Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pan & Pia

I saw "Pan's Labyrinth"....Great movie! There's a very interesting back story to all the fantasy sequences. Lots of good acting, drama and excitement. The movie is Rated R, not for kids. A bit too violent and graphic....I was accompanied to the movie by Pia Zadora. I refuse to do anything without her on this AFC championship weekend. I have my good luck rituals & she is a big part of that. The Pats have never lost when I have watched a game with her.....I will not let her out of my sight!...


Good luck to the Patriots as they take on the Colts tommorow!!! Brady and the boys have treated us to another fantastic season. Let's hope that they can shut Peyton down. I will be watching the game with Pia Zadora. She is my good luck charm.....

Friday, January 19, 2007


Lucy James is a pleasant person and fun to be with. I just wish she didn't like Charlie Brown and Peanuts so much. She thinks its hilarious every time she holds the football for me to kick & she pulls it away at the last moment. I'm such a sucker......

Bring a warm jacket

ICON will be performing in Russia next month. John & Geoff are proving to be tireless as they have recorded and played live with ASIA and ICON extensively across the globe. 2007 seems to be chock full of opportunities for fans across the globe to see the true legends of rock....

All is right with the universe!

Praise God!!!! Dwight returned to his job and his co-workers last night on "The Office". I have to admit that I got a little too excited when it happened. I threw my fist into the air, grabbed a bullhorn and went for a ride on my Huffy bike. I felt that all my neighbors should know that Dwight is back home......I would like to thank Officer Sullivan and Officer Engerland for being so understanding.

Mork and Mindy is Sr. Mary JJ approved.

Sister Mary JJ is a big "Mork and Mindy" fan. She has "Mork and Mindy" Mondays where she shows her Mork & Mindy DVD collection to her fellow sisters. It's apparantly a huge hit with the nuns...

Puppies & kitties oh my!

Kristin Cavalleri and I get together once a month to volunteer for abandoned animals. Kristin is not only great looking, but has a great heart. We spent hours recently nursing baby puppies back to health. I like giving back.....

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Keep Hoff away

I had a disturbing thought...David Hasselhoff is currently going through a messy divorce. I don't know if he's involved much in the "Baywatch" movie, but I pray that Keeley Hazel stays away from his clutches...I couldn't stand the thought of Hoff using his evil romance powers on Keeley!!!!....I will start praying for her now....

Watch the demons and monkeys while you can

NBC is pulling the plug on "Passions" The show will make way for another hour of "Today". So before it goes off the air later this year, enjoy the show! Demons in closets, Nurse monkeys, witch babies, intrigue, Papal conspiracies....Damn I'll miss that stuff...

Stark casting

Gwyneth Paltrow has joined the "Iron Man" cast as Tony Stark's assistant "Pepper". Stark/Iron Man will be played by Robert Downey Jr. As all true-believers know, Stark has battled a drinking problem in the comics for years. Downey is a great fit. Certainly better than Tom Cruise who was previously rumored for the role....I can't wait to see the movie in my Iron Man pajamas. I may get some stares at the theater, but I must be true to my craft!

Ga Ga Giorgia

Giorgia Palmas likes music. I recorded a demo of "Georgia on My Mind" for her and sent it to her agent. (Ya, I know she spells her name differently, but it was close as I could get..) Anyway, she sent me a nice note and wished me the best in life....Wait a minute...This looks like it was written in auto pen...Did she even hear my blazing vocals?? Noooooooooo!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Don't dream it's over

VH1 Classic will be airing Crowded House's final concert from 1996 this friday at 9pm. I always loved the band. Neil Finn's vocals are fantastic and soulful. (Drummer Paul Hester passed away in 2005)....I'll have to record the show, I have a frog race to participate in....

Keeley!!!! Save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Keeley Hazell is in talks to appear in the upcoming "Baywatch" movie. Brilliant casting! It would make me go see the film...Yes. I'm shallow....And for those of you wondering...Yes I know about the Keeley "tape"...I choose not to comment due to her wishes.

Kumar goes to the dark side

"Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" was an enjoyable movie from a few years back. Kal Penn who played the freeloading, fun Kumar has been acting quite a bit lately. He appeared in "Superman Returns" as evil Lex Luthor's flunkie. This week he appeared as a murdering terrorist on "24" and a serial murderer/rapist on "Law & Order SVU"...Dude, Kumar needs to chill out....In all seriousness, Kal Penn did a fine job in all the roles and shows he's got some range.


I'm not a regular viewer of "American Idol". I know there's millions who watch religiously, but I watch enough TV...That being said, I caught some of last night's premiere. The horror show of freaky contestants with no talent was great TV. I felt for a lot of these people who sincerely believe that they have talent. Brenna (pictured) was particularly....Interesting....And no, I couldn't do any better. But I know enough not to go on national TV and try to sing....Except for that one time when I ran onto the field at Fenway Park. I still have the bruises from being tackled at home plate. Damn that alcohol. It had a hold on me that day....

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Barry good

Dave Barry is one funny guy. His takes on "24" are even better! Check out the 24 section of his blog:(No that's not the real title of the page, just click the damn thing!!!)


Yes that is Krista Allen who is appearing in "What About Brian" on ABC... The producer has been known to have a liking for Krista. Krista is the producer's favorite version of "Billie" on "Days of Our Lives"...Who can argue with him?

Sr. Mary JJ wants you!!!

Sister Mary JJ asked me to help her try to recruit some new nuns. She says that nuns are needed to help feed the poor and do God's work. She also says that nuns can have great fun. Her poker night on Saturdays with her fellow nuns is one example. She says they get cases of Heineken, some pretzels and have a great time....

For Drazen

Drazen asked me to post pictures of Joely Fisher. I always do what Drazen asks...Except for that time he wanted me to go on a double date with him and the two farmer's daughters....That farmer's daughter still haunts my dreams...

Ever Eva

Recently K-man (Who I work with) recommended "The Dreamers" movie for me to view. It stars the lovely Eva Green...K-Man's movie recommendations are usually top-notch & I love Eva Green, so I was planning on renting the film...Now surprisingly, my hero John Wetton posted about his recommendation of the movie on his website's guestbook's Miss USA thread (The thread that refuses to die!!)
K-Man and John Wetton recommend the movie? Sold!!!!!

Jack Bauer keeps his streak alive

On last night's "24" episode, CTU badass Curtis was killed by none other than Jack Bauer... Jack had no choice, but Curtis will be missed. It's not exactly great job security when you land a role on "24"! Characters drop like flies...But that fact makes the show even more enjoyable. Nobody is safe!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Brenda is better as a brunette

Vanessa Marcil is stunning. I find myself watching "Las Vegas" sometimes just to catch a glimpse of her. I prefer her with her classic dark hair. The blonde touch is o.k., but why mess with perfection?....Vanessa will always be "Brenda" from "General Hospital" to me. If you see her on the street, yell "HEY BRENDA!!!!!". She loves that...


On last night's episode of "24", Jack Bauer killed a man by biting his neck until the man bled to death. This was a dramtic scene made even more impressive by the fact that Jack was handcuffed...Grusome? Ya.. Dramatic TV? Ya... Kiefer obviously turned to his "Lost Boys" vampire character for inspiration....

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Do not mess with Jack

Tonight's second hour of "24" goes against "The Apprentice"... Jack Bauer will certainly trump Trump and have "The Donald" howling! I'll be glued to "24" and tape Trump....Trump isn't my favorite person in the world, but I love his program..


Jesse Jane called me yesterday and wanted to see if I wanted to play Trivial Pursuit. I accepted. Jesse is a sweet girl whose career is very successful, but may be looked down at by others. I like to think that I have a good influence on her...Anyway, the evening was enjoyable. My team won the Trivia match and we watched "Pirates of The Caribbean" on DVD.. Jesse left the living room for a while and came back in full pirate costume that she had from one of her older projects. Her pirate impression had all of us laughing....

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