Something for everyone.

There is a solution to every problem.

Governor Bill is too honest. Tania offers oral sex for votes. Who is making the bigger mistake?

Marketing by idiots.

Charlie's greatest hits.

Onions, sausage and extra links please.

Plenty of room for more hits.

Don't step on that bug, it may be Ashley.

Let me clarify....What?...I meant to say....I was wrong....Next question....

I would never cross Jordan.

Did you ever wonder what makes someone dress up like a bee?

ASIA updates.

Lohan free links.

Front row tickets are being reserved.

You can't see that smile on a voice over.

Maybe it's a coincidence? Naaaaaaa.

Ashley will thrive.

Gore prepares to release new book.

Kiss me.

Links personally kissed by Jessica Biel.

3-5. 7-9.

Now I'll have to act out season 2 with my homemade Jericho action figures.

Rich, white dudes duke it out part 2.

Melanie, Becky and.....Geno.

Padded room for Michael Moore? Fred Thompson thinks so.

The best former President on Television speaks.

Grandma says links are good for you.

The world is screwed.

Woody should stick to his own time.