Friday, June 02, 2006

Entertainment weekly fears my blog

I received this e-mail from Entertainment weekly's Pop Watch Blog Editor:

"I need to ask you to stop promoting your blog within the comments you've been posting on PopWatch. If you want , you can list a URL in that field in the comments form, which then will be linkable to your name.
thanks for commenting though--appreciate the interest.
Mickey O'Connor
Editor, PopWatch"

Entertainment Weekly is a huge entity. Their magazine, website, blog etc are hugely successful and well-done. Why do they fear my little blog getting some attention?
Are they fans of the John Payne era of ASIA?
Do they dislike Kelly Ripa?
Are they hoping for "24" to be cancelled and hate my love of the show?
Do they think "Lost" is a waste of time?
Are they offended at my "American Idol" comments?
Or..... is it because of my mob ties??

Marketing genius

Sony has signed catholictvguy favorite Keeley Hazell as the face for their new Formula One racing game for Playstation2. What does she have to do with video games and racing cars? Nothing. But it is pure genius. Genius I say!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rhythm King

Pat Mastelotto has a great website at
The Mr. Mister/King Crimson drummer has updates on all his current projects and great galleries. If you've ever seen Pat play live, you have seen one of the greats play.


I'd like to publicly thank the first donor to this blog. I am now $999,995.00 away from my million dollar goal. Please take the time to click on the "Please Give Me Money" link on the right and send me what you can afford. I and my family appreciate it.

Ra Ra Rachel

As opposed to my feelings about Jennifer Aniston, I cannot get enough of Rachel Stevens. The british singer is truly fantastic. The recent rumors of a romance with Christian Slater haven't got me down. I still hold out hope that Rachel will come to her senses and call me. She has my number. I gave it to her when we met at a club recently and danced for hours.....What do you mean you don't believe me? It's all true!!

No friend of mine

I have to say it. I'm tired of Jennifer Anniston. The stories on TV, her appearences on talk shows....bah. She broke up with Brad Pitt. Boo hoo. She's dating Vince Vaughn. Good for her. She just doesn't seem like a nice, honest person. Is it just me?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Don't judge me

"Jackass 2" hits theaters this fall. I'm not too ashamed to say that I will see it. I'll probably bust a gut laughing & enjoy it. I have no shame. The scene from the first movie in the hardware store and the toilet still has me laughing.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stop The presses! Ben has a headache!

The Boston Herald ran a front page story today about Ben Affleck. Did he get in trouble? Donate money to charity? Run for office? Get into an accident? No. His wife Jennifer Garner took him to the hospital because he had a migrane. I like Ben & love his wife, but please!!!! Front page story for a headache????

Poor Pepi

Last night on the Apprentice, Lee picked three former contestants to assist him in his final task. Included in his awful choices was Pepi who was fired in week 2. Trump and Caroline had no idea who poor Pepi was and had completely forgotten him. "Pepi, you are fired. Did I say that?" Trump said.... Pepi didn't even get his 15 minutes of fame. Sean let his heart talk to him and picked his love Tammy to be among his dream team. She revealed that she has no soul. Andrea started to cough up blood and told Tammy that she had to go to the doctor. Tammy asked her if she could pick up some things when she was "out". Andrea replied by crying and having more blood gush out of her nose... Great TV! I hope Andrea is o.k.....

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