes. Was it a disaster? No. No big shockers or things that made me gasp.....Except of course that Chloe is knocked up!! Holy crap! That kid will be computer savvy by age 3. The first word out of the baby's mouth will be "whatever".....24

NBC shows signs of "Life".

NBC has put "Life" on its Fall schedule. Why should you care? Sarah Shahi stars as a quirky cop. Sarah last seen a week ago on "The Sopranos", was a favorite of mine on "The L Word". I even watched the awful "Teachers" show on NBC to gaze at Sarah. This week, TV Guide cheered her return. I myself will stand and applaud.....Photos from the fabulous

Links as perky as Kelly Ripa.

Angelina & Brad are too good looking. Allie
Politics can be fun. BartCop
Gwyneth Paltrow acting bizarre. celebitchy
Rambo 4 trailer. Celebrity Puke
Paula Abdul breaks her nose. Celebrity Smack
Superman's crazy eyes! Chris' ISB
Katie Holmes hates porn. ICYDK
Cameron Diaz goes down under. Just Jared
Lacey Chabert hotness. NewsToob
Spice Girls return? Ninjadude
Pamela Prati and chocolate. RightCelebrity
Mel Gibson is fat. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Paris reads the Bible! Splash
Jessica Simpson or Fergie?? The Evil Beet
Oprah's Dad sells out. Yeeeah!
John Edwards has a plan. MSNBC
Michael's Vick's teammates are not friends of animals. SI

Make your computer sexy.....Keeley style.

The wonderful folks at ZOO have a collection of Keeley Hazell wallpapers to download for your computer. Download Keeley and your computer will thank you.......

Mitt leads in Iowa. Geno needs smelling salts.

Am I dreaming? Say it isn't so. Huckster Mitt Romney is leading in the Iowa polls. He's still trailing Rudy & Johnny by a healthy margin overall, but Iowa is a great place for Mitt to get some momentum. I need a paper bag to breath into......CNN

Paris Hilton prison DVD suggestions.

Remember when Paris Hilton was seen purchasing her own Sex DVD a while back? It got me thinking. I feel that in preparation for her stay in prison, Paris should do a bit of research. Here is a few of Geno's World's suggestions:

Women's Prison Massacre: A sequel to the cult hit "Caged Woman", the Bruno Mattei directed killing fest.

Bare Behind Bars: "Chicks in Prison flick that will make you need a shower"....Ummm. Don't watch this one with Mom...

"After her sister is abducted for scientific reasons, brainy and beautiful Janie (Laurie Walton) must solve the mystery and attempt a rescue. The lone clue leads to a notorious, maximum-security women’s prison in the Philippines where committing a crime may be her only way in. Once on the inside, Janie comes face to face with the jail block’s colorful population of bizarre convicts including luscious lifer “Jackpot” (Rhonda Shear), a ruthless warden (Mary Woronov), vicious prison guards, and horrifying genetic experiments at the hands of a mad doctor. As Janie struggles to save her sister and other female guinea pigs from almost certain death or worse, she must also deal with the daily rigors, violent encounters, and super-sexy exploits that can only come with life in a 100% all women’s prison! ".......Is this rated pg or pg13???????
Werewolf in A Woman's Prison: Paris probably won't have to worry about this, but you can never be too careful....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Geno reads. Call the press!

I know, I know. You're shocked at seeing a book cover on Geno's World. I admittedly watch a lot of Television, but I love reading. I have to recommend "The Traveller". A fantastic book given to me by the mysterious Sister Mary JJ. Equally as interesting and fun is the book's website. Check it out!

Links completely free of human growth hormone.

Victoria Beckham gets an A. Celebrity Puke
Elisha Cuthbert is lovely at Chanel show. Celebrity Smack
Creed douche gets arrested. dlisted
I vote for Michelle Marsh. Hollywood Tuna
Jennifer Garner plays on a slide with Violet. Just Jared
Eva Longoria plays Volleyball. I approve! NewsToob
CBS responds to Jericho fans. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Jessica Biel is shy. Splash
Pirates Premiere Pics. The Evil Beet
Jimmy Carter backs down. MSNBC
The Bill Clinton Factor. Newsweek
Ultimates 2 comes to a conclusion....finally. Marvel

TV finale showdown

"Heroes" and "24" air their season finales tonight. I can't wait! The questions linger....Will Hiro kill Silar? Will Ando die? Will Ali Larter call me back? Will Jack have to kill his father? Will he be able to save Audrey's mind? Why am I still watching "24" and taping "Heroes"??????

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