Saturday, January 13, 2007

The wait is over...

The official ASIA reunion site
is now taking pre-orders for the the 3 different live double disc CDs of the band's tour in the UK. I bought all three & if you are a fan of top-notch music being played by music legends, you will too...

Trump & Tara Consider Playboy

Playboy has made an offer to have Miss USA Tara Connor to be on their cover....I'm not sure that's the best move for her right now. (Especially since she would be clothed!) But Donald Trump is said to be mulling the offer. I guess he's kind of her "pimp"....

Friday, January 12, 2007

Bruce will not give up

My pal Bruce will not let these pictures of Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter get him down. He believes that Biel's facisnation with Jeter will ebb and that she will respond to one of his love letters one of these days...The producer? After learning of Biel & Jeter's relationship, he yawned....

Buck Rogers turns into Frank Gifford

Buck Rogers star Gil Gerard was in his own words, morbidly obese. He underwent a procedure on "Action Hero Makeover" on The Discovery Health Channel....Really. I kid you not. Gil now looks like Frank Gifford's twin. Is this good? I guess it's better than how he looked & felt before. Good for Gil!!
The producer here at work is said to have a vintage Buck Rogers outfit that he wears on Halloween and to the market on Sundays. To each his own.....

By popular demand

Kelly Monaco is a hit. I give the people what they want......I'm like George W...except the opposite.

Dude! Dwight quit....

Say it isn't so Dwight! Did you really quit your job last night on "The Office"???? Sr. Mary JJ didn't sleep a wink last night and keeps checking Dwight's blog hoping to see that everything is well.....
Dwight quit in order to protect his girlfriend in the office. He's a hero I say!!!! A hero!!!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush turns to unlikely source of advice

Your eyes were not deceiving you. If you watched President George W Bush's speech to the nation last night, there was a mysterious figure in the background. Yes. Sister Mary JJ has been added to the White House staff of advisors. She tells me that she is upset with the basic idea of war and has decided to use the power of prayer to help the president......
To help the soldiers overseas, visit websites like this one:


"24"'s Elisha Cuthbert is filming a new movie "My Sassy Girl". The photo above shows her playing hockey for a scene...The other two photos? No hockey involved.....

Brain Michael Bendis is a God

Brian Michael Bendis' comic book writing is top-notch. His "Ultimate Spiderman" and "New Avengers" books are best sellers and deservedly so. Top of the heap is his creator-owned "Powers" series. The book is for adults and is filled with great dialogue...Another highlight of the book is the letter pages in which Bendis tears apart those who write in with their

Ponch has a real gun

Sister Mary JJ called me beside herself with joy over the new "Armed And Famous" TV series.
She was thrilled that Erik Estrada, an old favorite of hers from the "CHIPS" program was involved. Sister Mary JJ is a member of Erik's fanclub and has been known to hide an shirtless Erik Estrada poster in her convent's closet..... You go Sister Mary JJ!!!!

The producer likes Kelly

The producer here at work is a Kelly Monaco fan. I often catch him watching "General Hospital" and screaming "Kelly!!!!!!!" quite a bit when she appears on screen. It used to scare the hell out of me, but I've gotten used to it......

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Global Warming? No! This couple is the TRUE sign of the apocalypse!!!

38 Year old Marilyn Manson is dating 19 year old Evan Rachel Wood........I ask Sister Mary JJ and all my readers to immediately start praying for that poor girl!!!! She's a talented actress and cute as all heck.... God help us all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian K Vaughan gets "Lost"

Brian K. Vaughan is one of the greatest comic book writers of today. His "Y-The Last Man" series is consistently a fantastic read. Vaughan was also recently named Executive Story editor for the ABC hit "Lost".He says on his website that he "hopes he doesn't screw up a show that he loves":

Hagar Hopes for Healing (At least for one night)

Billboard has an interesting article on Sammy Hagar & Van Halen's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
He hopes that everyone can be civil that evening. He also voices concern that there's a bit too much pressure on Eddie's 15 year old son to take over as Bass player.......Stay tuned...

April is good 12 months a year

I had an embarrassing moment when I met April Scott. I was so flustered by her beauty that I babbled for 5 minutes about how her first name was a month and her last name was a man's name, but that she looked nothing like a man....Not my best moment.

Sister Mary JJ picks for the day

Sr. Mary JJ is horrified at my posting about the LWord series. She said she prayed an extra Rosary for my soul because I watch a show where women are with each other carnally....In any case, she urged me to watch her pupil (Just how old is Sister MaryJJ????) Mother Angelica on EWTN
She also urges her flock to watch one of her old favorites "The Greatest American Hero". Sister says that you can buy the whole series along with a notebook and cape. (Sister admitted that she likes to watch the DVDs while wearing her cape.)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Reba? Really?

As I posted before, it appears that Sarah Shahi's "Carmen" character is no longer appearing on the L Word...Her dreadful "Teachers" NBC sitcom is also long gone...AAAAAAAAAA! O.k., I won't panic. Sarah does appear in a small role as a news anchor in the excellent movie "For Your Consideration"..And...And... God help me she will be appearing on "Reba" on January 28th...I know...Reba....I love Sarah, but is there any worse show than "Reba"?????

If I tell you, I'll have to kill you

Entertainment Weekly has a nice interview with Kiefer Sutherland.
5 Days until the "24" premiere!!! I tried to break into Fox, commando style to watch the premiere early...The security guard is still laughing about my orange squirt gun....

L Word returns with bonus Karina

The L Word opened it's 4th season on Showtime Sunday. The episode featured a guest appearance from former show regular Karina Lombard. I've missed her character & it was a treat to have her return, even for a short while. Now if they would just get Max of the show.....And don't get me started about Carmen not being on the show anymore!!! I'm too upset to type. I will mourn Carmen's loss properly later....

The Hall calls....

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be inducting REM(Yay Markie!), Van Halen(As reported here yesterday), Patti Smith, The Ronettes, and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 on March 12, 2007.....My sources also tell me that the 2007 Van Halen tour is going forward with David lee Roth, Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang Van Halen. Of course, don't hold your breath, anything can happen....

Jaw dropping Jarah

Jarah Mariano is jaw-droppingly good looking. The Victoria Secret model has also appeared in a Jay-Z video...Hip-Hop isn't really my type of music. I tried to start a rap career back in the 90s. My debut CD "G-Man Geno" sold 11 copies. For some reason the record company dropped my contract....bastards...

Sister Mary JJ speaks

I heard from Sister Mary JJ again. She thanked me for listening to her advice and promises to keep praying for all of us who look at pictures of hot 19 year olds.... She urges us to visit the official Vatican website at
Strangely enough, she also encouraged me to promote The official Bruce Boxleitner fanlisting at
Apparently Sister Mary JJ met Bruce at a "Scarecrow & Mrs. King" convention and fell instantly in love with him. A platonic love of course, but Sr. Mary JJ is often seen clutching a Bruce Boxleitner photo with her Rosary beads and is also seen at Babylon 5 conventions......

Monday, January 08, 2007

I should have been a comedian

Chris Kattan is engaged to model Sunshine Tutt........ The former SNL member famous for his "Mango" character has done well for himself....... I wonder if he dresses up as Mango for her? ....."You can't have the mango!!!!!!!!!!!"

John Wetton defends "Geno's World"

The Golden Voice and Monster Bass player John Wetton continues to defend and comment on Geno's World on his website's guestbook on the hugely popular "Miss USA" thread
The photo here is from John's website & shows John with a Dalek from the "Dr. Who" series.
Two very things that were very important to me growing up, Johnny Wetton & Dr. Who!!!

Got an extra $9.95? Give it to Leilani or to sick kids

Leilani Dowding has an official website.
You can become a member for $9.95 a month to gain access to member only "stuff"......
I know... $9.95 a month just to chat with her & look at exclusive photos??? Outrageous!!!!.....But there are exclusive topless photos.....No, wait a minute!
Sister Mary JJ would rather you take that $9.95 and give it to sick children at make a wish:

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