Friday, November 24, 2006

Survivor is still cool

I haven't blogged about Survivor in a while. I've watched every episode as I have every season & have enjoyed it quite a bit. Even after all the race relation stuff settled down, the show has remained a entertaining, quality show. Good guy Yule and the evil Jonathan started their second alliance with great results as at the end of the show last night, their bond solidified Nate's departure.....And of course the Survivor babes are there as usual. Parvati and Candace are as cute as ever....

Selma is not shy

Selma Hayek is apparently not bashful about showing her ample cleavage. God bless her during this season of joy. She is truly a giving person!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sell out

U2 has another release set up for big Christmas sales. Do we really need another U2 greatest hits package? Ya, 2 new songs, blah, blah. Tell Bono to go smoke another cigarette. His voice isn't completely gone just yet......

Santa, I have a revision

Penelope Cruz appears in the 2007 Pirelli calendar. This is a very good thing. I have to quickly revise my Christmas list to include the calendar....Because it's art. I like art. I'm very artistic.....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Customer service at it's finest

Scarlett Johanson is quite elegant. When we went to Friendlys last night, she was so polite and poised. Even when she spilled ice cream all over herself, she remained calm.....I do have to say that the ice scream spillage caused a near riot. 8 different waitstaff came running over to offer their help.

Did I save the world?

Last night's "Heroes" episode had the cheerleader finally being saved. Woohoo!! Best line of the night "I saved the cheerleader. Did I save the world?"...The show had plenty of great moments & lots of drama. Good stuff.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Keeley is a better Britney than Britney

What's better than Britney Spears? I know, just about anything.... But Keeley Hazell posing as Britney Spears is definitely better than Britney Spears....And Keeley as Britney is MOST definitely better than me posing as Britney. I can never get the ponytails right.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Green is Good

I saw "Casino Royale" yesterday. Great film! Whatshisname did a great job as 007 and the movie had an intense feeling that so many other Bond films lacked. But, the real reason that you should see the film is Eva Green. Whoa. She is purtttttyy. She'll make you immediately forget how good whatshisname is as Bond.......

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