Friday, January 05, 2007


Joanna Krupa has the unofficial title of "The World's hottest swimsuit model". It got me to thinking. I would like to achieve some sort of title for myself.... "Best Blog with Geno in the title"?
"The hottest blogger who blogs while wearing a cape"?..... I need to think this over.

I will be your pussycat

Josie Maran is one good looking woman. I called my agent because I had a great idea for a project for the two of us to do together. "Josie and the Pussycats and Geno" was the title of my screenplay. It involves Josie and I exploring the deep forests of a secret island, a torrid romance, betrayal with a dramatic twist ending involving Mickey Rooney. For some reason Josie's people haven't gotten back to me....

ASIA photos

Photographer Mike Inns took some great shots of an ASIA show in December. For more photos and all things Wetton, go to my hero John Wetton's website at
Official live recordings of 3 ASIA shows go on sale January 10 at the official ASIA reunion website
Mr. Wetton posted about "Geno's World" on his guestbook yesterday under the "Miss USA" thread. I am not worthy!!!!!

Geniffer would be our couple nickname

I really like Kevin Smith. What do I like better than Kevin Smith? Jennifer Garner... What's that? They are both in the same movie "Catch & Release" coming out later this month? Sign me up.... On a seperate note, when is Jen going to dump Ben & call me? I'm waiting!!!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Keeley x 11

Have you ever wondered what 2 Keeley Hazells would be like next to each other? How about 2 Keeleys having a cat fight? 11 Keeleys????? Through the magic of photography, we now know. God Bless technology!!!

Call the cops

Reunion fever seems to be gripping rock bands. In addition to the wonderful ASIA reunion, news of a Genesis reunion, we now have strong rumors of a Police reunion taking place. Everyone sing Sting's wail from Synchronicity 2: "AAAAAAYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"
Great news if this pans out:

Mr. G is laughing his disturbing laugh....

Mr. G has often encouraged me to read "Achewood" online. The comic strip is funny, disturbing and totally original. After several attempts, I'm hooked. Give it a try at

Hold me

Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh tend to dress in the same outfits and pose together. It's interesting the differences between men and women...I never dress up in the same outfit with my guy friends and pose for pictures....Except for that time when I was 8 and me and Siggi dressed up as Army guys and selfishly defended our neighborhood from attack from aliens.

Troubling Discovery

I recently discovered that Jami Miller is 19 years old. Do I feel like a dirty old man looking at pictures of her? Yes. Will this stop me from looking? No.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh my.

Thanks to Mr. G for suggesting I do an internet search for a Cybill Shepherd appearence on a talk show a few years ago. She had some jet lag or something & came to the show looking like a horror show.....Oh and Markie....I still would.

Ga Ga over Gemma

Gemma Atkinson stopped by my house unexpectedly recently. She insisted on a rematch of our checkers tournament. I cooked up some Chef Boyardee and we happily played checkers and ate ravioli for hours. It was a wonderful night....

Hey Markie

A personal message to my buddy Markie....Remember when you used to mock my affection for Cybil Shepherd back in the day? That was years and years ago. We're old...You said she was washed up and over the hill....Now she's on one of my favorite shows "The L Word".....I still think she's hot....I would....There I said it. And.....She sold that watch!!!!

You know you will

You've seen the promos for the "Surreal Life fame games". You see the picture of Robin Leatch and Verne "Mini Me" Troyer playing their "Fantasy Island" parts. You say "That's how far TV has fallen. How tragic." You set your Tivo to record every minute. I know you do!!!!.....Maybe Verne will get drunk and urinate in the corner nude as he did on his first stint on "Surreal Life". We can only hope and pray....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A list

Adriana Sklenarikova. Say her name 10 times fast.

You can call me Jack

12 days and counting to the explosive 4 hour, 2 night "24" premiere. To prepare, I have started asking everone i know to call me Jack Bauer. I have perfected the Bauer scowl and have roamed the hallways at work screaming "Put down your weapon!!!!".....Good times.

Don't shoot

Vh1's new reality series "Shooting Sizemore" is intense. The series focuses on actor Tom Sizemore whose life and career have had many ups and downs. His drug problems and arrest for beating Heidi Fleiss have made his life a train wreck. The series finds him broke, homeless and coming out of rehab. The show also features home made movies done by Sizemore when he was under the influence of drugs. This show isn't for the faint of heart.....

Boom Boom Bilson

I saw "Last Kiss" on DVD this weekend. It reminded me how absoltely adorable Rachel Bilson is. She stole the show as the homewrecking college floozie in the movie... I think my DVD remote is broken....

Dream team

Boy that Jessica Alba has really let herself go......O.k., seriously she looks great....Playing a the ocean. I think I had a dream like this.....I was there with Jessica, but Cookie Monster was also involved. I know, it's weird, but I'm disturbed, so it's "normal".

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bye 2006

2006 was a great year. "Geno's World" was born, I dated super models, made $5 raising money on this site and of course the highlight...... I saw my heroes ASIA perform live. That magical night was a fantastic experience that I will hold dear for a lifetime. Here's to 2007! More "Geno's World, more super models, more $5 donations and more ASIA!

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