Friday, May 19, 2006

No Beth No!!!

"Huff" has been great this second season. Last week's episode with Paget Brewster (Beth) making out with her girlfriend had me irked. It just went way against her character. I think I'm maturing. I'm scared.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The island is crowded

Last night's excellent "Lost" episode showed us Michael's time in captivity with the "others". Apparantly there's quite a number of people on the island. It's fascinating on how a show' cast about people stranded on a island grows more and more each week... By the way, what is up with the creepy lady who leads the others? And what did Walt mean when he told Michael that they aren't who they say they are, they're pretending???? Why do I watch this much TV? Why?

Sydney vs. Jack

In order to avoid the "American Idol" showdown, ABC has placed the "Alias" final episode Monday night at 9pm-11pm. The only problem is that the "24" season finale airs from 8pm-10pm. "24" fans and "Alias" fans will have their Tivos and VCRs working overtime. What did you say? The Apprentice? Monday? Damn it...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


ABC has cancelled "Hope and Faith". I absolutely adore Kelly Ripa, but I agree that show had to go. As to Kelly's new hairdo, I give a big thumbs up. If you think I have an unhealthy Kelly Ripa obsession, check out
Now THAT'S an obsession.

I Vant Ivanka

One of the best moves Donald Trump has made lately is involiving his daughter Ivanka with "The Apprentice". She's good looking, smart and seems level-headed. Her mom must have had a lot to do with that.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Days like these I feel like I can change the world

ASIA is officially back!!!! Steve Howe(Yes,GTR), Geoff Downes(Yes, Buggles), John Wetton (King Crimson, UK), Carl Palmer(Emerson Lake & Palmer) have reformed!!!!!!!!!
The tour starts in September. Go to for tour dates & info.
Outstanding! Awesome! Wooohoooooo!

Put the money in a IRA

Aras, the million dollar"Survivor champ" sells weird, furry Russain hats with football logos at
That million dollars may go very very fast.

Monday, May 15, 2006

1 million dollars can buy you a new name

Aras came out on top as the Survivor champ last night. He seems like a good guy. What kind of name is Aras though? Sara backwards? I just don't get it. Danielle came in second and won $100,ooo. Enough to get her some implants....oh wait... already done.


Big Brother returns to CBS on June 21 with a special. Julie Chen will unveil 20 all-star candidates from past seasons. Viewers will vote and the Big Brother-AllStars will debut on July 6. My votes will be going to the fabulous sexy Janelle and the funny, lying Dr. Will. Remember Will? Trampoline!!!! Trampoline!!!! O.K., I am such a loser.

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