Ali is #100?

Spidey kicks the crap out of a camera.

Excuse me Governor...I believe your hand slipped.

All is well with Jami....

I will write bad things about you. So na na na na!

Dexter will return in time for Halloween!

Sheryl, The Cardinal and the kids. Oh my!

Plastic surgery for Love? Please.


Y the hold up?

You honor me by reading....

Dennis knows where Iraq is.

Watch with sunglasses on.

Battle continues at home and overseas

Captain America is alive!....Um...Maybe not...

She's got legs. And she knows how to wax them.

Spend $10 and make Ashley happy

Charlie Sheen, Rosie and....John Kerry????

Geno has not received offers to pose for Playgirl

Johnny makes sense

I learn quite a bit from reading.

Hours of entertainment

2am wakeup call

Odds of a Crow knockout within 3 rounds:1-1

Renting a room with Kate should be exciting, not scary