Saturday, January 27, 2007

Still strong

Marillion's new "Somewhere Else" CD will be released on April 7. You can pre-order the CD through their website and get a bonus disc. Marillion always comes out with something different, but always fantastic!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Wrestling champ

Jami Miller can do it all. Look pretty AND wrestle alligators....I like to take credit for her wrestling skill. The many nights we wrestled, drank cocoa with marshmallows and had pillow fights got her into great fighting shape.

I'll take 10

(Photo & announcement rom the official ASIA reunion site)
This just in via band Management and the Eagle Rock Press Department:

"Hot on the tail of their successful UK and American tours, Asia have announced plans to release their first ever DVD featuring the original line up of John Wetton, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer and Geoffrey Downes and filmed during their upcoming Japanese tour, through Eagle Rock Entertainment later in 2007. Keep checking the website for further details."........
I won't be able to make the Japan shows, but I'll be first in line for the DVD.

Whole Lotta Rumors

There are reports that Led Zeppelin is set to reunite for a large tour this summer with Jason Bonham on drums.
I'm not too sure if this is true or not...But a cool event if it's true!!
If it's not true, I am set to tour with my Led Zep tribute band, "Genopplin". The band is comprised of myself and three go-go dancers.

Revise your Netfilx list

"Bandidas" is now available on DVD. I advise you to put the movie on top of your Netflix list. It's not an award winning movie.... It's rated pg-13....But it features Penelope Cruz & Salma Hayek as bank robbing cowgirls....I watched it last night....I may never be the same....


This is an urgent message to my buddy Bruce....Jessica Biel is single!!! The whole Derek Jeter thing didn't work out. Call Biel's people & pounce!!!.....The producer is stilll yawning at Biel....

Thursday, January 25, 2007

As The Van Halen turns....

Rolling Stone is reporting that Van Halen is close to a summer tour with David Lee Roth fronting the band. Roth jammed with the band, performing 14 songs at Eddie's home....Eddie Van Halen is quoted saying that the band will tour with or without Roth...Who would they recruit as a singer? Lots of possibilities out there....Maybe I should send them of my demo tape... My version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" done country style is killer...

Bridget & Heather=winning combination

Heather Graham has a new movie "Gray Matters" which opens February 23. Heather falls in love with her brother's fiance...played by Bridget Moynahan. Obviously, this movie will be a masterpiece and garner several Oscar nominations....Why?...Are you insane? Bridget. Heather. Love. Hello!!!!!

A Republican makes sense....Call the press!!!

God bless Senator Chuck Hagel. He spoke from his gut yesterday and showed he's not afraid of anyone.
"Mr. Hagel, who also served in Vietnam, has derided the president’s Iraq strategy as the worse foreign policy since Vietnam. Yet today, Mr. Hagel took a different approach as he addressed fellow Republicans — from the administration or the Congress — who have questioned the motives of those who have spoken critically of the war.

“I think all 100 senators ought to be on the line on this. What do you believe? What are you willing to support? What do you think? Why were you elected?” Mr. Hagel said, his voice booming. “If you wanted a safe job, go sell shoes.”

Wow...Holy crap.....No word on whether any of the senators will take his advice and work at Payless....

Aida gets an A

Aida Yespica is a former Miss Venezuela. It's easy to see how she won her crown. I myself won a crown. Mr. Comic Book geek 2002. The competition was tough, but my Spider-man bathing suit helped me crush the competition....

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm glad to be Geno

Sometimes, it's great not to be famous. Paris Hilton failed to pay her monthly fee to a storage company. The contents of the storage facility were auctioned off. Now there is a website
where you can pay for the privilege of looking through Paris' stuff online. Videos, diaries, letters, all sorts of personal things... Will I sign up? No....But check the site out. It just went online. I'm sure her lawyers will be fighting this stuff tooth & nail....

Vote early, vote often

My fellow ASIA fanatic, "asiacalgary" pointed me to the following contest:
You can vote for your favorite "Hooters Best Damn Dream Girl"
Voting is good. P Diddy and other celebrities always encourage people to vote. His "Vote or Die" campaign tag was catchy...and slightly scary.

I dig Jewel more than Jewel digs Jewel

Jewel is everywhere these days. She was a judge on "American Idol" last week, appears in a Miller Lite ad and hosts a Country music show...Her music style is all over the map... But one thing that remains consistent is that she's one good looking woman with a fantastic voice. Now if she would just stop calling me for advice...I mean how many times do I have to tell her to just be herself???

28% and counting

According to a CBS news poll, President George W. Bush's approval rating has slipped to 28%. A new all-time record.
No word on how the President will celebrate this monumental achievement.
According to Mr.G., the President is a genius who has accomplished quite a bit without trying to accomplish what he has not tried to accomplish in the first place by not focusing on what he was trying to accomplish but didn't actually accomplish. I know. I didn't understand it either, but Mr. G is very convincing.

Janet Jackson can't keep her shirt on

For a woman who was horrified at the suggestion that her wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl was planned, Janet Jackson poses topless quite a bit...Her latest effort is the cover of V magazine.
Click on the link if you want, but I'm not posting the pictures. I'm tired of Janet and her breasts. Instead, here is a picture of a doggie. Woof.


When "Lost" returns in a couple of weeks, it will have a new 10pm timeslot. Ugh! I'm going to be sleepy on Thursdays. I know, I know. I can record it. But I love the show so much, it's hard not to watch "live". Damn those ABC programming people!...But then again, everyone knows that all TV programming guys don't have a clue to what they are doing....

Don't stand so close to me

It's being reported that promoters in the US are scouting and booking venues for a Police summer tour. Sister Mary JJ is beside herself with joy! She plans on standing in line as soon as tickets go on sale. She has been known to get rowdy and pushy in line. If you see a nun with a determined look on her face in a line for Police tickets, you may want to give her space....

You can't see me!!!

It was great to see Christopher Eccleston on "Heroes" this week. Christopher plays a cackling, unstable invisible guy. Is he good? Is he evil? We'll see...Christopher was recently seen as The Doctor on the "Dr. Who" series. If I got a chance to star with Billie Piper in a series, I would never leave it...But that's just me.

No...You don't understand. I'm talking to a woman...

When I talk to Danielle Lloyd, I tend to call her Danni. This became an embarrassing situation when I was talking dirty to her on the phone the other day. I was in a public place and was telling Danni what I would like her to wear when we went to a hockey game...The people around me were giving me strange looks....

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

$10.18 a month for Keeley

Keeley Hazell has relaunched a new website:
For 5 pounds a month ($10.18 in US Dollars), you can have access to her blog, pictures and special contests etc... Did I join? Yes I did.. I posted a link to "Geno's World" on her blog and offered to make her toast and take her bowling when she visits the USA. Will she accept? How can she not? Who can turn down toast and bowling with Geno??????? I hope she's an ASIA fan....

Rooty Tootie Fresh & Fruity

I've mentioned before that I admire Ivanka Trump. I've also mentioned that she appears to have had her breasts enlarged.....As a matter of fact, every time I see a new picture of her, they seem to be even bigger. She's beautiful, rich and has a great personality. Why mess with that?...That being said, she looks great. Call me Ivanka. I'll take you to IHOP. No other man can offer you that.....

It's not a dream

Hold everything. This is my second "Crowded House" post in a week! Great news for fans of the band, they are reforming and preparing for a year long tour. Neil Finn and Nick Seymour are holding auditions for a drummer to take the late Paul Hester's place:
I will be traveling to Australia to audition. Do I have any drumming skills?...Um. No. But I look really hot behind a drum kit. I'm hoping that will be enough.....

More Marisol

"24" is great...a bit silly sometimes. How is that evil bald dude from "ER" & "Fame" supposed to be Jack's brother? They look nothing alike.....Anyway, the new character Nadia is stunning! Marisol Nichols is a beauty that can stop your heart with one glance. She's been arrested for manslaughter several times, but it's been hard for prosecutors to prove it in court...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Jessica Biel takes over internet

Jessica Biel has 1 bazillion pictures, videos, posts and pictures on the internet...Here's a summary: 1)P. Diddy likes what he sees at the Golden Globes 2) Jessica Biel in a bikini pictures cover the internet 3) Jessica slaps Maria Menunous behind
(Click on link & scroll down)
God help us all.....

Can't we all just get along?

I have not decided who "Genos's World" will endorse for the Democratic Party's nomination...I know it's a long way off, but the sides are already fighting with each other:
I like Hillary Clinton. I'm not afraid to say it. She would bring a spirit to the White House that's sorely needed. That being said, Barak Obama is one interesting and exciting candidate...And I haven't forgotten about Senator Russ Feingold... In any case, I'm pumped to see some great Democrats debating each other & bringing some excitement to the campaign trails...

Wish us luck

Keri Russell is pregnant...No matter what you read, the truth is that I am the father. Please wish us the very best in the future for us as a couple as we experience the joys of parenthood.....Damnit, where did I put my medication?....

Hiro returns

"Heroes" is back tonight!!! This means Sr. Mary JJ's favorite Hero, "Hiro" will be gracing the airwaves in new episodes!!!...Of course, nothing is ever easy. NBC is sticking to their guns and keeping "Heroes" right up against "24"...Thank god for DVR and VCR....Or you could just watch both episodes on two TVs side by side...Go ahead, I dare you!!!! Sr. Mary JJ is a "Heroes" fan and doesn't care for "24"....If there was a fight between Jack Bauer and Sr. Mary JJ....Jack Bauer would lose...

Pats lose. Julia Bond is a winner

I'm down. The Patriots played their heart out, but lost to a great Colts team 38-34......What will cheer me up? Julia Bond pictures? O.k....I'm...I'm smiling a little bit....

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