Saturday, March 18, 2006

Midnight rendevous

A message to my now favorite co-worker:
Please don't call me at midnight with a work problem/question.
It really isn't necessary & it makes me angry & grumpy.
I really appreciated how the problem fixed itself 30 seconds into our conversation.
It was really cool how I couldn't get back to sleep for a hour.
Thanks again.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Asia are a bunch of teases

My boys Asia are supposed to be reuniting for a summer tour/CD/DVD spectaclular to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Asia. There's notices on Steve Howe, John Wetton & Geofff Downes websites about the reunion, but no specifics. Carl Palmer says on his website that he's having nothing to do with a reunion for now. Why do they torment me so?

American Idol alternative

Best TV show you are not watching:
"Huff" on Showtime. Check it out or I will find you.

Creation or evolution?

How do you think Kelly feels about the creation/evolution theories?

Play that funky music.

Are all lesbian DJs as hot as Carmen from "The L Word"?

Don't judge me!

The 2005 Dr. Who series debuts on the Sci Fi Channel tonight. I am so excited to be spending St. Patrick's evening watching Dr. Who!! I'm a loser? Screw you! You 17 beer drinking fool!

Divorce makes me happy

Phil Collins has announced that he is divorcing his third wife. Wooohoooo! As any true Phil/Genesis fan knows, Phil makes his best music when he's pissed. No more Tarzan stuff! I've got "I Don't Care Anymore" playing loudly in the background. I'm so happy.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Weather makes me hot.

Why is it whenever JC does the weather forecast, I never remember what the weather is going to be? Damn beautiful eyes and seductive smile! I just need to know if I need an umbrella.

Chloe is cute

You know, she is kinda cute when she wants to be. And after Edgar's death, she is probably feeling vulnerable.... I should call her.

Kelly? Hold me.

I love Kelly Ripa. I don't care if this is uncool or not.

Face paint

Didn't everyone wear face paint to work today to celebrate March Madness? Why is everyone looking at me strange? Freak? You're a freak!

Bradshaw Bottom

I went to see "Failure To Launch" yesterday. Terry Bradshaw has an extended nude scene. If you ever had the urge to see Terry Bradshaw nude from behind, now is your chance. Don't walk, run to your nearest theater. If you are like me, you may want to cover your eyes in the theater at the appropriate moment and scream like a little girl. Oh ya, to the lady that was sitting in front of me... screw you. It was Terry Bradshaw's behind. Naked. I think my screaming in horror at the screen was the appropriate reaction. Don't shhhh me.

I want meet nice man. You like see more pictures of me? I used my sisters email to send this.

I love getting e-mails like this. I must be doing something right to get all these great e-mails from women. What? What do you mean spam?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I stopped

$20 for not stopping at a stop sign? Couldn't I have gotten a warning? Maybe it's because I have no breasts.

Who is my Baby's daddy?...My husband or his brother?

Maurey's Paternity shows are simply the best thing ever on Television. Ever.

Natalie Morales obviously loves me

Today show host Natalie Morales was doing an interview this morning on Today when I clicked on the TV. Coincidence? I think not. Why must she pursue me the way she does? It's just sad.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ryan whatshisname annoys me

Has Ryan whatshisname been replaced on E news yet? I know it's his first week, but isn't it enough?

Frances Rivera is attractive

Ok, I've switched from Oprah to Channel 7 news. I like Frances Rivera. She's smoking. Dark colors look great on her. Car crashes, tornados.....Frances is so great giving me the news I must have.

Oprah brings me down

Why is it that when I watch "Oprah" I feel like jumping off a bridge? She's showing a show about crack using cutters. Wow. 2 minutes is enough... where the heck is my remote?

Dry Corn Flakes

I'm currently eating Corn Flakes from a box. (Dry). Is this wrong? I'm hungry....

24 Death watch

I watched "24" last night & the death march continues... Michelle, Edgar, Rudy...Sam....what the heck is his name?, and now Tony??!! Say is isn't so! But Robocop Peter Weller lives on!! Ahh the injustice! The horror! I can't wait for next week.

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