Friday, August 25, 2006

I feel pretty oh so pretty....

Good Lord. How does Jessica Biel keep getting better and better looking? How?.....It's a question I often ask myself as I look in the mirror everyday. I do it by self-delusion, Jessica probably has some other method.

Chicken man survives

James got evicted from Big Brother last night as Chicken George remains safe. It's down to the final 6: Erika, Danielle, Janelle, George, Will & Mike. BB announced that two people will be leaving the house next week....It will be interesting to see who turns on who....I'm rooting for the Chicken Man. George is carefree, as you can see in the picture. Kind of like how I live my life, carefree.... I just may adopt the nickname of Chicken Geno....O.k. that sound ridiculous. Maybe not.

Keyboard Wizard rocks on

Happy 54th Birthday to Geoff Downes!!! The keyboard legend has played with The Buggles, Yes, White, ICON and of course ASIA. Geoff has the distinction of being the first person ever seen on MTV when MTV broadcast the Buggles' "Video Killed The Radio Star" video as it's first video.....Best wishes to a talented gentleman who is gearing up for the ASIA tour. See you in Boston Geoff!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dexter starts killing in October

Showtime has announced that "Dexter" will premiere in October. This show starring Michael C. Hall of "6 Feet Under" may just make me forgive Showtime for canceling "Huff".

The horror!!! Jessica Alba gets tooth knocked out

Yes It's true. While filming a love scene for her new film "Good Luck, Chuck", Alba smashed faces with co-star Dane Cook and lost a tooth. Her publicist offered a conflicting report than Jessica saying that she chipped a tooth and had it repaired....Thank God. We can all sleep easier now. A disaster was averted and our prayers were answered. Jessica is still beautiful. All is good.

Shop, Snap, Shop, Snap

For some reason, I never get my photo taken when I try on clothes in a store. Perhaps it's because I look nothing like Kristin Cavallari. Or perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I never contact the media before I go shopping...hmmmmm. Maybe I'll try that next time I plan on getting a new pair of jeans.

Geno blazing over the airwaves

It was a thrill to talk live to ASIA last night on Rockline!! To have the guys recognize me as "That Geno!!!" was really an experience. We now have confirmation that the legendary John Wetton visits Genos World to check out the "pictures"!!
ASIA performed 3 songs live acoustic last night. They sounded great as they performed "Ride Easy", "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes" and "Don't Cry". I'm a little tired today from staying up late to listen & call in. I'm tired, but man I can't stop smiling!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rock me

ASIA will be performing live tonight and answering phone calls on Rockline at 11:30pm EST. To listen go to to listen on the web tonight or get a list of radio affiliates in your area. It's the first time the four original members are playing in public in 23 years.... And, if your lucky, maybe you'll hear Geno asking a question...... "Do you need a fifth member?", "What's your favorite color?" and "ummmmmmmmm hi" are under consideration.

James gets beat up by a girl and cries

On last night's Big Brother, Janelle won the power of Veto and saved herself from eviction. She literally wrestled victory from James' hands and perhaps sealed his fate. It was hilarious watching James refuse to hug Janelle and almost crying that Janelle cheated. Will said it best "Janlle kicked his ass!" She wrestled the doll from his hands, physically overcame him while screaming at him. Bwahahahahahaa! James is such a tool. I admit that Janelle beating James up had me rethinking my dumping her....Perhaps I was a bit too hasty.

Feed the poor

You know, we really should do something about feeding the poor. There's quite a lot of people in our own country who are hungry on the streets. Call your local charity organization and see what your can do to help your fellow man in need.......What does this have to do with pictures of Sienna Miller in a bikini? I'll get back to you.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Summer cleaning

In order to be more organized & to keep computers from trying to keep up with the 9 bazillion posts and pictures on my blog...I have the latest 30 posts being featured on the main page. If you feel nostalgic for a classic post, click on the archive section on the right. No need to thank me, I live to serve.

Natalie Portman likes Hot Dogs

Yaaaaa! Natalie Portman is back to her dark hair. She looks at cute as ever. I'm not sure what to think about the fact that Nat is seen coming out of a hot dog joint. I'm kind of impressed that she likes the hot dogs. It makes her seem more real...Not like the Natalie Portman doll that's in my bedroom. That one is fake.....

Deep thoughts and provocative film making

Just a reminder that "Jackass Number 2" opens September 22. Looking at these photos of the sequel, I am preparing myself for all the romance and political issues that the film promises.....O.k., I can't wait to see this movie. The first movie had me laughing with tears streaming down my face.

Willow blossoms

Alyson Hannigan of "How I met your mother" and "Buffy" is sporting a new hair color. I think she looks fantastic! If you happen to see Alyson on the street, scream "Hey Willow!" or "This one time in band camp...". She loves it when people do that. Trust me.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Business meeting with Kate

I had a meeting recently with Kate Beckinsale. We discussed my upcoming role in the third "Underworld" movie. The meeting was great with a nice lunch and some swimming. Unfortunately, I will be playing the part of Werewolf #42. I get chopped in half by Kate's character. I was hoping for a love scene....Damnit!

Apprentice slays the Master Jedi

Howie should have remembered his Jedi history a little better. His Jedi Apprentice Chicken George nominated him as a replacement for Veto winner James & Howie was evicted on Big Brother last night. If Howie remembered Star Wars history, Obi Wan Kenobi is eventually betrayed and killed by his Jedi Apprentice Darth Vader....What does this teach us? We obviously should live our lives according to Star Wars mythology. It's real man. Real.

Happy Couple

I'm happy for Carmen Electra and Jessica Simpson. After they both had tough breakups with men, they have found love with each other. The hot new couple is seen here at the Teen Choice Awards. Good for them for not hiding their red hot love for each other....I actually had dinner with the two at a secret location recently. Both women are very affectionate with each other and it was very cute to watch. After a pillow fight in our pjs followed by skinny dipping in the pool, we all slept in the same bed with our favorite stuffed animals.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dream Theater rocks on VH1 Classic

VH1 Classic will be airing a 1hour hour edited version of Dream Theater's upcoming "Score" Concert DVD. The show will be preceeded by Metal Mania hosted by Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci of Dream Theater. The show premiers this Friday the 25th at 8pm with Metal Mania and 9pm with the Score concert....If you've never seen Dream Theater play live, this is a great oppertunity to discover a truly fantastic band. If you are an ASIA fan that reads this blog, give DT a try. Steve Howe has rocked with the group on their "Once In a Livetime" DVD and John Wetton appeared with Mike Portnoy on an ELP tribute CD. Watch the concert on VH1 Classic!!! I have spoken.

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