Take me seriously. No? How 'bout now?

NBC will get you through summer "Heroes" withdrawl.

Billie yearns for chickens.

It's your fault...No it's Bush's fault...No, it's Big Oil's fault!...Ummmm Paris Hilton's fault?

The missing links.

Jaime laughs at Jenny Craig.

The real reason to rip Romney.

Eva is in it? O.k. That's good enough!

I can't wait for the uncomfortable misery to continue!

Does the hat come with it?

Buffy lives on...

I like Hillary. And Bill...And come to think of it Chelsea....

Awwww now you made him mad!

Free Dream.

Convenient amnesia.

Classic Charisma.

Who do I root for? My head hurts!

Porn roundup...Ya I know, Imus is pictured. No. No Imus sex tape......

Even Chloe doesn't know what to do.

Geno's dazzling math skills make him the obvious choice for President.

A true fan.

Two words change everything on Lost tonight.

Rudy has not donated to Geno's World.

Yo Adrianne? Yo Julie!!!

Sanjaya loves New York???????

Why am I posting these pictures of Sarah Shahi? Because...I care. Sniff...

Whack letdown.

Hillary pulls ahead. Freddy T. makes Republicans swoon.

Chivalry is not dead....but it can kill you.

Dennis is big with the ladies and those suffering from dimentia.

Geno did not make the list. Conspiracy!

Gilligan never had an escape date.

How about getting a hobby?