Friday, September 01, 2006

Ben Affleck kills Bob Hoskins. Film at 11...

Someone should tell Ben that he's not really Superman and that Bob Hoskins isn't Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor.....I still can't wait for "Hollywoodland"...

1st Maria Menounous post. Hooray!

I bumped into Maria Menounous the other day. She grabbed me by the shoulders and said "Geno! Why oh why have you never featured me on Geno's World?" After we sat down at a local Cafe and talked things out, I decided to feature Maria more often. Here she is at last night's MTV awards..... What a beauty!

Final Four

Danielle and Chicken George were voted off of Big Brother last night. This leaves a final four of Will, Janelle, Mike & Erika. Will & Mike continued to lie to everyone last night as they told Janelle, Erika and George on separate occasions that they were the secret third member of Chilltown....Very funny! Will deserves to win, he's the king (or queen as in the picture) of deceit. Janelle and Erika are too lovesick with Will and Mike respectively to think straight...

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Say it isn't so! Carolyn from "The Apprentice" has been fired by Donald Trump. She will no longer be part of the show, but more importantly, she is no longer an employee of the Trump organization...The New York Post said the reason for the firing was that her head was getting too big & she was spending too much time promoting herself and her own projects as opposed to Trump business. It's a shame, I liked her on the show, but Trump is replacing her with his daughter, Ivanka, so all is not lost...ahhh Ivanka....Carolyn who?....No really, I'll miss Carolyn, she's a good egg.

Ben Affleck is Superman

"Hollywoodland" opens in theaters next week. It focuses on the life/mysterious death of George Reeves who played Superman in the cool TV series way back when. Ben Affleck plays Reeves in the movie which also stars Adrian Brody and Diane Lane. The previews look very interesting, I can't wait to see it....I do have one small dilemma. Should I wear my classic Superman costume to the film or wear my most modern version. I want to be true to the film, so I'll probably go with the classic version....

Jessica Biel plays fetch

Jessica Biel is buff and hot, even when she's dressed down and walking her dog. She even seems to enjoy playing fetch!! When I walk my dog, nobody ever takes my picture. I feel so unimportant.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A veto win, a breakdown and Neil Patrick Harris, oh my!

Last night's Big Brother featured Janelle winning the power of Veto, Danielle getting nominated as her replacement, Danielle going bananas crying and screaming and.........Neil Patrick Harris visiting the house. What more can you ask for? Once again Will & Mike are behind the scenes, lying, charming and scheming as they remain safe. Janelle proved once again that she won't go quietly as last night's Veto was the third she has won. And good ole' Chicken George looks like he'll be safe from the vote as Danielle made everyone scared and uncomfortable...But CBS promises two evictions tomorrow, so who knows what will happen....And yes, BB fan Neil Patrick Harris stopped by the house and gave the houseguests presents. It was a cheesy way for CBS to promote "How I Met Your Mother", but it was fun....How come Neil Patrick Harris never stops by my house to give me presents???? Man what a ripoff....

It's official

ASIA kicked off the tour last night in New York. The reviews are in & the fans are thrilled! The band played the entire first album along with "Ride Easy", "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes", "Don't Cry" and the 4 covers from their respective pasts. There will be discussions about the setlist, but playing the complete first album can't be argued with. It was their finest moment....I can't wait!! Photo of last night's show from Dave Gallant's website:

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lacey is lovely

"Party of Five"'s Lacey Chabert is a honest to goodness babe. Before you get all weirded out because she was the little sister on "Party", she is 23 years old now. I wonder if she still plays the violin....I wonder if she still stays in touch with her old castmates...I wonder if she likes creepy, older bloggers.....

Amy Lee scares & excites me

Evanescence is back. Their new single "Call Me When Your Sober" is a smash on MTV & sounds great! The new CD "The Open Door" is being released on October 3. To sample the new CD go to their website at

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Heat Goes On

The ASIA tour kicks off tommorow in New York. If you're going, drop a line here & leave a review. Dave Gallant has written a rave review of the rehearsals on his website:
When I attend the Boston show, I will be wearing a tuxedo and be accompanied by two female models from Howie Mandel's "Deal or No Deal" show. It's how I roll dog.

Liars rule

Three cheers for Will & Mike on "Big Brother". They continue to lie & scheme against every person in the house, yet continue to avoid being kicked out. Mike Boogie used his powers of romance on Erika and she put Chicken George and Janelle up for nomination, sparing Chill Town once again...Last night's footage of Will carrying on a romance with the outdoor camera was disturbing and wildly funny! I've become inspired and am now attempting to woo my computer monitor....I'll keep you updated on my progress...

I see cleavage

I watched a bit of the Emmys last night. Conan was great. The prepared jokes between the presenters were painful to listen to. Thank God for Steven Cobert and John Stewart. Their banter was fun & entertaining. It was great to see Kiefer and "24" win Emmys and Blythe Danner win for "Huff". Good for them!...Of course, the real fun is to look at all the pretty ladies. I have my favorites pictured here....

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