Saturday, August 05, 2006

I am a big Mr. Sunshine

I escaped from the tent for a movie break today. I went to see "Little Miss Sunshine". The movie is as good as the buzz said it was. A laugh out loud, touching movie that will move you. Not since "Napoleon dynamite" has there been a dance scene so memorable!!! Go see this movie. If you don't, you'll be hearing about this movie during Oscar time & saying "Oh ya, that Geno guy said it was good...damn. I should have listened to Geno!"

Camping out for ASIA day 19

My quest in camping out for the ASIA show in September has left me from doing a few things. One of them is shaving. I have to say that I get a little frightened when I look at myself.... Not only am I staying in a tent on the street, but I'm starting to look a bit "insane". In any case, I remain dedicated to toughing it out to see the best band in the world!

Friday, August 04, 2006

A subtle plea

Just a friendly reminder that I am accepting donations to my little blog. If you like what you see, feel free to click on the "Please Give me Money" link in the link section on the right. The amazon system accepts donations as small as $1. Or, if you want to give me a million, that's cool too. What does the picture of the baby bunny have to do with this? I dunno.

Hate used as marketing

A note from Will on "Big Brother"???? No a promotion for "Little Miss Sunshine" which opens today. The movie starring Steve Carrell, Greg Kinear, Toni Colette among others is getting tremendous reviews. I just may have to see it.........

Camping out for ASIA days 17 & 18

I've got my portable keyboard in my tent. My skills aren't up there with Geoff Downes, but I have convinced myself that I'm pretty good. When I play along to ASIA tracks, I sound incredible. It's interesting though, when I play without any backing tracks, the sound just isn't up to par. It's got to be a coincidence...... After all, I am a musical genius. :) The camping journey in my tent continues.....

Public enemy number 1

Janelle has big problems on "Big Brother". Always feared/hated by half the house, Janelle is losing even her biggest fans like Marcellas. Marcellas has promised to get Janelle out of the house even while Janelle said she loved Marcellas on live television last night. I fear for my future wife. I know that she is doing what she thinks is best, but it does put our spectacular wedding in jeopardy if she doesn't win the show. I may have to cancel having Eddie Money perform at the wedding and cancel the elephant and tiger in costume routine at the reception.....

Love's boyfriend is yellow

Jennifer Love Hewitt's "boyfriend" is obviously having a bad effect on her. His weird obsession with yellow shirts is rubbing off on her. I pledge once again to never wear a sissy yellow shirt while I'm with Love. I also pledge to keep up the facade that this yellow shirt wearing dude is her boyfriend. Love and I know the real truth. When she whispers in my ear that she loves me, and that I'm the only one that she truly loves, I know she's telling me the truth.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

You can do it! No wait....You can't do it!

I guess Mel will be written out of "Deuce Bigalo 3" and "Benchwarmers 2"......

24 Movie plotline leaked

I've heard a little buzz about the plotline of the upcoming "24" movie that is yet to start filming. The plot involves Jack Bauer infiltrating a counterfeiting ring that specializes in counterfeiting ones and fives. The operation is based is a secret basement lair of Wardo's Bargain store. Wardo is said to be played in the movie by little known English actor "Brother" Thomas Morrissey... Again, these are unfounded rumors, and I will do my best to pass along more info....

Doh! Dana!

My sentimental favorite on "Rockstar-Supernova", Dana was kicked off the show last night. It just might not be the worst thing in the world for her though. She seems like a nice young lady & going on tour with the three animals of Supernova might completely destroy her sanity!... I am publicly offering to take Dana under my management wing and helping her career. I think it's quite nice of me. I only want 80% and she has to become my rock-chick girlfriend. How can she refuse that fantastic offer?

Tori Spelling is becoming a real life sitcom

Yes, that's right. Another Tori Spelling post. Tori has hired a company to sell 200 pieces of her designer clothing on eBay to raise money. For starving children? For cancer research? No. For her life style. As we know, poor Tori is still reeling from getting screwed out of her father's will.... What will Tori do next to raise cash?.........

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Camping out for ASIA day 16

It is almost too hot to type. I feel like Carl Palmer probably does after one of his outstanding drum solos. I'm a little worried. The heat induced mirages are starting to talk back to me. Not that it's a totally bad thing. The conversations are quite interesting and make the time pass quickly...I have to go. Richard Nixon is asking me a question....

Jessica Simpson wears great lipstick

Say what you will about Jessica Simpson, but she has great taste in lipstick. As you can clearly see in this photo......Huh? What do you mean? Click on the picture? Look at what? Man you are a depraved individual. Go take a cold shower. I am ashamed of you.....

Janelle goes to the dark side

My future wife Janelle has fallen under evil Dr. Will's spell and helped the chilltown alliance on Big Brother. Janelle helped Mike in the veto competition & was caught in a lie by her alliance. James has sworn that he will get Janelle out of the house as quickly as possible....Meanwhile Will & Mike Boogie's "phone-calls" to each other in the diary room are outrageously funny! Will's charm and guile has saved his buddy & put a target on Janelle's back. I find myself rooting for the guy. How great is it that he tells everyone that he hates them, begs to be kicked off the show, and yet he survives week after week while getting stronger in the game....

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Give it away, give it away now

Finally some good news for Tori Spelling....After revealing to Giant magazine that she and her husband enjoy watching hardcore porn from, Tori will be getting freebies. "We're going to give her free porn for life" company CEO Jax Smith is quoted as saying. Smith had hoped to get Tori's permission to release the list of pornos that Tori has watched. For some reason she turned him down....Anyway, the good new is that Tori & her husband won't have to worry about rental fees anymore. Mommy must be so proud!!

Camping out for ASIA day 15

6 days until the 4 original members of ASIA start rehearsals for the upcoming tour! It's been over 2 weeks now since I first put up my tent. Today is nearing 100 degrees. It's quite toasty. It's hotter than a Steve Howe guitar solo.......There was a car accident outside the tent earlier. Luckily nobody was hurt, although it did cause the local authorities to take another look at my tent. My tent has been searched about 9 times now. I only have my dog Alpha, Cocoa Krispies, Water, portable TV , 9 million ASIA CDs and a portable generator. No contraband! I repeat...No contraband!

Mel's Mug

I have to say that I'm disappointed with Mel Gibson's mug shot. He does have the drunken eyes look down though. Mel's people have announced that he's going into rehab. I'm sure that Oprah, Barbara Walers and Diane Sawyer are scrambling to get the post-rehab interview as we speak. We can look forward to questions like "Mel what was your childhood like?" "Mel did your insane father have anything to do with your drinking and racist views" "Mel do you think I have sugar tits?"

I am a warrior

Scandal is back! The band is part of a "We Are The 80's" tour and will be appearing next week on "Regis & Kelly". Patty Smyth has always been one of my favorites. She's got the perfect rock voice. Break out your old Scandal or Patty Smyth albums or grab Patty's greatest hits CD. Good stuff! I even forgive Patty for marrying John MacEnroe...."You can't be serious!!!!"

Monday, July 31, 2006


Pamela Anderson married Kid Rock. There's pictures off the wedding with Pam in a sailor hat and a bikini and Kid Rock in a Detroit Tigers hat. Do we really need to see that? I didn't think so. I instead present you with a picture of a dog and a ferret. I believe the dog and the fereet's friendship will last longer than Pam & Kid. I just have a hunch.

Camping out for ASIA days 12-14

My camping out for the ASIA show in September has hit a few snags, but I remain determined. The local business owners and the local authorities aren't my biggest fans. I can't understand why. I'm a clean cut, employed guy who just so happens to be camping out on the streets of Boston to see the greatest band of all time....I have received great support from my dog Alpha, the newspaper guy Benito, Melissa(who feeds me well) and others. I have also attracted quite a bit of curious passerbys who are intrigued to hear that ASIA is back and has such a loyal fan base. My tent comes down at times to please the businesses and authorities, but I come back at times to keep the vigil alive....

Will for president

Dr. Will has completely taken over the Big Brother house. His mind games and insanity have completely thrown the other guests for a loop. My future wife Janelle had the opportunity to nominate Will for eviction, but instead nominated Will's friend Mike and Erika. I like Erika a lot, there just seems to be something about her that is fake. I just can't put my finger on what that is...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Two scoops

I passed on seeing "Miami Vice" for the moment, and saw "Scoop" instead. It's a very enjoyable film. You've got Woody, Scarlett and Wolverine. What more can you ask for? O.k. how about "Deadwood" star Ian McShane as a ghost? Sold! Go see "Scoop" and say Geno sent you. You'll get $1 off at the door and free Junior Mints.

Mel is a moron

Mel Gibson got arrested for DUI. Unfortunately, that's not the big story. The big story is the anti-Semitic remarks that Mel screamed at the officers that arrested him. In addition, the genius Mel decided the call one of the female officers "sugar tits". Not only is this offensive and uncalled for, but Mel has single handedly destroyed a business venture that I'm involved in. Namely "Passion of The Christ" picture books. Anyone want to buy a truckload of Passion books sponsored by the insane, anti-Semitic sexually harassing Mel Gibson? No? I didn't think so. Thanks Mel.

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