Brian Austin Green made a deal with the devil

Obama making it official

New Label. New CD. Same brilliance!

Handsome Dick

Christina is classy

Rosie's comic timing is just a bit off....

12 Billion dollars....poof........

Anna Nicole Smith passes away

Jimmy lied

Triple threat

Kate is shocked

I'm available

Boz, I hear you.

President Bush slaps Teri Hatcher's ass....on video....Oh God.....

Edwards gets attacked by Catholic groups....I call bs.

Questions Questions

What makes the L Word better? A little Loken..

Bush hates Big Bird and wants Elmo to die

Diagnostic scan

Diamond commercial? No, Rudy is running for President.

Guess which is the before "she went crazy" picture and which is the "after she went crazy" picture

I like saying Leelee

Police to play Fenway Park?

Arnold rips into Democrats.With words, not bullets....

Keeley is a cure all

I cannot tell a lie

Sometimes simple is best

Biden bides his time and wastes ours