Saturday, April 01, 2006

I dream of greatness

Dream Theater ends their 20th anniversary tour tonight in NewYork at Radio City Music Hall. The show is being filmed for an upcoming DVD/CD. If you like prog/metal music & still haven't discovered Dream Theater, run to your nearest music store, buy all the Dream Theater CDs that you can find & tell the music store clerk that you are a moron.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Pick a Berry from the island

I am outraged that Jeff Probst, host of "Survivor" is dating a former "Survivor" contestant Julie Berry. Why am I outraged? Because she should be dating me. What's he got that I don't have? Fame? Money? That bastard.

I will Survive

Two great reasons to watch "Survivor" are the out of control Shane and Boston girl "Danielle". Shane had the brilliant idea of quitting his 3 pack a day habit right as he began "Survivor". Danielle had the brilliant idea of wearing fabulous bikini tops. Amen!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shave the monkey

Peter Gabriel, do a Genesis reunion before it's too late!

You're Welcome

Funny & smart movie. Go see it. A chance to see Katie Holmes before she was impregnated by an insane man's demonspawn.

Surreal Life 2008 cast member?

Speaking of Sarah, here's a picture of a movie poster for her upcoming movie "The Girls Guide To Hunting and Fishing". The good news is that it co-stars Alec Baldwin. The bad news is that Sarah will not be making out with Selma Blair or killing vampires with cool kung-fu kicks. Wake me up when the movie is over.

Freddie and the Hot Mom

That's the title of last night's "Freddie" episode which featured Krista Allen as the "Hot Mom". Having Krista Allen guest star on his show is the best idea Freddie has had since marrying Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My F&^%$ Balls!!!!

Great showcase for "Paulie" on "The Sopranos" this past Sunday. The look of absolute dismay on his face in the elevator after giving Tony's wife the $100,000 was priceless.

I do it for the love of the game.

For some reason, my friends are envious of the pickup football games that I referee.

Mad Russian

I'm rooting for Lenny the funny Russian on "The Apprentice". Forget all the pretty contestants and the geniuses competing to be Trump's new apprentice. Lenny is the real deal. My rooting interest in Lenny has nothing to do with the Russian mob owning 60% of my convenience store, the pictures they have of me with the Swedish "dancer" or the "Vito" guy that pays me a visit each week to "collect".

Sarah smile

"Teachers" premiered on NBC last night. Not a great show, but Sarah Shahi from "The L Word" also stars in "Teachers". Now that "The L Word" has finished it's 3rd season, "Teachers" offers a great chance to see Sarah on a weekly basis. On "Teachers", she doesn't play a sexy lesbian DJ who goes topless while making out with hot women like she does on "The L Word", but she plays a promiscuous, beer drinking teacher. I guess that's as good as we'll get on network TV.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news......

"Doctor whose acadamic interests are:
Greek religion(including polytheism and anthroporism, panhellenic v local systems, gendered dimensions, classical myth. Greek gender and sexuality(including sexual violence, male and female experiences of sex.)"

hmmmm..... I like pizza and watching "The Sopranos". I think we're a perfect match.

My fingers are still crossed....

My man Carl Palmer talks honestly about ELP and the proposed ASIA reunion at
He mentions that he wants to see what the original 4 members sound like now. He's not interested in recording a new ASIA cd at the moment. His idea of a good reunion tour would be playing the entire first album & pieces from Yes, ELP, King Crimson and The Buggles....
I can only hope.

Scarlett fever

Is Scarlett Johansson the #1 sexiest woman as FHM states? My loins scream with agreement.

Screw the Gold watch, gimme a parking space before I retire!

It's always a great way to start the day by hunting for a parking spot. I love the fact that temps can come into work & have a place to park & I park on the street and get tickets.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Uplifting Kelly

Looking at Kelly always cheers me up.

The guy who could beat the guy that actually beat the guy..

Reading Lacrosse player bios makes me feel dirty

"Possesses soft hands,a reliable catch on the interior and good vision from the perimeter...Effective as a feeder from the outside and on the catch shot from the she pairs with teammates to work the rhythm's and patterns of the settled attack....."

God love her.

Monday Night Madness

"24" is on tonight. That means I will be wearing army fatigues, smearing black grease on my face, waving a toy machine gun and screaming into my cell phone "Chloe send it to my laptop!!!" at the top of my lungs while watching. The neighbors will probably call the police again & I'll have more explaining to do. What? This doesn't happen to you every Monday night? Strange.

I see alive things that distract me from seeing dead people

Why has "Ghost Whisperer" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt" become a hit?
1 guess....

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