Thursday, December 28, 2006

Howe squashes rumors

ASIA/Yes/GTR guitar legend Steve Howe has a interesting little post on his website. It warns fans to not believe rumors unless you see the facts on his official or the Yes official website. The post states that there never was plans for a joint Yes/ASIA tour as was rumored....The tour is a fun thought, but not realistic. As guitarist for both bands, it would have been a superhuman effort for him to play with both bands on a big scale tour....Steve is a guitar god, but after all he is human!!!


I watch "Deal or No Deal"... I admit it. I don't watch every show, but it's always a fun escape when I tune in. Lisa Gleave is my favorite "Deal or Deal" model. The way she opens her case is pure poetry in motion. She should be nominated for an Emmy.....

12 Across

Michelle Marsh called me last night. She was having trouble with a crossword puzzle clue. I'm always glad to help Michelle expand her word knowledge. Expediently was a tough clue, but we managed to solve it....

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Jami = Caffeine rush

I recently bumped into Jami Miller at Starbucks. It was great to see that she's doing well and has several projects that she's working on. We started a impromptu game of charades as we usually do which lasted for quite a while. It was quite a hit with most of the Starbucks staff joining in. Jami's clues for "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places" had the place rocking.....


I know someone who is a frequent visitor to Geno's World. He's so struck by the photos that he sometimes doesn't read my eloquent prose. This is a test K man, are you reading this or are you staring at Keeley Hazell???

Chloe countdown

It's coming....The new season of "24" is just a short few weeks away. I can't get enough of Mary Lynn Rajskub's character of "Chloe"....Poor Mary, she sure runs into some interesting characters when she's out on the town.......


Watching Palyboy model Andrea Lowell getting scolded by Florence Henderson on "The Surreal Life" about posing nude and acting slutty was a 2006 TV highlight. Andrea is returning to VH1's "Surreal Life" in a All-Star version in 2007. Will she have listened to Flo?.....Naaaaa.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Paddle me

Is there anything better than Jessica Biel playing paddle ball on the beach in a bikini? I think not.....O.k., maybe playing paddle ball WITH Jessica Biel on the beach. That would be better.....

Christmas in January for ASIA fans

There will be three ASIA live CDs available for sale at the official ASIA reunion site next month. The CDs are recordings of 3 dates from this years UK tour....Yes, I will be buying all 3. I plan on playing them continuously for weeks...In church, in the bedroom, at work, in the shower....


Do you need a reason to see the "Transformers" movie? Well....Megan Fox is starring in it. Yes, the former hottie from "Hope and Faith" will be sexing up the Transformers movie. Not that Optimus Prime isn't sexy, but big robots that turn into cars and planes, just don't do it for me. Megan Fox? Yes, she does it for me......

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