Friday, March 24, 2006

Mama Mia!!!

You can never have too much Mia.

Mandy returns?!?

There's a buzz that "Mandy" played by Mia Kirshner will be returning to "24". We can only hope! Mia is one fantastic actress. She can play the evil villan "Mandy" just as easily as she plays the troubled "Jenny" on "The L Word". If only Jenny would dump Max/Moira!!!!

Bradley for President 2008

It could happen. Really.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Alias Villan

My inside sources from ABC say that there will be a new villan on Alias this season.
Known by his code name "Tiny", the villan will terrorize Sydney and her co-workers in new episodes premiering in April.

Picture taken in my bedroom...

According to ABC, Alias will be returning April 19th. ABC tampered with it's time slot too many times. What the heck is wrong with those Programming Directors? Here's hoping that they wrap the show up properly & we Alias geeks will be happy.

Will play for food

Guitarist Mike Rutherford of Genesis and Mike & The Mechanics is looking a bit ragged. The dude is worth millions, can't he afford some decent meals? By the way, can't Peter, Phil, Mike, Steve & Tony get together for a reunion? Life is short, do it before you need canes.

Patriot Kicker tryouts begin

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Patriot flag at half mast

Adam in a Colt uniform? I know no kicker named Adam. He is dead to me.

Bye Bye Brent

Insane, unstable Brent was fired from "The Apprentice" this week. He was so much fun to watch. I think everyone has a "Brent" that they work with....

Dead Dana

Why in the world did they kill off Dana from the "L Word"? I keep wishing week after week that Max/Moira will be hit by a truck or get a piano dumped on his/her head. Instead the lovable/funny Dana dies. No justice!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kelly withdrawl

Regis just isn't the same when Kelly isn't on. It's like eating pasta plain, with no sauce.

Strange and fantastic

If you're looking for a great book that's a lot of fun to read, check out "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell"

Say it isn't so Audrey

Could it be true that Audrey on "24" is evil? Can Jack have another girlfriend that has gone to the darkside? Can Audrey's nose possibly be real and not a nose job?

Monday, March 20, 2006

Please eat

I've been distracted the last 2 weeks watching the new Sopranos episodes. Jamie Lynn Discala looks like she's lost quite a bit of weight. Is it just me or is she slowly turning into a Nicole Ritchie body double? Ya ya, Tony is shot & in the hospital...but Meadow looks ill.

Monday blues

I've got the Monday blues. The only thing that may possibly help me cope with a Monday is Kelly Ripa. Or Pizza. Or Kelly Ripa delivering me a pizza....

Kino is a winner

If you are a Marillion, John Wetton, Porcupine Tree fan....check out "Kino".
The CD features John Mitchell(John Wetton, It Bites, ICON), Pete Trewavas(Marillion, Transatlantic), John Beck(It Bites) and Chris Maitland(Porcupine Tree). Great music, kind of a mix of Asia & Catherine Wheel...

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