Saturday, July 01, 2006

I look like Superman, why don't I talk like Superman?

I saw "Superman Returns" tonight. What a great movie! Brandon is a great Superman and an even better Clark Kent. The supporting cast led by Kevin Spacey does a great job. Comic book geeks like myself will be discussing the big twist in the movie that has major ramifications for the Superman legend.....There was one small problem with my movie experience. I kept getting approached by small children and attractive women asking me for my autograph. Thet were mistaking me for the actor that plays Superman. I tell you, it's tough being me. After the movie, I was so inspired by the autographs requests and the movie that I stopped a mugging, punched out a guy that was swearing at his girlfriend, visited some sick children in a hospital, walked an old lady across the street and gave a homeless man money for a hotel. Just another night for me.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Coco causes international incident

Courtney Cox Arquette's baby Coco has started a huge internet stir. How do you say does an small child do that? It grabs it's famous mother's bikini top and reveals mom's assets. I believe Coco just wanted to get back at Mom for naming it Coco. I looked at the pictures & Court looks great. She's 42 and looks fabulous. The kid is cute too. I'm not posting the pictures, because I've got tremendous class. Ya that's right...Class baby!!! If you must look go to

Stop flaunting your boyfriend

Jennifer Love Hewitt attended the premiere of "Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" this week with some man that is not me. She obviously is trying to make me jealous by flaunting her man in front of me. Damn you Love & your wicked ways!!! What's he got that I don't have? I'll take you to the movies Jennifer. I'll wear a t-shirt with a sports jacket and jeans. I'll whisk you away to Wendy's after the movie and get you whatever your heart desires. It will be magical. Call me Love. We can get through this relationship together. If everything else fails, I will challenge your man to a pirates duel with swords. You can referee.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Silent View

On today's "View", the show lost audio right as Barbara Walters was trying to introduce Al & Tipper Gore... They had to run commercials for several minutes before a flustered Walters came back on air to apologize that their whole audio/soundboard system went dead. A little protest by Star Jones loyalists on the crew???? I wonder if we'll ever find out.

2006 is the new 1982

The official ASIA website has a new picture of the band on the front page. Good for them for aging gracefully & not hiding from it. They look great & sound better than ever! I can't wait for the tour. I know, I am such a geek. I can't help it.

Avril? Meow!

When did Avril get this cute? I don't think I have a chance with her though. I think I'm a bit old for her & I don't skateboard. Besides, I have dedicated myself to working my relationship with Jennifer Love Hewitt out. She pretends to not know who I am, but the night that we passed each other on the streets of New York will forever be in my memory. For some reason the sight of a grown man screaming "Oh my God it's Jennifer Love Hewitt!!! I love you!!!!" seemed to freak her out. Strange.

Still precious

vh1 Classic has announced a Pretenders and Friends concert for August 11th. I'm a huge Pretenders fan, but I'm a bit underwhelmed by the "friends". I'm sure Incubus & The Kings of Leon are great, but I'd rather see others. Iggy Pop? A legend, but not a favorite of mine....I do approve of Shirley Manson. I'm hoping that Chrissy and Shirley have a wrestling match after singing a few songs together. But that's just me. In any case, tune in, The Pretenders rock!

Pump it

I usually pump my own gas. It's cheaper and gives me much needed exercise. But recently, I saw Mena Suvari pumping gas as a local gas station. I pulled in and she was gracious enough to fill my tank. I gave her a tip for the wonderful service. Who says celebrities are snobs?
For more pictures of Mena pumping go to the fabulous

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Windfall on life support

"Windfall" slipped even further in the ratings in it's third week. A "Without A Trace" repeat crushed it even more than the previous two weeks pushing "Windfall" out of the top 20. How do you spell cancelled?

Britney....No!!!!!!! Duckie? Yes!!!!!!!!!!

Britney Spears has posed "nude" for Baazar magazine. I was going to post a picture, but I was so horrified, I decided to post a picture of ducklings instead.... Don't get me wrong, pregnant women are beautiful, but Britney????? I'm going to my happy place and watching the cute little ducks.....
If you must look at Britney, visit

Nick is laughing somewhere...

Jessica Simpson's new single "A Public Affair" is going to get her in some tremendous legal trouble. The lead riff is a blatant ripoff of Madonna's "Holiday". The lawyers are on the phone....
Check out the "remake" at

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The media is still camped out in front of my house

I had a great time the other night, Christina, Jessica, the other Christina and Eva came over my house. There was a lot of media there. My neighbors got a bit upset. After a night of cooking for the four women, playing scrabble and truth or dare, we dressed up in our PJs and talked about which one of us was the cutest. We all agreed that it was me. The night ended with a prolonged game of spin the bottle. Just another night for me. Yawn.

Thank God Regis is back today

Watching Kelly Ripa co-host yesterday with that Carson guy was very uncomfortable. It got very bizarre when the two started to interview Def Leppard. The lead singer just kind of stared at Carson & couldn't respond to his wacky questions....And then Kelly asked about Journey & did he remember back in the 70's when there was a rumor that Steve Perry was dead. Oh Kelly. But I still love you Kelly!
In any case Def Leppard sounded great. Their tour with Journey starts this week. Both bands are great to see live. Check them out!

Monday, June 26, 2006

How do you spell Feingold?

I watched "Meet The Press" this weekend with Senator Russ Feingold as guest. Holy crap. He doesn't suck. I could actually get excited if he ran for president in 2008. Forget Kerry, Hillary and any evil Republican that runs. Russ is where it's at.

Wu Wu Wu

Who was missing the first two episodes of "Deadwood" this season? Wu that's who. Thank god Wu is back. It got me thinking. I wonder how much Keone Young gets paid to appear on the program. His dialogue is limited to saying "Swearengen" and "C#$%sucker". What a great gig. Come to think of it, those two words are basically the extent of my vocabulary at work. It's gotten me this far, why should I change?

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