Friday, October 20, 2006

Kate's six pack is a sight to see

Obviously Kate Hudson's marriage problems have caused her to let herself go......Seriously, look at how tone she is. Good for her! As her trainer, I feel so proud. All the hours that Kate and I spend working out together have paid dividends. I would like to publicly thank Owen Wilson for taking all the heat off of me for her breakup. Thanks dude!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ivanka trumps Carmen's goods

A picture of Ivanka Trump and Carmen Elektra is something just so wonderful it can't be put into words. Except for maybe saline and or silicone. There have been rumors of Ivanka going under the knife & this photo seems to back that up. Carmen's implants have nothing on Ivanka.

Deja Vu Dude! Bear Brother!

Last night's "Lost" featured Desmond unwittingly revealing to Hurley that he can predict the future. Dude! Brother! Hurley survived a wicked knife thrown at him by Locke and Locke saved Mr. Eko from a Polar Bear's grasp. Just another day on the island. It's kind of like my typical work day. I battle Polar bears, predict the future and avoid thrown knives. Yawn. I wish something exciting would happen in my work day......

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Don't Cry

I recently ran into Geno's World favorite Kelly Ripa. After signing an autograph for her kids and giving Kelly some career advice, I got down to the real issue. I gently tried to talk Kelly into gaining just a bit of weight. It didn't go very well. Kelly screamed, cried and threw a fit. Hopefully when we have our Saturday movie outing things will go better. Kelly has a kind heart, she should be able to take a bit of criticism....I'm not sure what to think of Kelly & her husband whatshisname signing to do a show for the CW network. Good Lord. That thing will run for 8 years or something & we'll all be saying. "That's still on the air when my favorite show is cancelled.....I love you Kelly. I kid! I kid!
Picture from frighteningly comprehensive Kelly Ripa fansite:

Stop your sobbing and watch

Decades Rock Live featuring The Pretenders premiers this Friday at 8pm on VH1 Classic. Tune in to See Chrissy, Martin & the boys jam with Shirley Manson, Iggy Pop and others. The Pretenders are truly one of the world's finest rock bands. Chrissy Hynde still has it together. I had a crush on her when I was a wee lad. The bangs, the sneer and the voice got to me. God Bless bad girls....

Ashlee and Fergie sittin' in a tree...

I find the differences between men and woman fascinating. You would never see two straight men friends walking down the street holding hands. Ashlee Simpson and Fergie apparently no hangups whatsoever as they get photographed clutching each others hands down the street. And you know, they kinda are dressed like dudes too. Let the rumors begin!!!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ICON hits Japan

The guys from ICON are hitting Japan for a tour to promote their second CD "Rubicon". They have also put together a great Live CD "Never In A Million Years". I hope John & Geoff hit the road in the USA. Seeing them with ASIA was a dream come true! The ICON material is top-notch, get it now!

Jack says hurry up, I've been tortured for months...

Fox has a special countdown website for it's "24" series. Starting in about 1 week's time, you can go to the following website to see an exclusive trailer for the upcoming season. Until then you can go to the website & watch the clock tick down. It's kind of numbing and relaxing....

Picking a name for your dual personality is tough

Last night's episode of "Heroes" didn't disappoint. Lots of twists & turns including the great ending with an appearance of an English speaking Hiro from the future. And yes, viewers were treated to Ali Larter undressing down to her undies & jumping Nathan...I'm going to be honest here. The show is fantastic, it doesn't need that stuff. But Ali's performance as the dual-personality character is great. I've decided to try this dual personality thing. I just can't come up with a suitable name for my other personality. Ben? Mike? Alphonso? I don't know.....

Monday, October 16, 2006

Buffy bosom Banned

I've posted about Sarah Michelle Gellar's upcoming movie "Southland Tales" once before. I was horrified that The Rock was co-starring. Now I find out that Justin Timberlake is also starring. AND..Sarah reveals to Glamour magazine that she nixed a topless scene for the movie....Will I still see the movie? Of course. I'm a very sophisticated individual who is so much more than looking at bosoms to be entertained......Bosom. I said bosom.. hehe.

A change will do you good

Good for Sheryl Crow! After John Mayer appeared on stage in a bear suit to distract her during her set, Sheryl later got revenge. On a night soon after, Sheryl appeared on stage during Mayer's set in a bikini with a baton and some "friends". Sheryl looks absolutely fantastic after dealing with her cancer and breakup..... I don't recommend dressing up in a bear suit or a bikini and jumping on stage with your favorite artist. I've tried both & I have the bruises from security to prove it's not a good idea.
For John Mayer's complete story & humorous look at his & Sheryl's trickery, check his blog out:

Scarlett cures Monday blues

It's Monday. I'm feeling a bit rundown. After looking at Scarlett Johanson, I feel like I can take on the workweek. It seems like Scarlett is ready for Gym class in some porno movie. "Dodgeball 2: Scarlett's revenge"?....

Geno says Grudge 2 is Good

I saw "The Grudge 2" this weekend. I liked it. It received some bad reviews, but it scared the heck outta me & wasn't bad. I find myself walking around doing the eerie noise that the spirit makes...owahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....I can't help it. It's kinda catchy.

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