Saturday, September 30, 2006

More Kate is never enough

Kate Beckinsale looked stunning when she appeared at the London premier of "Click" recently. I see that Kate doesn't have her husband's name on the back of her dress as she did in the earlier bikini post.......

Friday, September 29, 2006

Make it stop

Dustin Diamond. Sex Tape. Why? Why? Make it all stop. If you want to watch a clip of the video, go search on the internet. I'm too busy vomiting.....

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Smith casting is Smart

Still haven't checked "Smith" starring Ray Liotta yet? C'mon, it's a great show. Entertaining, thrilling with lots of intrigue. And....Smart. Ya, Amy Smart. Amy plays a criminal bad girl who has no soul. It's one of her best roles and she plays it to perfection.

Give me 50

"Home of The Brave" opens this December in a theater near you. The Army should consider using Jessica Biel's role as a soldier to try to recruit new soldiers..."Son, you want to meet hot women? Look at this. This is the type of woman that you'll meet in the army & probably marry. Now just sign here for the 12 year plan.............."

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

George Clooney's #1 fan

Geno's World fave Lisa Rinna makes an interesting political statement with the pictured t-shirt. Clooney for president? O.k., why not. The guy is well rounded. He's been Batman, a CIA agent, a Doctor, he could be president....

Hot star snags two hot shows

Rena Sofer has landed recurring roles on two hot shows "24" and "Heroes". Rena has starred in countless TV shows such as "Blind Justice", "Ed", "Coupling", "Melrose Place" to name just a few. But she'll always be "Lois" from General Hospital to me. In any case, it will be great to see the lovely Rena back on Television....Of course I can always look at the full-wall mural of Rena that I have on my bedroom wall. But that gets old after a while....

This one is for the producer

This post is for my co-worker who is putting together a big production for the upcoming weekend. I decided to get some photos of his favorite Kate Beckinsale. I had a long trip last night to get these photos of her and her husband Len Wiseman, but I think it's worth it. The strange part is that Kate has "Mrs. Wiseman" written on her bikini bottom. Weird. How many women do you know have their husband's last name written on their bikini bottom?...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chevy Chase is an anti-Semitic murderer

Hey Kids! Chevy Chase got himself an appearance on a November episode of "Law & Order". Chevy plays a TV celebrity who gets pulled over for drunk driving with blood all over his clothes. His religious prejudice comes out after his arrest. "Ripped From The Headlines"? Ya, but I don't remember Mel being covered in blood.....

Walk with me

I've posted about my dislike of Jennifer Aniston in the past. I just don't think she's a "real nice" person. In any case, I have to admit that she looks absolutely fantastic in a t-shirt and cut-off shorts. A mark of a true beauty. And she obviously is an amimal lover. That's sweet....But I still don't like her.

Naked T

Selma Blair has started a new fashion trend. Wear a t-shirt of yourself nude while looking disheveled. I think I'll try that. I'm not sure the reaction will be at work, but I'm sure people will love the nude picture of me on a t-shirt......

Monday, September 25, 2006

Fake boyfriend is getting all the press

My secret girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt continues to be photographed in public with her "boyfriend" whathisname. When Love and I were together this weekend, we were photographed quite a bit in public. Unfortunately, her publicists hires a couple of goons to follow us and destroy all the film or purchase it....In any case look for me on this week's "Ghost Whisperer" episode. Love got me a part. I play Street thug #5. It's a breakthrough role for me.


I've never been a huge fan of Carmen Electra. Her choice of men and fake breasts have always turned me off. That being said, she is very pretty & I love her appearance in Joan Jett's new ACDC video. That added to the fact that we both have a love of Coca Cola has now sealed the deal. I now count myself as one of Carmen's fans. I know she must be thrilled to death to read this....

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