Friday, August 11, 2006

Technical difficulties


Whoooooooops! Due to technical difficulties in last night's Big Brother HOH competition, they had a late night "do-over".....Erika is no longer the HOH, the new winner is my future bride....Janelle. Speculation is running rampant on the web that Janelle will put James up for nomination. But what most people don't remember is that Janelle doesn't know that James has turned on her....We shall see...

Inappropriate office attire

Cutie Jenna Fischer who plays Pam on "The Office" wears only a sheet in the current Jane magazine. I do not recommend wearing just a sheet to your office. Your boss may not appreciate it...Or if you look like Jenna does in a sheet, your boss may like it a bit too much....

Camping out for ASIA days 24-25

The weather has been great the last couple of days. Perfect weather for camping out for the world's greatest rock band! I am a bit concerned that I'm not eating properly. Maybe I can have a health food store start delivering to my tent.....Or I could just go to Wendys.....

Third eviction for Kaysar

Kaysar was evicted from Big Brother last night. He admitted after being evicted that he just wasn't suited for the game. It was interesting watching Kaysar see the videos of his housemates telling him that James had turned on him and backstabbed him. We'll see how this week goes with Erika being HOH and the new Coup De Tat twist....Why did I include Janelle in the picture of Kaysar? Are you insane?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I can't look

If you watched the news today (or any day really) , you probably feel like curling up and hiding. What's the lesson here? I don't know. Let me ask the bunny.

Me: Bunny, What lesson can we learn from the daily horrors on the news?

Bunny: I like carrots.

Me: Um, o.k., but what about Airport screenings, attempted bombings, nuclear weapons and gas prices?

Bunny: I like female bunnies

Me: Sigh.....You know, I think bunny is a genius who has everything in perspective.

Drop everything, learn how to sing

I have decided to become a singer. Why? If guys who look like Seal can marry Heidi Klum, it's got to work for me..... O.k., Seal is a tremendous talent who makes great music...But how about the Black Crowes lead singer that married Kate Hudson?? He's a talented dude too, but man he ain't pretty....


This week's TV Guide has a good interview with "24"'s Kiefer Sutherland. The new season starts in January with Jack Bauer having been a prisoner of the Chinese for two months. Kiefer promises a Jack Bauer that we've never seen before: weak and vulnerable. Season 6 will be Jack's long journey back from the lowest point of his life. I can't wait!! I may have to camp out in front of my TV after the ASIA show to wait for the new season of "24"....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Camping out for ASIA day 23

There is a revised tour poster for the ASIA tour which also promotes the release of ASIA-The definitive collection CD....
The rehearsals are said to be going well. I sit in my tent waiting with great anticipation!!!! Who sang that "anticipation" song? Carly Simon? Simon and Garfunkel? Simon LeBon? I digress.......

Preemptive strike

Robin Willams has entered rehab for alcoholism. I can only imagine that seeing what happened to Mel Gibson affected Williams' thinking. Before pulling a "Mel" and destroying his career, Williams is getting help...Think about it, what the heck would a drunk Robin Williams say to a cop? I mean the guy is insane without any help from Jack Daniels...

I'm very cultured

I will be buying an opera CD. Ya, that's right!!! Dream Theater lead singer James LaBrie is teaming up with others for an exciting Rock-Opera project. Visit
I'm not a newcomer to the Opera. Many a night, you can find me dressed in a tux at the theater with a supermodel. It's just how I like to pass the time while I'm not fighting crime or camping out in a tent....

Janelle runs over black widow

Poor Danielle. The self proclaimed "black widow" of Big Brother had all her plans go up in smoke. Despite having 5 players playing against her in the veto competition, Janelle revved her engine and destroyed the compettion. It didn't help that Chill town's Will & Boogie took $5,000, a trip to Arbua and a plasma TV instead of getting ponts to hurt Janelle's chances. Will & Boogie's diary room sessions continue to be priceless!!.....By the way, looking at Janelle in leather pants has inspired me to wear my leather pants today....Unfortunately, I can't sit down & I'm going to have a serious problem when I have to go to the bathroom....damn

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Camping out for ASIA day 22

I am a hero. Plain and simple. While in the middle of my camping out for ASIA, I stopped a mugging. It helped that the mugger was drunk and smaller than I am. Anyway, the old lady was grateful & I feel like I've made the streets a safer place.....I need a cape.

Is it over yet?

I'm tired of Lindsay Lohan. Why exactly is she famous? "Mean Girls" was a good movie & "Herbie" was good family fun, but I've had enough. Why am I even wasting my precious blog space?... Oh ya, she has a large bosom. I'm shallow. Think they are real?

Set your Tivo & VCRs now

Tommorow's "Regis & Kelly" may be the greatest hour of television ever. Any hour with Kelly is fantastic, but when you add Scandal with Patty Smyth and Elisha Cuthbert, you get instant magic!!! I would go to the show, but I'm already banned from "Regis & Kelly" and there is the little matter of a restraining order filed by Elisha's lawyer......

Monday, August 07, 2006

Fantasy football tip

If you are one of those people who are into fantasy football, have I got a tip for you! Who should you draft at Quarterback? A proven veteran like Brady or McNabb? A rookie like Leinart or Young? No!!!!! Go with Jessica Biel.....O.K., she doesn't play for any NFL team, but hey look at her!! Can any of the other guys look as good as she does while throwing a football in a bikini?? I rest my case.

Buy early, buy often, just keep buying!!!

I am now the proud owner of 2500 acres of property in California. I saw Erik Estrada hawking land on TV & I just couldn't help myself. I bought everything I could get my hands on. I mean, if Ponch says it's cool, I have to go for it, right?........No really, has anyone actually responded to this ad? Anyone? Bueller?

Camping out for ASIA days 20-21

I've reached the 3 week mark in my camping out for ASIA odyssey! Please , please hold your applause... Today is the day when the four ASIA guys get together to begin rehearsals. Woohooo!! Anyway, this weekend was pretty uneventful in my tent....Oh there was that one incident with the exotic dancer who stopped by to ask directions. For some reason, she thought that a guy in a tent would be the right guy to ask where the Thompson bachelor party was. When I told her, she found it, that it was in my tent, she didn't believe me.....

Public Service Message

Hey kids. Don't drink & party too much. And if you're pretty and famous, stay that way & don't get plastic surgery. If you do that, you can avoid being Tara Reid.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

Danielle won HOH on Big Brother last night. She proceeded to put James and Janelle up for eviction. James is a "pawn" who was put there by Danielle to make sure that Janelle is surrounded on all sides by people intent on her demise. What will happen? Can Janelle win the power of veto? Will Howie continue to eat everything in sight? Is James serious when he says Janelle is a fat S$#@? What the hell is wrong with that boy????

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