Friday, October 13, 2006

Fantastic Four Marriage, Chaos & Horror....

"Fantastic Four 2" is being filmed. From the photo, I can deduce that Sue Richards (Jessica Alba) is getting married. Her brother Johnny is walking her down the aisle. At least I hope he is, if they're getting married, that would be a disturbing twist.....In the comic FF world, Civil war is wrecking havoc on the FF as the team is divided over the Hero registration act. Sue has left Reed, and Ben has taken off. The horror!!!!!! In the Ultimate FF world, I'm trying to get over the fact that superstar artist Greg Land has left the book. He is however doing art chores on a new Ultimate Power series....I know....I am a complete loser.

Buy Tara Reed for under 8 bucks

Tara Reed's new movie "Incubus" will not be released in theaters, but will instead be available for download on a new AOL site.
Tara recently came forward with her plastic surgery nightmare stories. Maybe the interest in her bad breast implants and botched liposuction will have curious fans downloading the movie.... But why would you want to watch this sure disaster of a movie? Do you really hate your money that much? Don't download Tara, give the money to a homeless person or better than that, give it to me.

M & M

How cute is Maria Menounos? Damn cute. She seems even cuter while posing with Big Bird. It cost me $1500 to pay off the actor, so I could jump in the Big Bird suit to pose with Maria, but it was worth every penny. When I took off the suit and got down on one knee to propose to Maria, she was a bit surprised. She should be getting back to me any day now with her answer....When she ran away with security, I know that was a great sign.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Trixie is Lost

Last night's "Lost" was another good episode. There were plenty of interesting & exciting moments. I choose to focus on the fact that "Deadwood's" "Trixie" showed up on the episode. Paula Malcomson played one of the "Others" and seemed to be an interesting badass....To my dismay, she was shot in the gut her first episode. I found myself screaming "No Trixie No!!!!". Nicky Pants said it best. "It looks like Trixie turned her last trick." I'm not sure if she'll survive next week, but I'll be watching.

I am a better man for this

Scarlett Johanson's new Esquire photo shoot is intriguing. I believe I am a better person and more informed about world events after looking at these photos.....

Son of a....

CBS has apparently pulled the plug on the excellent show "Smith". I tried to watch my recording of this week's show & instead was treated to a CSI repeat. "Smith" has disappeared completely from CBS' website. From what I read, the show is cancelled. The show aired for only 3 weeks & suffered from poor ratings. You would think that CBS would give such a top-notch program another chance, but it does not look good. Son of a.........

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Wheel In The Sky Keeps on Turning

Journey got a nice honor being put on Mohegan Sun's walk of fame last month along with Def Leppard. Jeff Scott Soto continues to front the band & seems to be the lead singer for the upcoming UK tour in March....There's a ton of heated discussions of the lead singer situation on the official Journey website's message board. Steve Augeri is still featured on the web page, but no official announcement about whether Augeri will come back or Soto will officially be named the
new lead singer. Soto gets raves from the fans, but there are loyal Augeri fans who await their fave coming back.

The many sides of Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel looks great in ripped jeans and a Wonder Woman t-shirt while she walked her dogs earlier this week. She also look fab dressed up for the premiere of the most recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. I have to admit that I prefer the Wonder Woman/Torn jeans look. I wonder if all the Biel starring as Wonder Woman stories have any merit? Next time Jessica & I talk in our comic book discussion group, I'll have to ask her.

Selma is Smokin'

Only Selma Hayek can pull off wearing a hat like that. She was in Paris, so I guess it works there. Selma is a fine looking woman whose Spanish accent adds to the wonderful package. When she calls me late at night and sings me my favorite ASIA songs in Spanish, it makes me weep every single time. God Bless you Selma.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mystery solved

After watching "Heroes", I kept asking myself where I've seen the cute, short-haired brunette that keeps getting my attention. After some research, I've figured it out....The 25 year old Nora Zehetner
first caught my attention in the too cool movie "Brick". She's also appeared on "Everwood" among many other projects....Maybe her role as the bad girl in "Brick" has me thinking crazy, but I have a funny feeling that her "Heroes" character isn't what she seems. I think she's in cahoots with the evil stepfather....That's right you heard it here first!!!!

How come?

How come I can't get Fergie's "London Bridge" song out of my head. I don't own the CD, I don't even watch the video for long when it appears on MTV or VH1. I think it must be some kind of mind control. That Fergie is a genius manipulator of the human subconscious!....How come every time you come around my London Bridge wanna go down....Damnit Fergie.

Best show you are not watching

"Dexter" continues to be the most chilling & original show on TV. Too lazy or busy to watch "Dexter"? Just click on the link & watch on your computer you sloth!!!

Hiro is my Hero

It's crazy I know. You can't believe your eyes. My first "Heroes" post and I'm not posting about any of the cuties on the show. Ya, that's right. My favorite is Hiro. He's the coolest, most original character on network TV. He's a fan favorite & probably will be type cast as this guy for the rest of his life. In 2052, he'll be signing ""Heroes"" memorabilia at conventions. But hey, good for him! "Heroes" is as good as the hype.....And yes, I'll be blogging on the "Heroes" babes in the near future....

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