Friday, March 23, 2007

Drazen becomes big fan of The View

My friend Drazen started to talk to me about the latest happenings on "The View". I couldn't understand why he started to watch the program. Then I saw that Joely Fisher appeared as guest host. She's back today....I hope Drazen is recording the episode....


Talk about father issues! This week's excellent "Lost" episode focused on John Locke & his twisted con man father. When your father pushes you out a sixth floor window, he may not love you.....How Ben was able to produce John's captive father to him on the island is a interesting question. Magic box? Please!!! But in any case, watching this episode was great fun.....

No backbone

Barbara Stoyanoff and I went to Burger King last night. I'm ashamed to admit that I got a kid's meal because she was too embarrassed to order it for herself. Why do I give in to beautiful women? I am so weak....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Carmen Electra strips and....comes out????

There are some serious rumors swirling that Carmen Electra will be announcing that she is in a lesbian relationship with Joan Jett....
If that's not enough to make you excited, Carmen has an "Official aerobic striptease workout DVD".
Well, she knows how to stay in the public eye that's for sure....God Bless Carmen.


I know I'm a bit late on this one, but I'm busy! Anyway, I caught a rebroadcast of REM being inducted into the Rock N Roll HOF. I was very impressed with the sincerity, humbleness and grace that the guys showed. Very classy. Well done!

Bud passes

A moment of silence for Calvin DeForest who passed away. "Larry Bud Melman" from the Letterman show will be missed.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm drafting Lino as my 3rd string batboy

My main man Lino is pictured here with Mike Piazza. Lino talks about his fantasy baseball team, his upcoming baseball documentary, Lent, Pizza and more on his website. Check Lino out on The Catholic Station 159 4-7 pm eastern time on Sirius radio. Call him up & tell him Geno sent you. And tell him I'm still waiting to be on that show. I've been waiting by my phone every weekday for months now. I weep every night at 7:01pm......

Gore returns to Congress and makes Clinton and Obama sweat

The nightmare for Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama continues. Although not officially running for president, Al Gore is getting some serious press coverage. Gore testified before Congress today about Global warming. Is Global Warming an impending disaster or is it a farce? I tend to believe most of what Al preaches. Even though he beat my ultimate political hero Bill Bradley years ago, I forgive him....

Is Audrey really dead?

On "24" this week, it was revealed that Audrey was killed in China...True? I don't think so....I think we're in for the old DNA switcharoo. I predict Jack will find out Audrey is still alive and run to her rescue at the end of the season.....I hope Kim Raver comes back to "24". "The Nine" on ABC was a great show, but the network yanked it rather quickly. And Kim's big screen roles aren't great....although being a lesbian in "Keep your Distance" was a nice change of pace....

Bruce challenges Nicholas Cage to street fight

My buddy Bruce is mad. He saw these pictures of Jessica Biel from her upcoming movie "Next" with Nicholas Cage. He immediately told me to publicly challenge Nicholas Cage for him to a street fight to win Jessica's heart. I have started to train Bruce for the brawl. We did one push up before we started drinking beer. That Cage better watch out...........

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fanfare for the drummer man!

Happy 57th birthday to Carl Palmer! His work with ELP and ASIA have made him one of the most influential drummers of all time. I saw Carl perform last year with ASIA. The man still plays with a fierceness and determination that can't be matched!!

Powerhouse drummer speaks

Drum God Mike Portnoy is featured in a great interview on the ibanez website. Mike talks about Dream Theater, G3 and Neal Morse.

Rosie and Charlie Sheen?

Rosie O'Donnell recently posted conspiracy theories about 9/11 on her blog. They were similar claims to some that Charlie Sheen made about a year ago. Oh Rosie. Please. As regular readers know, I'm not a fan of the Bush administration, but Rosie is showing her crazy for cocoa puffs side.... In any case, the media seems to be ignoring the story...And when your ally is Charlie Sheen? Oh boy...

Worship with Jarah

I went to church services with Jarah Mariano recently. I have to be honest, it felt great to be seen with such a good looking woman.....But I was so embarrassed when she started to sing the hymns. She may look like an angel, but she doesn't sing like one....

Monday, March 19, 2007

Jennifer is a popular name

Add yet another Jennifer hottie to the bountiful hotties named Jennifer. Jennifer Lamiraqui think I love her.

Dream coming true

More exciting news from the ASIA camp. The four legends will be entering the studio to record a NEW CD that will be released in 2008! First a fantastic worldwide reunion tour, 6 great official live bootleg CDs, a live DVD taping and now this. Good times indeed! ASIA has also announced that they are not going to join the STYX/Foreigner bill & will be touring alone. Which means no abbreviated set & more ASIA magic!....The Wetton/Downes ICON project also has new tour dates. No rest for the legends!!

Dirty Cheerleader

Seeing Hayden Penettiere licking the Stanley Cup may cause several things to happen to you. You may be disgusted. The Stanley Cup has been more places than Paris Hilton. And you're LICKING it????....Or seeing this could cause you to have naughty thoughts about everyone's favorite cheerleader.........

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