Friday, March 16, 2007

I like Nike

I'm not sure if Nike has Catrinel Menghia as an official spokesperson. I think it might sell a lot of sneakers....

Tom Scholz talks about Brad Delp.

On the official Boston website, Tom Scholz has printed the entire text of what he wrote to Rolling Stone in regard to the death of his friend and bandmate Brad Delp. The text is moving and a fine tribute...

Who's your daddy?

O.k., I didn't see that coming. This week on "Lost", Claire's father was revealed to be.....Jack's father. Soooooo Jack is Claire's half brother. Of course that revelation was nothing compared to the final scene. The rescue party made it to the "Others" camp to rescue Jack just in time to see him.....playing football!!!! The horror!!!!...But seriously, why is Jack being so chummy with his captors?.......To catch up on "Lost" watch online at

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I take the credit

Fergie's Maxim photoshoot turned out very well. Why? It was my influence at the shoot that got the best results. My coaching and wardrobe choices were invaluable to the final product. No need to thank me. Just doing my job....

Brian May endorses Journey

Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May recently saw Journey live in concert. He was blown away from what he saw and has a nice write up on his experience on his site. Good for Brian & good for Journey!!!!

'Ello mate

Australia has given us many great things. Top among them is Krystal Forscutt. I will now sing the Australian national anthem....

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Keeley Checks in

Keeley Hazell called me and sang Happy Birthday to Geno's World. She said she was bathing while she was on the phone with me.....She wouldn't lie, would she???????

The king pays tribute

I received an eerie, yet touching e-mail from "The King". He wishes the site the best and says to keep on rockin' and keep showing all the pretty ladies.....Thanks Elvis!

Presidential pardon

I received a nice official letter from our President. It reads "Geno, my fellow American, I applaud your humor, intelligence and patriotism you have shown in the past year. I hear by declare March 14th, 2007 as officially Geno's World day in America. I also officially pardon you for being sometimes fresh to my administration!! All the best, W.

Jennifer Garner is sweet, hot & ....a liar.

Jennifer Garner was kind enough to send along a birthday cake to celebrate Geno's World's 1st birthday.....That Jennifer....She's a sweetheart with a great sense of humor....No really. She's kidding....really.....

I'm this many.

Happy Birthday to Geno's World!!!! 1 fabulous year and counting. Today I will be passing along the mountains of well wishes from famous and not so famous Geno's World fans from around the globe......

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fight me

Cinthia Moura called me this morning. She said that she's been offered a large sum of money to box in an exhibition match with a man. She asked if I would be that "man" since she was very comfortable with me.....and she knows that she could kick my ass.... I passed...

Classy Triumph

The fantastic band Triumph was inducted into the Canadian Rock N Roll Hall of Fame on March 10. Rik Emmett joined his former band mates Gil Moore and Mike Levine. Good for the guys showing class and respect to each other, their fans and the music world. A reunion in the works? Probably not, but smiles and handshakes all around!

24 is overflowing with talent and....Ricky

It appears that everyone in Hollywood is appearing on "24" these days. Powers Boothe is great as the "evil" Vice President. (I miss "Deadwood" man!!) Jean Smart came back last night as the loony ex-first lady. Whenever she appears in "24", the program becomes 10 times better. Last night's insane stabbing rampage was a bit much, but Smart pulled it off....And yes, little Ricky Schroeder is on "24" as a badass CTU agent....Ya I know he was on NYPD Blue.......But...bwahahahahahaha.....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Good Dexter talk

E online has a great article by Kristen regarding "Dexter". She interviews cast & producers & has some insight on the second season which is set to debut in September. If you've missed the first season, grab it on DVD when it's released soon. If you don't, Dexter may come for you. He knows where you live....

Bush needs Jack Bauer

There's an interesting article about a very bad 24 hour period in the Bush administration....Sounds like W could really use Jack Bauer. Jack could take care of most of the country's problems in about 5 hours and still have time to rescue a puppy, break two women's hearts, disable a bomb and put 3 fires out...

Guilty pleasure

I like Carmen Electra. Her choice in men is strange & she seems to be hawking every cheesy product known to man, but.... I can't help but still be a fan....

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The voice is silenced

Brad Delp lead singer of Boston passed away. Brad had the voice of a rock n roll angel. He was a powerhouse that will be missed. Thanks to Ed for reminding me of Brad's passing....Play some Boston music today & remember the legend....

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