Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ali is #100?

FHM has unveiled it's 100 sexiest women in the world list. Jessica Alba is #1 and Ali Larter is #100. Ali being #100 is a crime. I call foul! Keeley Hazell at #60 is also preposterous! Review the list and make up your own mind at

Friday, April 27, 2007

Spidey kicks the crap out of a camera.

Splash News has a great video of Tobey Maguire slapping a camera out of the hand of a fan trying to take a photo...Remember kids, if you don't want to photographed by fans and make millions of dollars, don't become a successful actor.

Excuse me Governor...I believe your hand slipped.

The Democrats had their first debate last night. Oh boy, the fireworks!!!!!....Um, o.k., it was kind of a love fest. There were some funny moments. Former Senator Mike Gavel was quite animated. The old dude shouted at everyone & I was afraid he was going to keel over. He did make Dennis look somewhat normal. I'm sure Denny had his Spidey Underoos on, but that's only speculation. I am also speculating that Governor Bill Richardson copped a feel of Hillary's backside in the attached photo.....

All is well with Jami....

Jami Miller called me and asked why I was mad at her. I was confused because I hold her in very high regard. Apparently the lack of posts featuring her on Geno's World lately got her slightly concerned. So, here you go Jami! Jami's official website is

I will write bad things about you. So na na na na!

The new book by former CIA director George Tenet, "At The Center of the Storm" has been obtained by the New York Times. The book apparently lashes out at VP Dick Cheney. Oh no! Now the country may have a bad opinion of Dick because of the book...Heeeeeheeeee! I make joke. Me funny!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dexter will return in time for Halloween!

Showtime has given a firmer date to the premiere of Dexter Season Two. The killing will begin again in October! Season 1 was easily some of the best television to ever grace the airwaves. Michael C. Hall as the sociopathic serial killer working for the Police Department is brilliant...After watching season one, I thought that I became an expert on serial killers and their methods. I offered my services to several police departments in my area. For some reason, they turned me down...Maybe it was the Superman Cape and mask I was wearing....In any case go to for all the Dexter info and extras you'll ever need!

Sheryl, The Cardinal and the kids. Oh my!

This Saturday, Sheryl Crow will be performing at a benefit for Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center. Nice....But, not everyone thinks so...Archbishop Raymond L Burke has issued a statement saying that he is against Crow performing because of her pro-choice views. The Cardinal has a right to his opinion and his Catholic beliefs should be respected. But let's not forget the fact that Sheryl is donating her time to a worthy cause. Helping sick children is an issue that everyone can get behind. To view the Cardinal's statement go to:
To make a donation to the hospital, go to:

Plastic surgery for Love? Please.

Speculation that Jennifer Love Hewitt has had Breast implants is just nonsense. She's always been hefty up top & she's gained a bit of weight since she's gotten older. Hence, the larger bust. And, I happen to know that they are 100% real because of personal experience....Would I lie???


The Democratic candidates for President have their first debate tonight. How tough will Hillary be? Will Obama shine? How will Johnny Edwards hair look? Will Dennis wear an aluminium foil hat? All these questions will be answered tonight on MSNBC.

Y the hold up?

The "Y The Last Man" film may be getting closer to reality. "Disturbia" star Shia LaBeouf is said to being considered for the main role. The "Y" comic is a fantastic tale written by current "Lost" writer/producer Brian K. Vaughan.
If you've never read the comic, you can read the first issue for free at

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

You honor me by reading....

VH1's 2007 Rock honors is coming up fast: May 24th at 9pm. As reported before, Genesis, Ozzy, Heart and ZZ Top will be the honorees. Now the performers have been announced. Keane will pay tribute to Genesis. (Thumbs up!). Nickelback will pay tribute to ZZ Top.....Wha?????? Did someone at VH1 fall & hit their head????? Queens of The Stone Age will pay tribute to Ozzy.(Nice.) Gretchen Wilson and Alice in Chains will pay tribute to Heart...Gretchen, ick. Alice in Chains...right on....
For more info check out
Genesis is embarking on their reunion tour. Check the boys out before Tony Banks' hands get arthritis.....

Dennis knows where Iraq is.

Nothing new to report on the Dennis Kucinich front, except for the cool little picture & video on his website. He's standing in front of a world map displaying IRAQ/IRAN....I dunno. I like the crazy little dude, but it just makes me laugh every time I look at him. bwahahahahahaha!

Watch with sunglasses on.

Zoo Weekly has a nice video of a photo shoot that Kelley Hazell did on a beach. Need I say more?

Battle continues at home and overseas

Time has an article that states that the surge may be backfiring. The article states that this is due to having troops leave safe areas to occupy dangerous areas that are very vulnerable to attack.,8599,1614091,00.html?cnn=yes
Meanwhile on the home front, Cheney and Reid are calling each other names, trading mama jokes and saying things like "You started it!" and "Make a move, tough guy!"

Captain America is alive!....Um...Maybe not...

A doctor dressed as Captain America was arrested for trying to have women touch the burrito in his pants. He then got in more trouble when he tried to flush a joint down the toilet at the police station....The death of Captain America has obviously affected fans deeper than we first thought! Keep faith mighty believers! Cap will return....

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

She's got legs. And she knows how to wax them.

Have you seen Alyssa Milano's new commercial for Veet? You should. It will change your life....okay maybe not, but it's fun to watch.
(Click on the tv ads on veet site)

Spend $10 and make Ashley happy

Ashley Judd has written a special piece for CNN regarding how we can help save children from Malaria. Ashley is more than just her pretty face, hot, long legs, ample bosom, smokey eyes.....I'm sorry. What was I saying?

Charlie Sheen, Rosie and....John Kerry????

I'm not sure exactly what to make of all this. But, here's a link to a video and article about John Kerry saying that World Trade Center Building 7 was deliberately demolished. He's not saying it was a conspiracy, but that it was done for safety. The problem is that this goes against everything that the 9/11 commission had written. Decide for yourself:

Geno has not received offers to pose for Playgirl

Lots & lots of Apprentice related news floating around...First, Stephanie became the Apprentice Sunday night. Good choice? Sure. She's smart, tough & very capable.
Second, Kristine has announced that she will be posing for Playboy in the June issue: Good choice for her? I don't think it matters. Most people did not have a high opinion of her anyway. Third, runner up James tries to figure out the "comments" that Trump referred to on live TV that got James fired Sunday. James official website is

Johnny makes sense

Holy crap. I read excerpts of a recent John McCain speech & I agree 100% with Johnny. I'm supporting Hillary , but Johnny makes some great points.

"Al-Qaida must revel in the irony that America is effectively helping to fund both sides of the war they caused. As we sacrifice blood and treasure, some of our gas dollars flow to the fanatics who build the bombs, hatch the plots, and carry out attacks on our soldiers and citizens," McCain says. "The transfer of American wealth to the Middle East helps sustain the conditions on which terrorists prey."

Monday, April 23, 2007

I learn quite a bit from reading.

I ran across Gemma Atkinson's official website. In addition to the pictures, you can read a note from Gemma. She likes chips...she bought a running machine....she likes girls night out....Did I mention the pictures?

Hours of entertainment

I never realized Alec Baldwin had an official website. It's currently a hot spot. Check his guestbook out. The pro and negative comments are priceless! One person defends him & the next challenges him to a steel cage match. Awesome stuff! There's also an apology in there somewhere from the man himself..

2am wakeup call

Josie Maran woke me up at 2am this weekend. She was in France and forgot about the time difference. I'm afraid I was a bit rude to her. Give me a break, it was 2am! I need my beauty sleep, it's not easy being this great looking....

Odds of a Crow knockout within 3 rounds:1-1

Karl Rove got into a verbal exchange with Sheryl Crow and Laurie David(Wife of Larry David) about global warming. Rove was called rude. Rove said he was insulted. Rove should be lucky it didn't come to blows. My money would be on Crow. She'd kick his ass & make him cry....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Renting a room with Kate should be exciting, not scary

I went to the theater to see "Vacancy". It's a decent "jump in your seat" movie. There's nothing in the movie that you haven't seen before. And yet, this feature film features Kate Beckinsale. Ah yes. There's nothing like watching Kate on the big screen. Even when she's getting chased by lunatics with knives, she's beautiful....

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