Friday, September 08, 2006

Janelle voted off Big Brother, Geno will be there to pick up the pieces.

I watched the tape of last night's Big Brother this morning. Janelle was voted off. My on/off again fiance fought the good fight, made some very bad decisions that drove me crazy, but she played a good game overall. I've decided to drive to California & be there for the finale where I will greet Janelle. I plan on arriving in a horse-driven carriage driven by 24 horses. The carriage will be driven by Fabio. Next to Fabio will be Kenny Rogers singing his hit "Lady". When I exit the carriage, Kenny will be singing and I will present Janelle with 24 dozen roses and a 2 carot diamond ring. If she says yes, we will ride off into the sunset a happy couple...If she says no, I will leave with Fabio driving the carriage and Kenny Rogers singing "The Gambler".....You've got to know when to fold 'em.....

Elizabeth Hurley is better than caffeine

I'm a little tired this morning after the concert last night. These photos of Elizabeth Hurley kind of woke me up. I feel like I now can take on the day!....I need more coffee..

A dream come true!

I'm still on a cloud after seeing ASIA in Boston last night! The show was incredible. The venue was great & although there were no seats, there wasn't a bad "seat" in the house. After the camping adventure, I actually arrived at the venue around a hour before e start & perched myself on the side on some steps....The band sounded great. From the opening "Time Again" to the final notes of "Heat of The Moment", I was grinning ear to ear and singing along. Some sounds that were never my favorite from the first album like "Without You" and "One Step Closer" were surprisingly great live. My personal favorites "Cutting it Fine" and "Here Comes The Feeling" didn't disappoint. Great! The highlight of the show for me was the ELP cover of "Fanfare For The Common Man". It was FIERCE!!!!! The jam feel to the song and the guitar/keyboard battle between Geoff and Steve was fantastic. John sounded fantastic. The voice is still there & he plays a mean bass!! Carl seemed like the leader of the band as he came out from behind the drumkit to talk to the crowd at certain points. His playing was spectacular. What an amazing showman! The setlist was perfect for me. Some people have nit picked at it, but to make everyone happy, the boys would have to play for about 6 hours or so!! I can't wait to relive the experience when a DVD of the tour is made available..... A great experience. The guys seemed to really be enjoying themselves. As John said "Better Late than never!" (His "pahhhhking the cahhhhh" Boston accent quip was even funny.) I can only hope that this is just a small step in ASIA living on in the future....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I won't do it

I saw that someone famous got in trouble for DUI. I swore that I would never blog about this person who shall not be named.... Instead, look at the cute dog who is in his basket of toys. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Isn't that better than a no-talent floozie who got pulled over?

Boston invaded by ASIA...Geno goes crazy with excitement

The day is here!!!!! ASIA plays Boston tonight. I can't contain myself. The Boston Globe had a great article about the band today. To read it go to:

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Geno busted for love of ASIA

Ok, I didn't actually get arrested. I think it was due to my charm....or something. But I did have to take the tent down because of legal issues. The officers who "talked" to me were cool guys. But I can't watch my heroes of ASIA from a prison cell, so I accepted their request to take down the "ASIA" tent. Booooooooooooooooooooooo.

Chicks rule

Chilltown was dealt a major blow last night as the evil Dr. Will was voted out of Big Brother. Will & Boogie's great strategy almost worked up to the end. But there is a problem when the two women who you are lying to are stuck in the same house....They eventually talked to each other and compared notes. They found out that Will & Mike were telling each one of them the same lies....whoops....Janelle went on to win the power of veto & had the sole vote to evict someone. She sent her "man" Will home in a shocking live tv moment. Will took it in stride & was pretty level headed. His partner Boogie, sulked & looked like he was about to weep. Erika went on to win the first leg of the final HOH competition...We'll see what happens next.....I am realizing that my former fiance Janelle now has a great shot of winning the $500,000. I have to make sure that I'm waiting outside the big brother house with roses and a ring when she leaves the house as the winner.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hey wait, it's him....and her...and him....and her!!!!!!!!

I have a close relative that lives in New York. Whenever I visit them, I'm always searching for celebrities on the street. I'm usually very unsuccessful....Anyway, here are Seal, Gavin Rossdale, Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani and kids strolling along the Manhattan streets....Was I there? No. But I saw Rupert's mother from Rupert's deli that is featured on the David Letterman show the last time I was in Manhattan. That's much cooler than Seal, Gavin, Heidi and Gwen....Ok, maybe not.


Lindsay Lohan's man is a bit um......touchy feely with Lindsay. Nothing like having your boyfriend feel you up in public. Maybe he was seeing if they felt real? Maybe he was checking her for dangerous lumps?....Or maybe he's just a horny bastard.

2 days and counting....

The ASIA show in Boston is only 2 days away!!!! The reviews for the first shows of the tour have been overwhelmingly positive. I can't wait!...And of course...the tent is up!!! Barring any work emergencies, weather issues or law enforcement problems, I will be camping out to see my heroes.

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