Saturday, May 19, 2007

Something for everyone.

A new, exclusive trailer for the Transformers movie has been posted on Yahoo. The kid in me is excited and can't wait for the movie....The adult in me can't wait to see Megan Fox on the big screen....

There is a solution to every problem.

What to do...What to do....."Ghost Whisperer" is now airing reruns after the season finale last week. How will I get my weekly guilty pleasure fix of Jennifer Love Hewitt? Ah yes, I just remembered that although I adore Ms. Love, I can't stand her show. Problem solved.
Photo from IESB

Governor Bill is too honest. Tania offers oral sex for votes. Who is making the bigger mistake?

I saw Governor Bill Richardson on Jay Leno recently. As Leno stated, there's no candidate out there with as many qualifications for the job. Unfortunately for Bill, he just doest have "IT". When Leno asked him about meeting Saddam years ago, Richardson was honest and said he was scared....Wrong answer. You just can't run for President and admit you got scared meeting Saddam....Maybe Bill and others should take a page from Tania Derveaux who is running for office in Belgium. As you can see from her website, she has a very interesting platform....

Friday, May 18, 2007

Marketing by idiots.

Have you seen the new Volvo ads? They show a woman alone in a parking lot who is approaching her Volvo. The Volvo heartbeat sensor in her keyring tells her that someone is in her car....Are they for real? I think this may be quite ummmmm....dumb. They are also saying that this feature could remind you if you left your child in the car. Maybe its me, but this stuff has me rolling my eyes... Autoworld

Charlie's greatest hits.

Charlie didn't die on "Lost" this week. It's been threatened for weeks by Desmond, but Charlie has held out admirably. This week's episode actually had me tearing up. The scenes with Claire, Hurley and the flashbacks were very touching. But then....Charlie lives...again. The fans of Charlie breathed a sigh of relief...Then again the episode ended with 2 women aiming rifles at him....

Onions, sausage and extra links please.

Ad that makes you look twice. Agentbedhead
Ashey Simpson plastic surgery success. Allie
Parkey Posey & Lauren Ambrose. celebitchy
Andy Milonakis gets dates?? Celebrity Puke
Evangeline Lilly street walks. Celebrity Smack
Imogen Thomas. Hubba hubba! Celebslam
Gabriel Byrne hates Oprah. dlisted
Jennifer Garner. Nuff said. ICYDK
Jessica Biel and her lucky dogs. Just Jared
Jessica Biel and Justin's dancer. Splash
CW's new shows. TV Addict
Sex, drugs and cycling? CNN
Dobson wants Rudy out of his family. CNN
DC Comics free Countdown preview DC

Plenty of room for more hits.

Great news for Crowded House fans. The band is starting to pre-sell tickets next week for shows for its upcoming tour. The band also has posted its new single "Don't Stop Now" at it's official website. The single features guitar work from Smiths' guitarist Johnny Marr. The tune is fantastic......

Don't step on that bug, it may be Ashley.

Ashley's Judd's new movie "Bug" opens a week from today. The reviews seem to be overwhelmingly positive."One of the most disturbing horror films imaginable" screams the Boston Herald. Can this be true? Will Ashley finally have a movie that receives positive press and box office success? I'll do my part and see it. I'm a sucker for horror films and Ashley Judd. Don't judge me!.....

Let me clarify....What?...I meant to say....I was wrong....Next question....

Time has a great article titled "Mitt Romney's Top Ten Gaffes". I'm sure that they had a tough time trying to fit in 10. The list they had to choose from was longer than Santa Claus' list on Christmas Eve.....

I would never cross Jordan.

Sigh. Now that "Crossing Jordan" has been axed by NBC, it will be difficult to get my weekly fix of Jill Hennessy. Maybe NBC will have her come back to "Law & Order". There's nothing sexier than a lady like Jill in a business suit cross examining perps on the witness stand...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Did you ever wonder what makes someone dress up like a bee?

No Jerry. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did Jerry Seinfeld allow himself to be dressed up like a bee and flown around in the air at Cannes? It's all for an animated movie called "Bee Movie". Is it worth the humiliation and the risk? No....Come back to TV Jerry. I beg you to come back......

ASIA updates.

The gents from ASIA are gearing up for the next leg of their tour. Meanwhile, the members have some interesting tidbits on their individual websites.

John Wetton has some great Wetton/ICON/ASIA articles from Japan and Russia.
Geoff Downes has an interesting video from South America.
Steve Howe will be playing a few dates with the Steve Howe Trio.
Carl Palmer has new drum clinic dates.
And the unofficial 5th member of the band Sole Survivor continues with updates on his great website!

Lohan free links.

Nick and Vanessa are heroes. celebitchy
Norah Jones and Jude Law. Celeb Warship
Denise Van Outen. Wowza! Celebslam
Minnie Driver looks ghoulish. Dlisted
Olsen twins will ruin 007. Holy Candy
Gwen Stefani looks could kill. I'm Not Obsessed
Maxim 100 party. Where's Geno?? ICTDK
Eva Mendes vs. Hayden. Just Jared
Jodie Marsh's new venture. Ninjadude
Jessica Biel in Vanity Fair Pop On The Pop
Screech is nasty. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Debra Messing and her breasts. Splash
Jenna Fischer break 4 bones! :( The Evil Beet
Britney speaks to her fans. Yeeeah!
Bill Bradley is a God. Bill Bradley
Bill Clinton gets nervous for Hillary. CNN

Front row tickets are being reserved.

Keira Knightly and Sienna Miller are currently filming "The Best Times Of Our Lives" in London. The film is a biography of the poet Dylan Thomas. Thomas is played by actor Thomas Rhys....Iwill be seeing the movie because of my long time admiration for Thomas' work......and the fact that Sienna and Keira are filming a hot threesome for the film doesn't hurt damn!

You can't see that smile on a voice over.

Entertainment Weekly reports that although "Veronica Mars" is likely cancelled, star Kristen Bell has another gig lined up. "Gossip Girl" will feature Kirsten's voice over skills on the CW. Will this appease fans of "Veronica Mars"? I doubt it. Fans of the cult hit are ravenous about their weekly fix. The e-mail and write in campaigns are sure to continue....

Maybe it's a coincidence? Naaaaaaa.

What do you do when your coffee business is in trouble? Have your attractive employees wear bikinis. Sales have doubled and obviously everyone is talking about Coffee Nation and their marketing strategy. I just fear for these poor women handling hot coffee with all that skin exposed.......

Ashley will thrive.

Although "Jericho" was cancelled this week, I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of cutie Ashley Scott. Ashley is likable, cute and can pull off quite a number of different looks....

Gore prepares to release new book.

Al Gore will be releasing a new book titled "The Assault on Reason" next week. This means we will be seeing Albert on quite a bit of talk shows, news programs and Sesame Street. This will also reignite the fire under those who are hoping Gore will make a late bid for the Presidency. Smoking Politics thinks that the conservatives are frightened of Al and will start bashing Albert as soon as the book is released. Geno agrees....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kiss me.

"Lipstick Jungle" has been officially picked up by NBC. This means that Kim Raver is officially the hardest working woman in show business. She will have starred in three different shows on three different networks within a year! ("24" on Fox and "The Nine"on ABC being the other 2.) Of course "Lipstick Jungle" marks Brooke Shields return to network TV. Good for her! Who is lady number 3? Why that's Lindsay Price who has been in 1017 projects, but will always be known to me as Janet from 90210. Excuse me while I play air guitar to the theme song.......

Links personally kissed by Jessica Biel.

Biel kissing Justin. Allie Is Wired
Britney ignores Mom is hospital. celebitchy
Avril takes her shirt off. Celeb Warship
Eva and Hayden share dresses. Celebslam
Biel & Scarlett innocence dlisted
Cameron Diaz flashes Eleen. ICYDK
Orlando Bloom on Jay Leno. Just Jared
Fergie doesn't cry. NinjaDude
Nicole/Katie catfight? Seriously? OMG! WTF!
ABC stars are great looking. Splash
Jessica Biel to play a stripper. The Evil Beet
Jessica Alba drools & makes me drool. Yeeeaah!

3-5. 7-9.

I was impressed with Sunday's "Sopranos" episode. Christopher's "ending" was even more dramatic than if he were shot in the head. The whole "Wake competition" and the sly remarks at the wake were priceless....But why did I really love this episode? The surprise appearance of Geno's World fave Sarah Shahi!!! Weeeeeeee!!! It wasn't as exciting watching Sarah make out with James Gandolfini as it was watching her make out with the lovely ladies on "The L Word", but it was great to see her.....

Now I'll have to act out season 2 with my homemade Jericho action figures.

CBS cancelled "Jericho" aka "Lost Lite" yesterday. I'm disappointed. It wasn't as well done as "Lost" or "Heroes", but the show was steady and entertaining. Gerald McRaney's character died in the season finale. I suppose that was a sign from the TV Gods. Fans of the show are berating CBS website. I wonder how long the Jericho page will be up????

Rich, white dudes duke it out part 2.

The Republican presidential candidates had their second debate last night. Johnny McCain went after shifty Mitt Romney "I have not changed my position on even-numbered years or changed because of the different offices that I may be running for." ...YAAAA! Good for you John!...Rudy Giuliani made the highlight reel when he bashed Ron Paul's explanation for the origins of 9/11...."That's really an extraordinary statement, as someone who lived through the attack of Sept. 11, that we invited the attack because we were attacking Iraq. I don't think I have ever heard that before and I have heard some pretty absurd explanations for Sept. 11. I would ask the congressman withdraw that comment and tell us that he didn't really mean that."...You can watch the entire debate at Fox News

Melanie, Becky and.....Geno.

Melanie and Becky seem like a nice place to start today. The three of us went out for ice cream recently. It was hard since we were getting mobbed by crowds. Everyone kept asking "Are you THE Geno??"...And if you believe that......In any case, here's Becky & Mel's My Space page.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Padded room for Michael Moore? Fred Thompson thinks so.

I like Michael Moore more than most people. His documentaries are interesting and I share a lot of his views. That being said, I absolutely LOVE Fred Thompson's video response to Moore that Moore has posted on his site
Freddy is one cool character. His 30 second response with a huge Cuban cigar in his mouth is priceless. Big thumbs up to Freddy for warning Moore about possibly being institutionalized in Cuba....Bwahahahaha!...Thanks to the always cool Mr.G. for the tip.

The best former President on Television speaks.

I've tried watching "The Unit" on CBS, but I've never made it a habit. I was a big fan of Dennis Haysbert on "24" and decided to give "The Unit" a shot. In any case, Dennis talked to Digital Spy
about his refusal to film his dramatic death scene on "24". He also talks about that other show, but I fell asleep while reading that part....

Grandma says links are good for you.

Ashley Judd is Allie Is Wired
Bachelor scandal?! celebitchy
Hot Hayden. Egotastic
Jennifer Garner talk show? ICYDK
Matthew Fox is smart. Just Jared
Teri Hatcher's underwear. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Anna Kornikova is smokin'. Splash
Denise Richards looks shocked! The Evil Beet
Pamela Anderson is a homeless ho. Yeeeah!

The world is screwed.

First off, let me just say that I've always been a big fan of Tiffani Thiessen. (Where did the Amber in the middle of her name go? I dunno.) In any case, Tiff has a new movie premiering on the Hallmark Channel called Pandemic Tiffani plays.....a doctor who is trying to save the world from a mysterious new virus. Tiffani as a doctor? I've have dreams like that involving Tiffani wearing just a lab coat....But I digress...We'd all be screwed if she were our only hope to save the world from disaster. Let's just watch the movie, stare at Tiffani and enjoy.....

Woody should stick to his own time.

Kylie Minogue has confirmed that she will be appearing in an upcoming Dr. Who Christmas special. Now rumors abound that Woody Allen is being courted for an appearance. Woody? Ugh. No thanks. Unless of course he were to bring his fantasy girl Scarlett Johansson. I've been a big fan of the Doctor for quite some time. I had a crush on Sarah Jane Smith when I was a tyke. It was great when she recently came back to the show looking as cute as ever! As cute as Billie Piper? Maybe not.....The Sun

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