Still strong

Wrestling champ

I'll take 10

Whole Lotta Rumors

Revise your Netfilx list


As The Van Halen turns....

Bridget & Heather=winning combination

A Republican makes sense....Call the press!!!

Aida gets an A

I'm glad to be Geno

Vote early, vote often

I dig Jewel more than Jewel digs Jewel

28% and counting

Janet Jackson can't keep her shirt on


Don't stand so close to me

You can't see me!!!

No...You don't understand. I'm talking to a woman...

$10.18 a month for Keeley

Rooty Tootie Fresh & Fruity

It's not a dream

More Marisol

Jessica Biel takes over internet

Can't we all just get along?

Wish us luck

Hiro returns

Pats lose. Julia Bond is a winner