Saturday, May 12, 2007

Take me seriously. No? How 'bout now?

Yeeeah has posted the former "Apprentice" candidate Kristine Lefebvre's Playboy pics. She does look good.....

NBC will get you through summer "Heroes" withdrawl.

There are only 2 episodes of "Heroes" left this season on NBC. What can fans due this summer to get their "Heroes" fix? Camp outside of Ali Larter's home? Dress up as Hiro, grab a sword and attend comic book conventions? Stare at a blank TV screen and pretend "Heroes"is on?...You could, but NBC is offering a different alternative. Starting May 21, NBC will start an original web series "Inside Heroes'. God bless NBC....World Screen

Billie yearns for chickens.

"Dr. Who" hottie Billie Piper is said to be looking to live a "country life" with her new man Laurence Fox. It's said that she fancies keeping chickens and wants to lead a more wholesome life aways from the pubs of London....Ya, this is going to work.....

Friday, May 11, 2007

It's your fault...No it's Bush's fault...No, it's Big Oil's fault!...Ummmm Paris Hilton's fault?

Democrats rallied together and blamed big oil companies for the recent gas prices....It seems to me that everyone is pointing the finger at each other and not doing much about the problem. Democrats, Republicans...even the aliens like Dennis Kucinich. Blame Blame Blame. Do something and stop crying!
Washington Post

The missing links.

Paris gets Palmed: Evilbeet

Look at Hayden only if you are under 18 :Egotastic

Vanessa Minnillo has nice lips: Splash

The plane! The plane!: celebitchy

No bloody way! Seriously?OMGWTF!

Lindsay idolizes AXL: Agent Bedhead

Jaime laughs at Jenny Craig.

"My name is Earl" star Jaime Presley gave birth to a boy, Dezi James today. Good for her!...Even more impressive is that immediately after giving birth, Jamie left the hospital and took a few nude glamor pics. Her figure and her stamina is astounding!!!....What? She didn't do the photo shoot and leave the hospital? That's an old picture? Ummmm....Congratulations anyway!!!

The real reason to rip Romney.

Time has an article on Mitt Romney and his Mormon faith....
Let's not get off the real issue here. Mitt being a Mormon has nothing to do with why I and others bash him. I'd vote for a Mormon candidate in a second if he/she were a candidate that I could get behind. Mitt's constant view changes, lies and deceptions are the real reason every voter should run away from Mitt.....

Eva is in it? O.k. That's good enough!

Luke & Owen Wilson's "The Wendell Baker Story" is finally getting off the ground. All I have to tell you is that Eva Mendes co-stars in it....Our friends at the Evil Beet have the full lowdown of the premiere.

I can't wait for the uncomfortable misery to continue!

I've seen the HBO promos promising a new season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Hooray!!!!! There's no news on the HBO page about exactly when it's returning. I guess I'll just have to break out my tarot cards and crystal ball and try to figure it out...

Does the hat come with it?

Gemma Atkinson is promoting La Senza's new lingerie and swimwear line. I do believe that the company made a fine choice. Bravo!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Buffy lives on...

I guess I'm in a "Buffy" mood. I first hear that Buffy alum Julie Benz (and Dexter!) is getting into Rambo...then I reminisce about Charisma....Now I'll dream about Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan.. By the way, if you miss your Buffy gang, creator Joss Whedon is writing Buffy "season 8" stories in Dark Horse comics: darkhorse

I like Hillary. And Bill...And come to think of it Chelsea....

There's a lot of interesting candidates for President out there. But as I said, before. I like Hillary. I'm sticking to my guns and giving her the Geno's World slap on the back....Bill back in the White house?...Ahhhhh. Good times!

Awwww now you made him mad!

Last night's "Lost" episode didn't disappoint. Some people might not like the eerie weird scifi stuff that's happening. I can deal with it. And yes, there always seems to be more questions raised than those answered. But that's what keeps us coming back!.....Ben should never have shot Locke in the gut. That's just gonna piss him off. If you think that's the last we're gonna see of Locke, you're mistaken. Locke has been thrown from an 8 story window, survived a plane crash...(uhh...unless they're all dead...) He's just going to throw a band aid on the gunshot wound and go searching for Ben....Beware!

Free Dream.

Dream Theater is offering a free download of their new track "Constant Motion" at their official website:
Download it & play it loud. Your boss will love it!!!

Convenient amnesia.

Mrs. Mitt Romney donated $150 to Planned Parenthood in 1994......Mitt and his wife recently gave $15,000 to Mass Citizens for Life......As Governor of Massachusetts Romney was Pro-Choice..... Running for President, Romney is now Pro-life.... Confused? Don't be. Mitt will be for anything that he thinks will get him ahead. As soon as Mitt loses the race for President., he'll be pro-choice again. To my Republican readers out there: Don't be fooled by this shape shifting, lying slug!

Classic Charisma.

After watching "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" repeats, I got nostalgic for Charisma Carpenter........

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Who do I root for? My head hurts!

A feud between Mitt Romney and Al Sharpton is brewing. Al said that all those who believe in God should defeat Mitt. Mitt responded by saying Al's comments were bigoted....Celebrity Boxing 3? No? How about calling Vince at WWE and having another winner shaves the head of lose wresting match like last month's McMahon/Trump match?...Mitt's hair vs. Al's hair? Pay per view would be through the roof!!!!

Porn roundup...Ya I know, Imus is pictured. No. No Imus sex tape......

From TMZ:

Porn producer Kick Ass Pictures is getting into the charity game. The adult entertainment company, which bills itself as "the only porn company in the world to guarantee all natural breasts in all of its movies" says they are releasing a new adult DVD tiled "Nappy Headed Ho's." They say $1 from the sale of each DVD will be donated to a retirement fund for fired Don Imus.

..........Um...I'll let that story kinda just speak for itself.....
In other Porn news, "Toastee" from VH1's"Flava of Love2" and "Charm School" has a porn DVD being released titled "Toastee Exposed".. She was booted by Flava Flav because her porn past was exposed....Now it's going to be out there for all to see. Ma must be so proud....
After this post, I feel dirty. I am going to go wash.....

Even Chloe doesn't know what to do.

An interesting item in TV week about "24":
The producer attributed the shows seeming decline to several obstacles, including a lack of "mapping out stories" and story arcs and killing off a significant number of characters.

"In the early seasons of '24,' they did try to map out stories and arc out stories a little bit more than they did in seasons four and five," Mr. Fury said. "And four and five turned out to be the two most successful seasons of the show. It just so happens that maybe this year it's caught up with us."..............................
Uh, wha'? Lack of mapping out stories? You're not sure where the season is going to go? Oh Lord. They REALLY ARE making it up as they go along.....

Geno's dazzling math skills make him the obvious choice for President.

Barak Obama told a group of fundraisers that 10,000 people died this week in Kansas due to tornados....The actual total was 12.

“In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died — an entire town destroyed,”
12 or 10,000? What's the difference?....9,988 to be exact....Damn, I should run for President!

A true fan.

"Sole Survivor" has the premiere ASIA fan site on the net. For a trip back to the past, present happenings and a look to ASIA's future projects visit Tell Sole, Geno sent you!

Two words change everything on Lost tonight.

Entertainment Weekly reveals that
''Locke will hear two words tonight,'' says Lindelof. ''Those words, and the fact that he hears them, will change his course on the island forever.'' .....I've enjoyed "Lost" immensely lately. The show continues to keep me on the edge of my seat, shouting at the TV and waking the neighbors. Are the island survivors dead? Is Jacob "Ben" the devil? What secret does Jack and Juliette have to reveal to everyone? Why wouldn't Barbara dance with me in 7th grade.......

Rudy has not donated to Geno's World.

Reports are coming out that Rudy Giuliani has donated to Planned Parenthood in the past. As Rudy points out, this isn't a shocker since he's been up front about his views on abortion...What will be interesting will be how traditional Republican voters who are Pro-Life will respond to Rudy's liberal views on abortion....

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yo Adrianne? Yo Julie!!!

Julie Benz has landed a role in the upcoming Rambo sequel. Julie is currently seen on "Dexter". Still haven't watched "Dexter"? Check out for all your "Dexter" needs...

Sanjaya loves New York???????

I'm a big fan of "I Love New York" on VH1. And as I posted before, I'm thrilled that the show is returning!!...But um....Why is former "American Idol" contestant Sanjaya leading the vote? Seriously. He's the top vote getter at the official site to win New York's Oh you online pranksters!!!!!!...UPDATE: The site is down for "maintenance"...hmmm......

Why am I posting these pictures of Sarah Shahi? Because...I care. Sniff...

Whack letdown.

There was a bit of a "whack letdown" on "The Sopranos" Sunday night. The battle between Christopher and Paulie seemed like it would end up with one of them 6 feet under. Or surely AJ was going to off himself....Who ended up gettin' whacked? Tim Daly's character....Great episode overall. Paulie ripping up Christopher's lawn was priceless!

Hillary pulls ahead. Freddy T. makes Republicans swoon.

Hillary Clinton is pulling ahead of her rivals in the latest CNN poll. It's very early, but I'm sure her camp is happy that she has withstood the first wave of "Obama mania"
On the other side of the fence, Fred Thompson is gaining tremendous support....even though he's not running. Freddy is the darling of many conservatives who see him as the true choice to take Hillary out & get their message across...

Chivalry is not dead....but it can kill you.

Poor Milo. Last night on "24", he heroically pretended to be the head of CTU to protect his crush Nadia. How did it work out? Not too well. The mercenary immediately shot him in the head. Ow. That stings. The good news is that it will get rid of the ridiculous love triangle between those two and little Ricky Schroeder. The heart to heart talk last night between Milo and Nadia was like 2 kids in 6th grade. Blah!...Where the heck is Kim?.....

Monday, May 07, 2007

Dennis is big with the ladies and those suffering from dimentia.

I love reading stories about Dennis Kucinich. Not only does Denny come up with some wacky ideas, but he attracts followers who make him look handsome and....intelligent. At a recent Kucinich outing, a poor disillusioned soul was able to utter a truly laughable statement
"I am meeting the next president of the United States in my own backyard," he said. Ummmm. o.k.....
Now, don't get me wrong. I'm a Democrat and I agree with quite a bit of what Denny stands for. But I'm always shocked when he appears without an aluminum foil hat or a cape. God bless Denny and his fanatics...I mean supporters. Keep fighting the good fight! And Denny, try not to get involved with any of those women I call, "Denny Dolls" who are following you around with stars in their sweet eyes....

Geno did not make the list. Conspiracy!

People en Espanol has released their 50 most beautiful list. I saw some unfamiliar, but welcome faces such as Jackie Guerrido. Spicy!!!!

Gilligan never had an escape date.

ABC has announced that "Lost" will wrap up in 2010. Great news for all "Lost" and Evangeline Lilly fans. 3 more years of great TV!...Now if she would just stop complaining about her fame. It's getting old reading about her sighing about how tough it is being recognized in public. Boo-hoo.....

How about getting a hobby?

A 19 year old kid is being held on 1 million dollar bail after threatening Hillary Clinton....Dude, how's that jail cell feel? You moron. If you're a bored, troubled college kid, join a science club, Pamela Anderson appreciation society or chess club. Don't threaten our next President!...
Support Hillary!:

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